Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Werth All The Cheers

That gopher ball served up by Gnats pitcher Steven Shell is the definition of a "hanging breaking ball." I had PTSD-like flashbacks of Adam Eaton for the remainder of the game after seeing that...

It was clutch, game-winning hit by Werth, and I know I'm supposed be all positive and crap now, but a zebra can't change his stripes, so I have to complain a little. Specifically, can we please get Werth out of the two-hole against right handed pitching.

Werth has been great for this team, especially with his ability to fill in at center when Vic is injured, and I'm not trying to discount his importance, but his numbers against right handed pitching are not good. They started the season out with a platoon for a reason. Even though Jenkins has been a disappointment and is far below his career numbers, they are still better than Werth's against righties, albeit only slightly. So, I can see playing Werth sometimes versus righties, but when he does, he needs to be down in the order. It's bad enough to have a "black hole" at the bottom of the order, but it's not good to have a 2-hole hitter who needs mistake pitches to get hits.
I was all set to do a little piece on how well Carlos Carrasco has been pitching since he's been moved up to AAA. He made baseballamerica.com's Prospect Hot Sheet after his first two start. And then he pitched last night. Five innings, nine hits and six earned against the powerful Buffalo Bisons. Ouch. I think I'll wait a little longer to sing the praises of his AAA dominance...
The Rat
From an AP report: "Billy Wagner has more pain and swelling in his pitching elbow, and the New York Mets’ All-Star closer is out indefinitely. Wagner had an MRI exam Tuesday that revealed additional inflammation in his left elbow. Now, the NL East leaders don’t know when he might be able to return to the mound, if at all, this season."

That is just a crying shame. Why do bad things happen to good people alpacas rats?
Hey, I went a whole post without mentioning Jimmy Rollins or Campaign Cheer. Props to me. [Carson will have a full rundown of the "Campaign" tomorrow.]



SirAlden said...

~ You are both Famous! ~

~ Larry Anderson talked about you ~

~ So. You are Stereo Famous! ~

~ Good Show ! ~

Jonathan said...

Move Werth out of the 2 spot against righties because of why? Victorino having better numbers? Jenkins bing better?

Versus righties:
Victorino: .285 .352 .396 .748
Werth: .247 .355 .392 .747
Jenkins: .253 .314 .410 .724

All of them are pretty average against RHP. Interestingly enough, Pat has the best numbers on the team against righties.

GM-Carson said...

Always been a fan of Larry Andersen, nice to have him be a fan of mine.

Campaign Cheer: Phillies 1, Opponents 0

GM-Carson said...

Pedro Feliz was 4-8 in Reading during his rehab. Will likely be activated tonight. I hope Manuel stills gives him a game off every once in a while and puts Dobbs in the lineup against tough righties.

Corey said...

a .247 average is actually below average, and not nearly as good as the guy who should be hitting second (victorino's .285.) add to it that werth has consistently been poor versus righties over his entire career and that has looked completely disgusting at the plate lately and the only thing he can hit is the worst freaking curveball i have ever seen. i don't think you should have a guy hitting that high in the order when you have to hope for a pitcher's mistake to get a hit.

GM-Carson said...

Rich Hoffman of Philadelphia Daily News featured me in his column this morning.

Stephanie Grace said...

LOL awesome job, guys.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Campaign Cheer may have been a good idea, but Harry and Wheels kept talking about how Jimmy was getting booed.
Sounded like a normal Phils game to me, but congrats on the pub.

furiousBall said...

congrats, your titties looked sweet

Boogerking said...

Great job fellas.No reason to stop now.Keep the Campaign going 'til Rollins apologizes.

NE Phillies Phan said...

Vic should be 1st, Werth 2nd, Jroll 6th against righties...Werth will only get better the more ABs you give him against righties and he's just dangerous enough that pitchers will start being careful with him...

GM-Carson said...

Furiousball- I'll charge you $5 to touch these sweet things!

I'm still all about Campaign Cheer. Let's keep the message going.

GM-Carson said...

I don't want Campaign Cheer to die. Now that it's got some media attention I want it to grow. I won't be at the games any time soon, so I won't be getting the interviews anymore. The publicity for my blog was cool, but it's about a whole lot more than that now. I want this idea to actually catch on and work. Screw booing, it doesn't solve a damn thing. Try being positive, it's fun. I had a better time last night cheering my buns off than I've had at a game in the long time. I was searching for positives and supporting my team that I love rather than pointing out the negatives and tearing down the team with stupid boos. Keep Campaign Cheer alive!!!

SirAlden said...

The greatest reason we are not scoring runs as we did last year, is lack of production from the 6th slot, which is where Rowand had is career year.

When someone is in the 6 spot, they should put the ball in play, and ideally, not hit into double plays.

They also offer protection for 4 and 5 hole hitters, who see better pitches.

