Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brewers - Series Preview

After a hugely disappointing series loss to the Marlins, the Phils enter a four game set with the Beermakers 3.5 games back of the Mets in the East and, along with St. Louis and Houston, 4 games back of the Milwaukee in the Wild Card. With only 16 games left to play, it's "put up or shut up" time in Philadelphia. Here's how the series stacks up.

Game 1 - Jamie Moyer v Ben Sheets - Moyer is 45 years old and will be pitching on only three days rest. Sheets hasn't given up a run for three starts and carries a stellar 2.82 ERA into the game. I don't see the opener going well for the good guys...

Game 2 - Cole Hamels v Manny Parra - It's very possible that the Phils will start this game 4.5 games back of the Mets. The Phils haven't seen Parra this year, but given their recent struggles against lefties and their propensity to score few runs when Hamels is on the mound, it might take a gem to pull this one out.

So, to recap quickly, I think the Phils lose the first two. Can you tell I'm not very optimistic about where the Phils are heading this year?

Game 3 - Joe Blanton v Dave Bush - Joe Blanton has given up lots of walks and runs recently. All I can say is that he is due. Big time.

Game 4 - Unknown v Jeff Suppan - This is where Kyle Kendrick would be due to pitch. However, I think he'll go the way of his bosom buddy and former rotation mate Adam Eaton and not be allowed anywhere near a start for the rest of the year. But who will pitch then? I'm guessing JA Happ will get the start. And he'll probably lose...



Bob D said...

Didn't JD errr I mean Chad Durbin's arm fall off? If I am not mistaken his ERA has risen a whole run the last couple of weeks.

Here's my recap of the series:
Game1 Moyer throws a 2 hit shutout as the Phils explode for 10 runs.
Game2 Hamels throws 8innings with only 2 runs scored saved by Lidge.
Game3 Blanton throws another shutout as Coste vents on Romero then slugs 2 Hrs.
Game4 Moyer pitches once again, this time on 2 days rest throwing a no-hitter and propeling the Phils into a tie with the Mutts for 1st.

As you can see, I am the optimist.

Bob D said...

Oh yeah, Adam Eaton will make his first appearance - as a pinch runner.

Aaron said...

They suck. They now have the same record as the Astros. Is this team allergic to being 15 games over 500?
3 out 4 aint good enough against the Brewers at this point. If they don't sweep the Crew...their done. And they aint gonna sweep the Crew. This team really should have won the division. They are a better team than the Mets but Rollins, Utely and Howard just havent played up to their capabilities. I think Utley is hurt and frankly he needs to come out and say I'm hurt because he really hasn't been helping for a long time now.
Another lost season how many more of these to I have to suffer through. Will the Phils ever win another championship before I die?
Because if i waist my whole life watching this team and my loyalty never pays off, and then I die ...I'm gonna give God a stern talking to before he sends me down to hell.

GM-Carson said...

It's not over until they're mathematically eliminated, but things do look very bad right now. As a team they simply aren't getting it done.

Myers may pitch on short rest on Sunday. Not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a better idea than running Kendrick or Eaton out there.

JC Romero yelling at Chris Coste was a punk-ass-bitch move. Coste wasn't the one throwing meatballs Romero, you were!

BloodStripes said...

See you in hell.

GM-Carson said...

Wow, things must be bad if BloodStripes is being uncharacteristically negative. Heard hell isn't all it's cracked up to be, I think I'll pass.

Joe said...

This team is dead.
No life. No hope.
The bullpen has decided to come back to earth and play to its historic norms. That's the cruel part of baseball. Occasionally players will have great years. But most of the time, their past will tell you what to expect. The season is so long, eventually mediocrity will catch up with you.

Before, it wasn't panic time. Now it is.

Today's line-up:
Pitcher spot

Might as well. Wake Chase up by insulting his manhood in the 6 hole. Give Golson a shot at the bottom. Maybe he gets on and sparks the bottom like an extra lead off hitter. Hell, no one is going to hit Sheets. Might as well give the guy an at bat. You have Werth off the bench.

GM-Carson said...

Greg Golson should be used as nothing more than a pinch-runner and a pinch-hitter, but only if he's the last man on the bench. I have ZERO faith the Golson will ever hit MLB pitching, he's a strikeout king waiting to happen with regular playing time. Howard, the current K-King, at least has power, Golson really doesn't offer much aside from speed. Obviously, I don't think too highly of him, and see him as nothing more than a 5th outfielder in the future.

Andy said...

There is no way the Phils can be entering game two 4.5 back of the Mets, since the Mets are off today. 4 is the most.

Corey said...

you are correct sir. i would correct my mistake, but i am lazy, so i shall not...

of course, the phils are so bad right now, maybe they could lose an entire game in the standings with the mets idle. don't put it past them.

GM-Carson said...

Corey, I'm with ya, the Phils could easily sneek an extra half game out of the standings even with the Mets idle. Just like I swear Ryan Howard struckout twice on an off day...tricky bastards.

Jay Smith said...

I enjoy the reading alot, thanks!

Amanda said...

Huge series! 3 of 4 is pretty much a must. We need the guys in the bullpen to hold up especially those 8th inning guys. Sheets today, gonna be tough.. injury didn't bother him his last time out.

Los said...

If they can't sweep the Brew Crew, it's over.

Bob D said...

I am off to Cooperstown tommorow. I am bringing with me a few posters to hang in the hall:
Pete Rose will now have his spot in the hall. (I bet ya with enough glue they will never be able to remove it)

Ryan Howard will be the first active player to be inducted for being strikeout king back to back.

And finally Adam Eaton in a wanted poster for all the millions he stole from the Phillies. (He is not considered an active player, at least to me he isn't).

Maria said...

OPTIMISM people!

SirAlden said...

3 back in the Wild Card and NL East. I am with bob d.

Howard and Rollins are on Fire.

Good job tonight, we have to take 2 of the next 3.

Slow and steady, Utley and Pat the Bat are Due. I believe in them both. Myers on Sunday. He loves to play the Hero.

SirAlden said...

Ruiz is a Rockin' and a Rollin' too!

GM-Carson said...

Ryan Howard is a beast right now.

The 8th inning was once again frighening.

Jamie Moyer kicks ass.