Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let 'Em Have It!

Mets win, no sweat.

Brewers win, who cares.

Phils win, all that matters.

As long as the Phillies continue to win, it doesn't matter what the other teams vying for the postseason in the National League do. The Phillies have the almighty half game lead on the Mets for the NL East and a 1 game margin over the Brewers for the NL Wild Card. Those standings are tight enough to make me break out in a fit of claustrophobia, but the fact remains that the Phils are looking at their second straight playoff berth. 10 games to go, I can't wait to see what happens...

Cole Hamels and the Phils look to sweep the Braves for the third time this season in Atlanta with brittle Mike Hampton going for the Braves.

*Image courtesy of Sports Propaganda.

Other games:
Mets- Johan Santana vs. Nationals- Cy Redding.
Brewers- David Bush vs. Cubs- Rich Harden.

Phils Stuff:
*In the biggest game of JA Happ's life he pitches 6 quality innings and picks up his first MLB win. Nice!

*Jayson Werth swiped his 18th bag of the season and is 2 short of a 20/20 (homerun/stolen base) season. Not bad for a guy considered nothing more than a platoon outfielder at the beginning of the year.

*Ryan Howard must be chugging the Powerade by the gallon, because the man is an absolute beast in September and has managed to wiggle his way into serious MVP consideration.



GM-Carson said...

The K Counter hasn't been racking up the digits as quickly any more and that's a good thing. 10 games left and I personally would like Ryan Howard not to top 199 k's. 200 seems so bad.

furiousBall said...

gotta love the fat man hitting his first dinger last night as a Phil

ripjgarcia said...

Alright... everybody has this thing about Howard being MVP....

Does Lidge get votes at all for the Cy Young.. Should he be punished because we tend to win a lot of games by 4 or more runs...

GM-Carson said...

I don't think Howard should win the MVP, but finishing 2nd is a good possibility (Pujols winner).

Lidge should get Cy Young votes, but Webb and Lincecum should receive more.

I like Matt Stairs. Canadian and tubby, good combo.

GM-Carson said...

Freddy Garcia pitched 5 innings for Detroit yesterday picking up the win allowing only 1 unearned run. So in 1 game he's already matched his win total with the Phils from last season.

ripjgarcia said...

Still amazing that Eck won both awards as a closer in 1992.

GM-Carson said...

Eckersley was awesome in '92: 7-1, 51 saves, 80 ip, 93 k, 1.91 era, 0.91 whip.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

I remember a time when Mike Hampton was "the fastest player on the Mets." I'm pretty sure Tim McCarver said that. I shit you not.

GM-Carson said...

Mike Hampton is more fragile than Ben Sheets, Rocco Baldelli, and late career Lenny Dykstra wrapped up into one.

GM-Carson said...

From Todd Zolecki's blog-
Phillies Unveil 2009 schedule
The Phillies unveiled their 2009 schedule today.

Here are some highlights:

- Open the season at home against Atlanta on April 6-9.
- Close the season at home against Houston on Florida on Sept. 28 - Oct. 4.
- Visit Citi Field for the first time May 6-7.
- Visit Yankee Stadium for the first time May 22-24.
- Play 19 of 25 games on the road from May 15 - June 11.
- Host Boston, Toronto and Baltimore from June 12 - 21, their only homestand in June.
- Play on the road in Tampa Bay and Toronto from June 23 - 28.
- The Phillies will host the Mets three weekends during the season in May (1-2-3), July (3-4-5) and September (11-12-13).

GM-Carson said...

I'm getting conflicting reports about the starter for the Braves tonight., Fox Sports, and Yahoo Sports have Mike Hampton, while ESPN has Jo-Jo Reyes listed. The fact remains they need to win no matter who is hurling.

GM-Carson said...

Phils record is 19-9 since the inception of Campaign Cheer (August 19th). That's a .679 winning %.

SirAlden said...

Please take the K Counter Down, and replace it with three things:

Ryan Howard's Total RBI's and

The number of RBI's and HR's above the #2 RBI and HR NL Producer.

"These are the Days...." Phillies Phans.

SirAlden said...

Campaign Cheer deserves all the Credit!

SirAlden said...



Mark Reynolds achieved this honor in 9 less games and 69 less at-bats.

dr. steve said...

Cole Hamels?

dr. steve said...

So... Burrell gets a hit and is replaced by Bruntlet?

Burrell at first and HOWARD at second? So that Bruntlet can use his awesome 'speed' to keep pace behind Howard?

A while ago, TNA Wrestling only had 1 hour of TV time a week, and any wrestler who did not appear on TV that week did not receive a paycheck. So, out of loyalty to their wrestlers, TNA Wrestling used all their wrestlers every week, cramming them into their 1 hour show in nonsensical and stupid ways.

I am beginning to think that the Phillies bench players are paid on a similar system.

SirAlden said...

If a double was hit Bruntlett
could chase Howard, and score from
1st a few feet behind him.

Bruntlett was going in for Defense as well.

GM-Carson said...

The K Counter remains, no questions asked.

You watch TNA wrestling?