Sunday, September 14, 2008

ESPN Is The Devil

Here is the schedule of Phillies games today:

1:35 - Blanton v. Bush - The Phils look to win their third in a row against the struggling BrewCrew. The game will be carried by your local affiliate (WPSG in Philly, WLYH in the Mid-State).

7:35 - Myers v. Suppan - Will the Phils be going for the sweep or merely trying not to fall too far back? Either way, unless you have a ticket, you won't get to watch your favorite team fight for their playoff lives. Why? Because MLB made a deal with the devil. I'm guessing the negotiations went a little like this:

ESPN: We want to show games during the week and on Sunday night, and we want you to make a rule that under no circumstances can anyone else can televise a game on Sunday night. If people want baseball, they need to come to the "worldwide leader."
MLB: Hmmm. How about we don't schedule Sunday night games, thereby eliminating competition for you, but if a game needs to be played that night for some unexpected reason, the local networks can carry it.
ESPN: [Stomps feet.] NO! We can't have competition.
MLB: We understand. But what if it was September and let's say, a hurricane hit and a playoff contender had to play a game on Sunday night. Don't you think the fans who supported the team all year and can't get tickets because it's sold out deserve to see the game on TV?
ESPN: Screw the fans.
MLB: We don't condone that sort of thinking.
ESPN: Here's a bunch more money.
MLB: Deal.
Rick Reilly Is Dumb, ESPN Dumber
The Phils have Philadelphia all to themselves today. Some people will be getting ready for the game tomorrow night against the Cowgirls, but generally speaking, all eyes will be on The Cit today. If the Bird were playing Dallas at The Linc tonight, it would dominate the news. Rick Reilly doesn't think so, though. Here is what he said about which team "rules your city."
PHILADELPHIA Used to be Eagles, now it's Phillies. This is partly because of the Phils' young stars and partly because the Iggles owner has handed it to them. Jeffrey Lurie is a Boston guy who's made $800 million so far on his Eagles purchase but not many friends.
How out of touch is this guy? I'm a Phillies guy, but I'm not delusional enough to think that people in this town would rather see a World Series title than a Super Bowl title. I'm also not stupid enough to think that Eagles fans care about Jeffrey Lurie or want to be his friend. As long as they win, they wouldn't care if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad owned the team. Of course, Reilly does use the name "Iggles," proving he's totally down with the Philly sports fan and knows all of their little intricacies...

Can you believe ESPN is paying this guy $2 million a year to write for their website and magazine. Adam Eaton thinks this he's overpaid.

Go Phils.



BloodStripes said...

On the baseball today show on ESPN radio they were saying they have used up their allotted number of Phillies games this year for sunday night baseball so have to televise a different game. To watch the Phils I use MLB.TV but even baseball fans in Australia who have ESPN will get jobbed this week by having to deal with those lame arse tigers. I suppose MLB wants equal coverage for as many teams as possible to spread the baseball gospel.

Los said...

I think the Phils have certainly moved back and gotten closer to the Eagles in recent years ... this is still an Eagles town, but there's room for the Phitin's ... especially if they sweep the Brew Crew today.

furiousBall said...

I like our chance in the nightcap, even with Suppan on the mound, whom I believe we have had problems hitting in the past.

JMS said...

I hate the ESPN game, but this is total BS.

I'll be at the day game to watch Fat Joe, so I'll report back.

SirAlden said...

Good Luck Everyone!

At the end of this day we will all be:

A) Ecstatic!

B) Pensive and Hopeful - Pensive and Filled with Gloom.


C) 1997 Phillies Fans - Close Suicide and Blaming Everyone Insight%&@^*!!!.

Whatever happens we are all Phillies Phans and we all bleed Red even though we have to sometimes root for our heros who are sometimes made to wear stupid blue hats.

Maria said...

Braves beat mets 7-4! They (Braves) scored 5 in the 9th inning!

JMS said...

Another pointless use of Brad Lidge Time today, but a W is a W.

The ESPN game is supposed to be the Cubs night game, but the day game has been rain delayed for hours. Hmm.

William said...

well mr super blogger, Philly is a baseball town, has been a baseball town and is still a baseball town. If you didn't notice, this summer no one really talked about the eagles

BloodStripes said...

The mutts collapse is gaining momentum with another 9th inning choke against Atlanta. 5 big ones this time with closer Ayala giving up 3 without making an out. Brewers choking nicely again this year as well. Phils way too good. Win the nightcap boys and its wild card lead and 1 out for the division. Even if the Phils lose this night game I say we still finish ahead of both clubs. Take 'em down Phightin's!!!

BloodStripes said...

Nice to see Burrell get a clutch hit today. Even though it was against Brian Shithouse. Milwaukee fans will be double guessing Yost all day. They already think he stinks. Personally I thought it was a good decision to leave Shouse in. Soft throwing lefty. He may have helped Pat bust the slump. Give him some confidence. Best non-move all year Ned. Good job.

Nicholas said...

The game is on the CW

Corey said...

hey william, have you been to philadelphia in the last 20 years? the phils have great fan support, but if you think they are more popular than the eagles, you're either misinformed or delusional.

BloodStripes said...

Phillies are contenders, Brewers are pretenders. Easy sweep.

SirAlden said...


Great spending the day with all of you Phillies Phanatics!


SirAlden said...

A) Ecstatic!

SirAlden said...

6-6 and We Match Last Year's Win Total of 89-73.

7-5 and The Phillies Go 90-72.

8-4 and The Phillies Go 91-71.

Below .500 we all weep. The Phillies have gone 18-9 over the
last 27 games, .666 against some
of the better teams in the NL.

Rejoice - and what an amazing thing it is to see Myers back like this. Resurection. Rejoice!

BloodStripes said...

An amazing turn around from Myers. His 2nd half has been awesome and has put the Phils back on top. But in saying that his poor first half put them in a hole. But all is forgiven. He is good at the right time of year. Phils now have a huge chance for a pennant. Wow. For us Phils Phans thats are rare thing.

BloodStripes said...

Yost helped Burrell bust his slump by pitching Shouse to him and helped the Phils win the DH overall by putting Corey Hart in the leadoff spot. Hart was in a 1-for-21 slump. I suppose Yost wanted to see how many more outs he could make if he got an extra at-bat per game. Fine managing. In comparison Manuel is a genius.

GM-Carson said...

Philly may love the Phils, but they absolutely adore the Eagles. So, shut your face William.

WSBGM's was at the day game and saw a damn good game. Yost is a dumbass, he lost the game for the Brewers.

Couldn't see the nightcap, but followed it on the radio. Needless to say, I'm happy as a pig in poop.

Listened to the Mets collapse on XM, I laughed all the way home from the stadium.

Bill said...


Awesome piece. Way to show ESPN for what they are! I really wish Fox would put a national sports network on the air and run them out of town much like Fox News did to CNN.