Monday, August 25, 2008

Walks & Walk-Offs

A 9th inning rally to tie the game then an extra inning win...nice! Last night's game was filled with good, bad, and crazy. First up, the bad.

*Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley trying to turn a double play. I've witnessed too many botched exchanges at 2nd base now in what should be the middle part of a double play. These two together just seem out of sync.

*Ryan Howard getting picked off. First off, he shouldn't have a lead that's bigger than his body. Therefore, instead of diving back, he would just have to flop back to 1st base if a pitcher attempted to pick him off.

*Ryan Howard swinging on a 3-0 count. Take a walk big man, it's way better than an out; and an out is exactly what you made by hitting a weak grounder on that 3-0 pitch.

*Jimmy Rollins bat. J-Roll went 0-5 last night and is mired in a slump so huge that even his own momma started booing him.

*Ryan Madson lowering his era while upping JC Romero's. Last night was classic Madson, in that he didn't allow any runs for himself, rather permitted the runner on base when he came in to score. Madson's stats can be deceiving, because on the surface they look good, but he seems to have the knack for giving up the "big" hit.

*Shane Victorino's defense. I honestly think Vic should get heavy consideration for a Gold Glove. The man tracks down balls and has a rifle for an arm. He's like a trained assassin out there centerfield.

*Pedro Feliz's stick. Feliz, which means happy in Spanish, made the crowd just that with a hit to tie the game in the 9th, then a 3-run walk-off jack in the 11th for the victory which pulled the Phils to .5 back of the Mets in the NL East.

*Ryan Howard's diving catch on a foul ball. I bust on Howard's defense routinely, and deservedly so, but last night he shocked and excited me with that play he made close to the 1st base stands and over his shoulder. Great play!

*Chad Durbin pitching. He now has 5 wins and a 1.98 era in relief work. He has been a terrific addition to the Phils bullpen.

*Joe Blanton's outing. He darted in and out of trouble all night, but the bottom line is he only allowed 1 run in 6 innings, and I'll take that any day.

*Andre Ethier's walk. Ethier had a 5-ball walk in the 1st inning. Blanton was confused, the home plate umpire was lost, Ethier hadn't a clue, and I'm still amazed it was allowed to happen. Never, and I mean never, should that happen between the 4 umpires on the field, the opposing team's dugout, and the batter himself someone should have said something.

*Brett Myers and the Phils go for the rare 4 game sweep against Chad Billingsley and the Dodgers tonight. It will be the Phils third straight nationally televised game (Saturday Fox, Sunday ESPN, tonight ESPN 2).

*On this date in 1995 pitcher Jeff Juden hit a grand slam off of Hideo Nomo and Gregg Jefferies hit for the cycle as the Phils beat the Dodgers.

*Carlos Carrasco had a bounce back performance in Triple A yesterday, going 6.1 innings with 8 k's and allowing no earned runs. In 5 starts he has pitched 30 innings, stuck out 37, and has a 2.10 era for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.



BloodStripes said...

Awesome win. Dodgers had it there for the taking but lucky for us Casey Blake sucks and gives Pedro the double play ball. Pedro probably could have triple played it but went the safe option at home plate after the tag and then of course blitzed it with the bat. How sweet. Welcome back indeed!

When we spoke of the sweep the other day I didn't think it possible but the way Myers has pitched along with the Dodgers crappy offense the odds are good.

Go Phillies!!!!!

GM-Carson said...

The bats were in their typical slumber for most of the game, but lucky Pedro Feliz went Yahtzee!

Aaron said...

Hey the Fightin's only need to go 29-3 the rest of the way to reach J-Sucks prediction of 100 wins!

Your my boy Andy Tracy!!
Your my Boy!!!

Aaron said...

I google imaged Joe Cowley and could not find one image of him in a Phillies uniform.
Carson can you hook me up with a Joe Cowley Phlashback?
My least favorite Philly of all time.

Cavalier92 said...

An important win for the Phils as they look to take the sweep tonight. Wacky wins were a part of the 93 squad that took us to the promised land, so let's hope this is a harbinger of things to come.

furiousBall said...

loved Ryno's diving catch last night, that's the kind of play that will give a lift for a couple of games.

Pete Happy looked good at the plate last night.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Shane Victorino for the Gold Glove? Now that's a campaign I can get behind.

GM-Carson said...

Pete Happy is as exactly as advertised. Very solid defense and occasional pop. He's right in line with his career numbers. For a 7-hole hitter he's alright.

GreggyD said...

Victorino doesn't deserve to be considered for the Gold Glove, he should have it given to him. He's been absolutely fantastic in center all season.

The game last night was the first that I've been able to catch in awhile and it was awesome to watch them actually play with some heart towards the end. And Pedro Feliz playing the role of hero??? Who would've thought it.

Get out the brooms tonight and let's hope for a sweep accompanied by a Mutts loss to put us .5 game up heading into the series with them.

GM-Carson said...

Do the Mets play tonight?

If the Phils are indeed out of their offensive doldrums, watch out NL!

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies have been frustrated trying to add a bench bat. A few who have cleared waivers: Frank Catalanotto, Kevin Millar, and Jay Payton.

*I think each one could help. Catalanotto would be my first choice, followed by Millar, and then a distant 3rd Payton.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Seriously, why don't they get Aubrey Huff?

Stephanie Grace said...

Chubby Eaton did well last night, I was mildly impressed with yet another no decision performance.

Mets play Houston at home tonight.

I hope we're back in first after their short visit this week.

Jeremy said...

One thing team has lacked alot, in my opinion is heart and hustle. Vic provided both by stretching that single to left into a double. I loved his reaction, hopefully he can get the rest of the team fired up.

On a side note I was in attendence for that game you mentioned in 1995. Dutch got hurt on a sliding play. I got to talk with Tommy Greene at the players exit that night. Piazza hit a 2 run bomb in the 1st and it looked bad but Jefferies and Juden made all good with a 15-2 beat down. I was at the game the next night and the Phils went for another 8-1 win.

GM-Carson said...

Will Brett Myers continue his 2nd half dominance tonight? Dammit I hope so!

Chase Trillo said...

Damn, I was at that Jefferies/Juden game! I think Dutch blew out his knee too if I am not mistaken. Anyway, I have seen two cycles (exciting, right?). Then you get the rest of the story: one was by Jefferies and the other by David Bell. Hey, at least the Phils won both games!

Bob D said...

Myers another solid outing. Not a dominate one (9hits, 3BBs), but a gutsy and solid game. Just like Blanton last night.

5 runs so far, it makes a big difference when the first 2 guys in the lineup are 5-5 so far.

Bob D said...

And don't forget the 3 walks on top of that.

BloodStripes said...

Phillie dominance.


BloodStripes said...

A 13 hit shutout. Crazy.

GM-Carson said...

I love shutting out the opposition.

Squonk64 said...

I think "Operation Cheer" has driven the best out of you. You are not writing from your heart anymore, but instead giving good insight. Great work.

The Howard comment is what got me. Seriously, Howard is a one tool player. He has power, but no speed, does not bat for average, can't field, and can't throw. $10-million for a one-tool player is a bit to ask when you don't have a DH. I am not saying "get rid of Howard," not now, at least. Next year, in mid-season is a good time.

I did like Howard getting dirty and making a great grab last night. That showed me that the Phils are realize the schedule is short, and are turning it up a notch. I didn't exactly like the fact that Howard changed his jersey to a clean one after batting. I hope I am not the only one who caught that one.

Not a good PR move, Ryan...