Friday, September 12, 2008

3 Doors Down

Who is it?
Phillies who?
Phillies are 3 games back of the New York Mets and Milwaukee Brewers for a spot in the 2008 playoffs.

After a well played opening game against the Brew Crew last night that saw a 45 year old go on 3 days rest and pitch respectably, a K-King turn into an absolute beast, and a catcher commit unlikely suicide (squeeze that is), the Phils won and have moved within 3 games of the NL Wild Card and NL East. Only 3 doors down. Time to knock down door #3, and step up to #2.

Game Notes:
*Jamie Moyer is easily in my Top 10 Phillies of All-Time. I love the way he works over hitters with his 82 mph fastball, it amazes me. Rich Dubee is the pitching coach, but Grand Pappy is the sage of the staff.

*Ryan Howard now leads MLB with 43 homeruns, 129 rbi, and 189 strikeouts. Strikeouts suck, but so do firstbaseman that only hit 15 homeruns and drive-in 70 each season.

*Charlie Manuel shocked the boxer shorts right off of me last night when he had Carlos Ruiz suicide squeeze Shane Victorino for the 6th run. I just got done telling my wife that the Phillies never suicide squeeze and then *boom*, there it happens.

*I trash on Ryan Madson a lot, but last night's 2 innings of spotless relief work was huge.

*Cole Hamels vs. Manny Parra tonight. Go Phils!



BloodStripes said...

Manny Parra much prefers to pitch at home. His road record isn't that good. Phils have to pound him into submission and burn him beyond recognition.

Jason Werth leads the majors with 15 homers against left-handers. So bring your big bat Werthy and hammer out a couple more.

After a hectic few weeks I am now on holidays until October. Its Phillies action every morning for me 'til seasons end. I'm fired up. Feel it Phils. Bring on some wins.

GM-Carson said...

Holiday for BloodStripes = gracing WSBGM's with his pressence more often. Always a good thing.

Hamels crapped the bed Sunday night, he needs to pitch better tonight. Parra seems like a bit of a headcase sometimes, so hopefully the Phils can score on him in the 1st inning and get him rattled.

Maria said...

Geoff Jenkins activated off the DL. Will he be used as a pinch-hitter? It seems Jayson Werth has become the everyday starter.

BloodStripes said...

Batting around with 5 runs would be a nice 1st inning.

A break from work is much needed down here. As a baseball fan its a good time of year to have a break anyway. Especially with the Phils in the thick of it. No more nightly game replays for me. Its all live every morning for the next couple weeks. Can't wait.

BloodStripes said...

I hope Werth continues to start everyday. Exciting player to watch when on-base. Dig it when he steals. Good speed and good power. He fits in well.

GM-Carson said...

Manuel has pretty much gave Werth the starting nod. It's been reported the Jenkins will likely be used strictly as a pinch-hitte for the rest of the season. I'm okay with that, he's a better option than So-Tag.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Someone explain this to me: Two players who never, ever bunt, Pedro Feliz and Carlos Ruiz, lay down two perfect bunts, one to move a runner the other on the squeeze.
How come they can lay down a bunt, but none of our pitchers, who work on it every day conceivably, can't? Someone please explain this.

PS: Strikeouts do suck, but Reggie Jackson is the all-time leader in strikeouts. Last time I checked, that guy was pretty good.

furiousBall said...

"so do firstbaseman that only hit 15 homeruns and drive-in 70 each season"

AKA Rico Brogna

GM-Carson said...

Furiousball- no shit, I almost typed "aka Rico Brogna" after that 15 hr 70 rbi statement on the post. Great minds think alike.

GM-Carson said...

Looking over Parra's stats and they're decent- 4.03 era, only 14 homeruns allowed, 138 k's in 158.2 ip. But he is wild, walking 72 batters on the season. Phils batters must be patient tonight and work the count and get Parra's pitch count up. Hopefully this will be Burrell's bounce-back game, because we certainly need him for the stretch run.

SirAlden said...

What do you do in OZ Bloodstripes?

Also I see both Bloodstripes and Eaton LoveFest shooting for the Bronze in WSBGM's Fantasy League.

The Phillies have to just keep going. Exciting.

BloodStripes said...

SirAlden, I have 3 jobs working for the same company. 3 separate contracts we have. I read water meters, reconnect peoples gas meters and hot water systems and do energy saving refits in peoples homes. I get up way early and do the water meter reading then come home for lunch to catch the end of the Phillies game. Then watch some Angels or Dodgers when they play at home. Then go back out in the arvo for a few more hours work. After playing with the kids and putting them to bed I watch replays, highlights of the Phils and MLB in general. East coast night games start at 9am, West Coast 12 pm. Sometimes I can catch earlier games before leaving for work and start a bit later. I have my own timetable worked around the Phils usually. Even with all this baseball my wife still loves me. Oh, aint that sweet.

Now that I have bored you all with my life.


BloodStripes said...

Eaton Lovefest has gone berserk rising to the top.

We know that Carson teaches kids Phillies baseball at school and that Doctor Corey cures Phillie phans when ailing. SirAlden, what do you do?

BloodStripes said...

Man I'm optomistic today. I still think the Phils win the division but Brewers are crap people. Phils can take the wild card if needed. We just need a good 5the starter and Blanton holding up his side of the bargain.

45 year old Moyer pitches all-time on short rest. All those poor 30 year olds who can't do it. Moyer is superman.

I wish I was in the crowd going berserk. Sitting at home here in front of the computer is like 'Screaming at a wall'.

SirAlden said...

The Phillies WON Every Single Coin Flip whether they called it or not...

"In each instance, the team with the superior record got to call "heads" or "tails." And the Phillies were perfect regardless of who was in control -- they made the right call against the Astros and the Cardinals, and heard wrong calls by the Brewers and the Mets.

Meaning, Citizens Bank Park would be the site for any tiebreaker game involving the Phillies -- against the Mets for the NL East title, or against any of the other three for the NL Wild Card berth."

Phils rained out good to help Hamels, off to watch the Braves smash the Mutts!

SirAlden said...

Bloodstripes... I used to work the Corp grind, now I work in a hospital testing kids to see if they have Autism or other issues.

Carson is a Kindy Garten Teacher and Corey is a Urologist? @Wow@

Blogman said...

For those worrying about Howard's K's (I know, sometimes it drives me crazy too), but...look at these stats...

- Howard's 129 RBIs are 20 more than the next closest player in the National League. He is on pace to finish with 142.

- He is currently hitting .307 with runners in scoring position, better than all leading MVP candidates except Albert Pujols (.320) and Lance Berkman (.362). Howard is hitting almost 50 points higher with RISP than he did during his MVP year of 2006.

- He is hitting .318 with two out and runners in scoring position, better than anyone except Berkman (.362)

- He has played extremely well down the stretch when it matters most. No player has more than Howard's six home runs this month.


BloodStripes said...

Wow! Important stuff SirAlden.

Blogman.... Howard like Rollins seems to like September best. Over their careers their best month of the season has been September. Good to see them doing it again. Their good play should help others lift and the Phils can charge to a playoff berth.

Maria said...

It looks like today's game might get rained out. So double-header Sunday and last game on Monday seems to be the plan.

GM-Carson said...

f'n rain

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