Having said this, the best thing for the team is to have the best hitter after Utley, Howard, Burrell, batting 6th.

Ergo - Victorino who has a pulse and is not apt to hit in to inning ending double plays, is a very good decision.

With the bottom 4 batters, 6,7,8,9 pitcher being a black hole that matches - the David Bell / Mike Lieby deathmarch,
having Victorino batting 6th, (he can also steal and score on, one hit not two) is very wise.

You can argue if Werth should get his chance now. To me it is clear that Jenkins entire career was steroid based. Victorino in the 6 Hole as Garry Maddox was, (he was also a centerfielder for the greatest Phillies Teams ever), is
the right move.

SirAlden said...


Great Article, and I agree. We have some great smart knowledgeable Boo-ers and some stupid ones.

PHILADELPHIA -- More than once, Jimmy Rollins has broken out his recruiting speech to lure a potential free agent to play for the Phillies.

It has never worked.

"There are a lot of things said, most I can't repeat," Rollins said before the Phillies began a three-game series against the Nationals. "That's their opinion, from the outside. A lot of times they ask, knowing their free-agent year is coming and trying to get a feel for how our fans are. They usually know how our team is.

"A lot of times, they don't want to put their families or their kids into a situation where they come to the field and these are the types of things their kids will have to listen to. And that's just the truth. Those aren't my words. Those are words I've actually heard. I've tried to get a number of players to come here, and I think I'm 0-for-whatever right now."

Philly is not a Sexy as NYC, or laid back as LA and SD.

Not as sexy or laid back - Strike ONE!

Outfield Bandbox for Pitchers wanting to extend their careers and make millions more (see Randy Wolf) - Strike TWO!

Philly Fans making a player's wife/girlfriend, and children feel bad - STRIKEEEE THREE!

Rollins is right. Our acid feelings are Ownership based and we must realize it.

Just like the Dad who was just abused at work for 9 hours who comes home, yells at the wife, is short with his son about playing catch, and he then kicks the shit out of the dog.

SirAlden said...

"Indeed, if the Phillies sign Ross, it's difficult to imagine that he'd replace Ruiz. A team source said yesterday that it's more likely Ross would be sent to triple-A Lehigh Valley and recalled when rosters expand on Sept. 1. He would give Manuel another catching option and would allow him to use Chris Coste as a pinch-hitter down the stretch."

Ross could replace Sol Taguki, or replace Coste who replaces Taguki.

Snelling is batting .193 recently at AAA - I checked.

Boogerking said...

Whatever, Sir Alden.First of all, Rollins is not a talent scout for this team.I find it hard to believe he has a lot of influence in who may or may not play here.If he did, and these nebulous conversations he is eluding to actually occurred,which I highly doubt,then why wouldn't he do something to help dispell the myth by pointing out that this team has produced back to back MVPs?Sir Alden (or should I just call you Jimmy Rollins?)There are many examples of players having families and residences far away from the public setting of the teams for which they play.Rollins' latest statements only served to further detail,albeit incorrectly, the ways in which FANS, not players, have negatively affected this franchises chances for post season success.This is a crock of sh*t.If you seriously believe Rollins' statements represent sound logic than you must be confused as to why the Cardinals do not win the World Series every year: booing causes failure,applause causes victory. By subscribing to Rollins viewpoint on us fans you are placing the outcome of every game into the hands of the worker who gets to decide when to put the "Noise Meter" graphic upon the Jumbotron.Don't be a fool.Rollins is chastising the organization's fanbase because he's having a terrible year,is one of the worst leadoff hitters currently playing in the majors,and clearly is trying to force a trade to another team.

GM-Carson said...

I hope the get Ross for nothing. Give him a try, can't hurt more than Taguchi on the bench.

GM-Carson said...

Good way to start the game, Pat "Big Pimpin'" Burrell with outfield assist #12 to gun down a runner at homeplate.

Corey said...

three errors - yeah!
only one hit - yeah!
Phils winning 1-0 - boooo!

i'm so fucking confused...

SirAlden said...

3 errors!

3 - 0 Phillies !!!

Greg Dobbs HR! scoring Victorino.

GM-Carson said...

Phils are playing horrible defense, this much is true. However, they're now up 3-0 with Myers pitching well. Go Phils!

Jimmy just got a hit. Phans have been giving him some decent applause tonight, more so than last night.

GM-Carson said...

Brett Myers is back! Complete game shutout.

The crowd was very loud tonight.

JMS said...

Brett Myers, you...are...the...man!

SirAlden said...

Trade for Melvin Mora 3B who has cleared waivers, and had a huge contract next year. Mora already has 30 RBI's in August.

Mora can play 1B against lefties, and 3B against righties.

This will wake Ryan up. And replace Sol Taguki, a great guy who needs to play more regularly,
and never will in Philly.

GM-Carson said...

Glad the Phils are winning, no if we could only orchestrate a Mets lose.