Sunday, September 28, 2008

Know Your Enemy - Playoff Edition

The Phillies open the their 2008 NLDS series at home on Wednesday against the Milwaukee Brewers. A series preview will be up on Tuesday or Wednesday, but before we focus on stats and pitching matchups, let's take a closer look at the history of the Milwaukee Brewers. Who are they? What is their organization built upon? Hopefully the following tidbits of information will make you more familiar with the Phillies' next victim.

Rising From The Ashes...
The Milwaukee Brewers were established in 1970 after the Seattle Pilots franchise was sold to Bud Selig. The year before, Bud and his group failed to get an expansion franchise when four were handed out (Seattle, Montreal, Kansas City, San Diego.) Luckily for Bud, the Seattle franchise was destined to fail. They had an old, dilapidated stadium that only could seat around 17 thousand per game for much of the season. The team stunk. They only drew 600K for the entire season and at season's end, the organization was broke. They were declared bankrupt six days before opening day of 1970 and were sold to Selig and his group.

With only six days before the season opener, the Brewers didn't have time to get new uniforms, so they took the Pilots logo/name off of the shirts and stuck a Brewers logo on. They had originally intended to have navy and red as team colors, but because of the time crunch, the Brewers continued with the Pilots light blue and yellow. The other thing that continued...sucking.

They Suck Like Us
Since inception, the Brewers have been pitiful. How pitiful? Well, they almost have a worse winning percentage than the losingest franchise in sports history. The Brewers are 3010 and 3338 for a .474 winning percentage. The Phillies boast a .470 winning percentage.

Mmmmmm, Sausage
There is a sausage race in the middle of the sixth inning at Miller Park. The sausage (brat, hot dog, chorizo, polish, and italian) became a full-time attraction at the park in 2000 but didn't get really popular until 2003, when Phucco Randall Simon hit the italian sausage with a baseball bat and knocked it over. It was Randall Simon's only memorable hit as a Pirate.

Chuckie Likes To Hack
Chuckie Carr was an outfielder for the Brewers in the mid-90's. During a game in 1997, Chuckie popped out to third on a 2-0 count. When questioned about the decision to swing by manager Phil "Scrap Iron" Garner, Carr replied, "That ain't Chuckie's game. Chuckie hacks on 2-0." Chuckie was released shortly thereafter and never played after the '97 season.

From Motivation To Rehabilitation
Steve Sparks was a Brewer farmhand in 1994 and was on the verge of a major league call-up. That was until he dislocated his shoulder trying to rip a phone book in half. Apparently Sparks was trying to duplicate a stunt performed by a motivational speaker.

Freakin' Sweet Logo
This logo ranks right up there with the Montreal Expos "M", the bat swinging San Diego Padre, the wide-grinned Cleveland Indian and the Colt 45's logo with the gun for best baseball logo of all-time.

The Fat Man Is A Meat Whore
Prince Fielder went vegetarian this year. Why does this seem wrong? Is it because I expect vegetarians to be skinny? No, I know plenty of fat vegetarians who shove carb after carb down their throat. Is it because powers hitters should eat only rare steak and raw eggs top get their protein? No, they have supplement shakes for that. Is it because Prince got paid to promote meat? Yeah, that's it. The dude was in a Mickey D's commercial with Cecil. I don't care if he was only a kid, you can't go from selling McDonald's cheeseburgers to eating tofu. It's un-American.

Here's the video.



ripjgarcia said...

Brett Myers should absolutely pitch the second home game. His away stats are really bad in comparison.


W-L 3-8
ERA 6.21
BAA .301
WHIP 1.61


W-L 7-5
ERA 3.01
BAA .232
WHIP 1.17

SirAlden said...

I am wondering if Myers injured himself during that great outing on 3 days rest.

Next outing when he was shelled by the Marlins, Larry Anderson who knows a bit about pitching kept saying...

"why won't he go to his fastball? he won't use his fastball!"

Next time out was bad but not as bad as the Marlins, but I still wonder.

As for Larry he was a bit hung over in the booth today, it was really funny. He kept laughing and cracking up, trying to get anybody, somebody in the booth so he could go rest. Good Fun.

SirAlden said...

By The Way.

I hate the Mutts.

Choke Choke - Double Choke!!

Aaron said...

Holy Crap!!
I have religiously watched every baseball season for the last 28 years. I eat sleep and breath baseball. But until just now I never realized that the Brewers logo isn't just a baseball is also an M and a B.
Unbelievable......How has that eluded me for 28 years.

GM-Carson said...

Wait, what? The glove is an "M" and "B"...I didn't know that either.

I say we beat up the Brew Crew and use their beer for the celebration.

GM-Carson said...

From Zolecki-
Major League Baseball has announced the start times for Games 1, 2 and 3 of the National League division series between the Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers. In a shocker, they are the early games because the Cubs/Dodgers and Red Sox/Angels get prime time.

Hope you have a sick day available Wednesday:

Game 1 on Wednesday in Philadelphia: 3 p.m.

Game 2 on Thursday in Philadelphia: 6 p.m.

Game 3 on Saturday in Milwaukee: 6:30 p.m.

Game times for Games 4 and 5 will be announced later.

Games will be broadcast on TBS.

GM-Carson said...

Record: 5-1

April 23: Brewers 5, Phillies 4
April 24 Phillies 3, Brewers 1
Sept. 11: Phillies 6, Brewers 3
Sept. 13: Phillies 7, Brewers 3
Sept. 14, Game 1: Phillies 7, Brewers 3
Sept. 14, Game 2: Phillies 6, Brewers 1

C.M.R. said...

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

BloodStripes said...

Party for the Phils at Miller brewery saturday night. Free piss for all fans wearing a Phillies cap.

GM-Carson said...

I didn't get a chance to see the video either. I really wanted to see a chubby Prince with Papa Cecil grubbing down a Big Mac.

Maybe Corey will fix it later if he gets the chance.

Maria said...

only 199!

GM-Carson said...

Mark Reynolds k'd 204 times...ouch!

GM-Carson said...

Our homeboy Todd Zolecki has an article predicting what he thinks will be the postseason roster.

furiousBall said...

phils in 4

GM-Carson said...

Ballsy statement by FuriousBall. I'm thinking Phils in 5.

C.M.R. said...

yeah phils in 5 seems to be a safer bet

GM-Carson said...

Rock the vote- go to and vote Phillies for who you think will represent the NL in the World Series.

furiousBall said...

Q. What's the difference between a Citizens Bank Park hotdog and a Shea Stadium hotdog?

A. You can get a Citizens Bank Park hotdog in October

GM-Carson said...

Todd Zolecki reports the rotation will go Hamels, Myers, and Moyer on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Bob D said...

I did not know it was a M&B also, I thought it was a glove with a hole in it.

Maria said...

Yovani Gallardo set to start Game 1 for the Brewers.

BloodStripes said...

Just like the mutts sucked against the AAA cubs so did Milwaukee. They won the series but were lucky they were up against the bench and a few Bob Howry meatballs. If the Phils can beat Sabathia they can sweep. Thats right, sweep!

Maria said...

Did anyone get the division hats? They're sold out everywhere. You can't even find it on MLB shop online.

Aaron said...

yeah what the hell with the division caps.

I ordered one last year and they sold out.

And it looks like the same thing is going to happen to me this year...What the F Phillies....MAKE MORE DAMN HATS. What do they make like 6 of these things.

ripjgarcia said...


I thought I was an angry cuss.

Thats all.

GM-Carson said...

I got one of the NL East Champ shirts last year at playoff game #1. I couldn't score tickets this year though.