Saturday, September 27, 2008

Clinch No Cinch

Jamie Moyer- stellar.

Jimmy Rollins- gold glove.

Pedro Feliz- clutch.

Jayson Werth- timely power.

Shane Victorino- crazy warrior.

Brad Lidge- still perfect.

Philadelphia Phillies- repeat NL East champions. Suck it Mets!



GM-Carson said...

My postseason roster:

1. Jimmy Rollins- SS
2. Jayson Werth- RF
3. Chase Utley- 2B
4. Ryan Howard- 1B
5. Pat Burrell- LF
6. Shane Victorino- CF
7. Pedro Feliz- 3B
8. Carlos Ruiz- C

9. Cole Hamels
10. Jamie Moyer
11. Brett Myers
12. Joe Blanton

13. Brad Lidge
14. Ryan Madson
15. JC Romero
16. Chad Durbin
17. Scott Eyre
18. Clay Condrey
19. JA Happ

20. Eric Bruntlett
21. Matt Stairs
22. Chris Coste
23. Geoff Jenkins
24. Greg Dobbs

The 25th spot comes down to a toss-up between So Taguchi, Rudy Seanez, or Greg Golson. I think I'd go with the extra bat, but neither can hit, so I'd choose Golson because of his ability to swipe a bag.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies are 26-12 since August 19th, which happens to be the date Campaign Cheer started. Just saying...

Sean said...

The Phillies got SOOOO lucky that JRoll got to that ball.

GM-Carson said...

That double play was sweet, but that catch where he collided with Vic was top-notch. He should defend his Gold Glove without a question.

furiousBall said...

Rollins made a great play to turn that double play, but Chooch really had a nice defensive game behind the plate

Bob D said...

Gillick said today the post season roster will consist of 11 pitchers. I believe Happ is not eligable, so it comes down to Seanez and Kendrick. The 25th man is unknown, likely Taguchi as I believe Golson is ineligable as he was called up after Sept 1.

Awesome game! Very exciting and that 9th inning nearly drove me crazy.

GM-Carson said...

Every player is eligible aside from Tadahito Iguchi. Looks like Seanez is in over Happ. Whatever...

Heard Kendrick is starting tomorrow instead of Happ. I know we don't need the win, but I still want it and hopefully for Kyle's sake he has a good outing and gets some confidence back.

ripjgarcia said...

Only comment on your roster..

Bruntlett became a non-factor down the stretch...

Golson over him.

ripjgarcia said...

I missed the point that I hate Seanez and would rather Kendrick on the roster in a mop up roll..(period)

Aaron said...

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!
Suck my Cheese Steak
HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BloodStripes said...

Campaign cheer got the Phillies going again and now they are NL East Champs. Congratulations GM's and congratulations Phillies.

What about J-Rolls play on that massive one hopper. Forgot what inning but it was a bullet and he made the play for the final out. Awesome glove, GOLD glove. From start to finish. Everything is blurry I'm so happy. Woo hoo!

Phils for the pennant!!! No let downs in the ALDS this year. The Phils are gonna hit. Kick arse boys!

SirAlden said...


Aaron said...

Am I the the only idiot that is really looking forward to watching Tad Iguchi, Lou Marson and Greg Golson play a meaningless game tommorow?

GM-Carson said...

Aaron- hell no, I'm looking forward to all the scrubs playing tomorrow too...but I'm still hoping for a win.

Jay said...

Awesome, this years team is hungry and ready to make a point. I can see the underrated Phillies surprise everyone and take the NL. The Mets will go home today and cry... To bad we won't get anymore awesome soundbites from LoDuca.

SirAlden said...

Mutts lose CHOKE!!!!

Brewers are the Wild Card.

Mutts are D.E.A.D. DOUBLE CHOKE!!!!

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