Monday, September 01, 2008

Good Week- Jayson Werth

Jayson Werth is making a strong push to become the full-time rightfielder for Philadelphia next season. He's always been considered a great 4th outfielder or someone that makes a solid platoon partner, but right now he's trying to prove otherwise. Over the past week he has gone ballistic with a .500 batting average (12-24) with 3 doubles, 4 homeruns, 8 runs scored, 9 rbi, 7 walks, 1 stolen base, and a spiffy 1.738 OPS. When he gets on base something magic is about to happen at any time, because he's one of the best hustlers and smartest runners in the Majors today in my opinion. Oh yeah, he plays damn fine defense with a canon arm too. Career line with Philly- 167-578 (.289), 97 r, 24 dbl, 5 trpl, 29 hr, 105 rbi, 20 sb, .885 OPS.

*Brad Lidge still owns a 100% save conversion rate this season, picking up his 33rd yesterday in Chicago.

*As expected Adam Eaton and JA Happ were called-up from the minors for September, but there was a bit of a surprise when speedy outfielder Greg Golson and young hot-shot backstop Lou Marson were summoned from Reading.

*Grand Pappy Moyer is still churning out the wins and surpassing the expectations of him this season, racking up win #12 yesterday and maintaining a respectable 3.80 era.

*Time to make a move on the Mets as they start a 3 game set with Milwaukee and the Phils have a 3 game series with Washington. Kyle Kendrick takes the ball for Philly this afternoon against Cy Redding.



furiousBall said...

did you see baseball tonight's little feature on JWerth? they were talking about how the guy is the hottest hitter in baseball and that this 5 tool player is finally getting everyday playing time and thriving. i like Jayson a lot, very happy to see him picking up his production. Now, if we could just get Burrell going. Any chance Stairs sees a start today and give Burrell a little rest to get his head on straight?

GM-Carson said...

I agree Burrell needs a day off, possibly two. Get Stairs in the lineup this afternoon and give him a chance at instant contribution.

GM-Carson said...

Thanks to all the WSBGM's readers for helping us shatter our old hits-per-month total. We cleared over 20,000 visitors this past month. We averaged a little over 660 page views a day in August. Keep spreading the word, we're like a virus that likes to grow in ya!

Joe said...

The split in Chicago is as good as could be expected. Anything more would have been very surprising.

The Phils have two series to worry about: this weekend with the Mets and next weekend with the Brewers. The other series should be no problem as long as they stay focused. (You hear that, Charlie?)

They need to roll through all the others. ATL and WSH are done. Florida has less fight in them that previous seasons at this time.

I'm very excited I traded in lots of April tickets for games in September. (A nice perk of the 17-game plan).

dr. steve said...

I'm worried. The Phillies called up Lou Marson and Greg Golson. Is someone in the Phillies management actually making good decisions? What are the consequences of this move?

*looks at the Gulf Coast*


JMS said...

Dr. Steve, they've all evacuated down there. Let it be.

ripjgarcia said...

I will hope and pray that the Charlie Manuel counting rule applies to Adam Eaton as well.

Bob D said...

I just heard: because of his high salary Adam Eaton has just been named closer. He will close every game with a 10 run or more difference.

Aaron said...

Cy Redding does it again.
F you very much for the help brewers.
And i love kendrick but i think we should start Happ against the Mets.

Bob D said...

How about that: Burrell as a defensive replacement for Stairs.

ripjgarcia said...

The Uncle Cholly headscratcher of the day... Why is Ruiz being used as a pinch-hitter with the bases loaded in the 6th considering we have all these new guys?

ripjgarcia said...

The following Phillies should have been given off the day in observance of labor day.

So Taguchi (now hitting .198)
Carlos Ruiz
Eric Bruntlett

Yet all three were used as PHs

That game disgusted me.

JMS said...

How many former Cubs are we toting around?

dr. steve said...

I never thought I'd find Castro a better player than anyone.

Thank you Matt Stairs.

Chase Trillo said...

Don't forget the other head scratcher of the day: Fuqua going back to the Utley-Howard (3hole-4hole) line-up that has proven not to have worked lately.

GM-Carson said...

Losing to the gNats hurts...alot!