Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 To Go

#5 belted a 3-run shot into the night sending the Phillies fans into a frenzy assuring a win and inching closer to a playoff spot. Pat Burrell had been slumping mightily, but that homerun gave the rundown relief crew a bit of breathing room and allowed Brad Lidge to chill in the bullpen with his jacket on just happy the game was secure. All around it was a helluva game featuring rookie JA Happ coming through with a nice outing again, Chase Utley picking up his 100th rbi, the hot bat of Shane Victorino, Greg Dobbs with yet another pinch-hit, killer speed of Greg Golson, some nice defense by Pedro Feliz, and big time relief from Seanez, Eyre, and Madson. Phils now 2.5 up on the Mets with only 5 to go. Go Phils!

*Jayson Werth swiped his 17th consecutive bag last night, and now has 19 on the season leaving him 1 short of a 20/20 campaign (homerun/stolen base).

*Scott Eyre picked up his 3rd win as a Phillies only needing 3 pitches to do so.

*Today's games: Cole Hamels (Phils) vs. Jo-Jo Reyes (Braves), Johan Santana (Mets) vs. Sean Marshall (Cubs), and Jeff Karstens (Buccos) vs. David Bush (Brewers).

*Screw the Mets!



GM-Carson said...

From Phillies.com:
Shane Victorino had a single in Monday's second inning to extend his hit streak to 11 games. During that time, the center fielder has hit .488 (21-for-43) with three homers and seven RBIs. ... Greg Dobbs' pinch-hit single in the eighth inning tied him with Jason Michaels for ninth-place on Philadelphia's all-time list. ... Chase Utley recorded his 100th RBI in the first inning Monday. It is his fourth consecutive season with 100 RBIs.

Joe said...

I must confess:

I pronounced the team dead on 9/9 when I sat at CBP and watch Kendrick implode and give up 7 runs in 1.1 innings. Good thing I'm not a coroner.

Last night: A plate-blocking clinic with prime examples how to do it right (Ruiz) and wrong (Sammons). Again, Ruiz showing his value doesn't have to include his bat.

I was worried Werth hurt his wrist on the dive on Johnson's drive to the gap. Glad to see no lasting effects.

This is another September full of drama for the Phils. It works out nice that the Mets have taken over the sad-sack role the Red Sox abandoned in 2004.

Phils have the lowest magic number of any remaining Division leader.

GM-Carson said...

2 Sundays ago at the first game of the doubleheader agaist the Brewers Corey and I discussed the Phils chances of making the playoffs. Although neither of us were giving up, we both thought the postseason was unlikely. Sometimes I love being wrong.

GM-Carson said...

Salisbury computes that the Phillies will have over $100MM committed just to retain current under-contract and arb-eligible players. Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, and others will receive large raises.

Jamie Moyer and Pat Burrell are free agents. Moyer seems likely to re-sign for $8-10MM, but Burrell is a question mark. The Phillies don't like the idea of giving Burrell a third year, which he could easily find on the open market.

Burrell may leave, but Salisbury doesn't see the Phillies bringing in Manny Ramirez, Matt Holliday, Raul Ibanez, or Milton Bradley to replace him for various reasons. Magglio Ordonez might be available, but he's basically under contract for three years at $48MM. And the Phils would have to send useful players to Detroit. More affordable options the Phillies can consider include Casey Blake and Juan Rivera.

Salisbury also says the Phillies need to add a setup man this winter. With Brian Fuentes intent on closing, they'll need to dig through a lesser tier of free agent relievers.

Kevin McGuire said...

Phillies magic number is now "Leading off for the Phillies, centerfielder Lenny Dykstra!". I've been counting down the magic number on my site in Phillies photo form if you want to check it out (I only started doing it at 11 though).

On a related note, happy birthday to Dan Baker (his birthday was apparently yesterday)!

GM-Carson said...

Last year's post from this date 9/23. Wow, that bullpen really was Superbad!

GM-Carson said...

From BeerLeaguer:
Over the past five seasons, the Phils are 87-49 in September/October regular-season contests, the most wins among all National League clubs.

*That's really good, a .640 winning %.

dr. steve said...

Hey guys, let's bring up a talented and important Rookie Pitcher after September so he's not eligible for the playoffs.


GM-Carson said...

I may be mistaken, but I do believe JA Happ is eligible for the postseason roster.

GM-Carson said...

Wow, just giving the game away. Hamels has a guy picked off then throws it away for a run. Burrell on 2nd with no outs and runs into an out, Victorino caught stealing in the same inning, and the Mets are winning. Not a good night thus far.

GM-Carson said...

It really is criminal how little run support the Phils give Hamels. Mike friggin' Hampton is shutting us down.

GM-Carson said...

More Mets hatred.

GM-Carson said...

That game f*ckin' sucked!

SirAlden said...

Bad Break for the Phils...
Tough loss made tougher on Hamel error on the pick off to 3B.

89-69 The Phillies are in First Place atop the NL East. 1 1/2Game Lead with 4 to play.

87-70 Mutts beat the Cubs having Santana through way too many pitches. Hope he feels it next start and next year.

86-71 Brewers come back to defeat the Pirates in the 9th to keep up with the Mutts. 1 game back of the Mutts, 3 games behind the Phillies with 5 to play.

Phillies Magic Number 3 for the Wild Card

Phillies Magic Number 4 for the NL East Crown.

Magic Number for the Wild Card, for the Mutts is 5. GO BREWERS!