Wednesday, August 06, 2008


That was a horrible display of baseball last night, completely uninspired play from the 1st place Phillies. Ryan Howard has the biggest mitt on the field, but can't catch a damn thing. Not only can't he field, he can't throw, and he's out of place many times on defense; that equates to a dumb player in my opinion. Greg Dobbs and Jayson Werth struck out against Arthur Rhodes, yes that Arthur f*@king Rhodes. The Marlins staff pitched a shutout, only reason Phils had runs on the board was due to a gift homerun to Victorino on a foul ball. Charlie Manuel must have knew what he was doing not using Cervenak, Walrond, and Happ because the trio went 0-1 with 5 runs surrendered in 2.1 innings. We need a 3rd baseman because Eric Bruntlett is quickly turning into No-Hit Nunez revisited, as he's now 2-22 (.091) when playing 3rd. I'm just sick and tired of a lineup that is so consistent in being inconsistent. Over the past four games they've gone 25-126 (.198), but during the previous five games, which happened to be a five-game winning streak, they hit .331. The good news for the Phils is that they still have the next 2 games to avenge last night's trite demonstration of losing baseball and keep 1st place, starting with Kyle Kendrick vs. Anibal Sanchez tonight.


Adam Eaton is making a mockery of Major League Pitching in the minors. The millionaire Double A Reading Phillie turned in his 2nd disgusting performance in a row since his demotion to the minors. He's now 0-2 with a 12.86 era over 7 innings. Hopeful major leaguers are battering the wretched Eaton around to the tune of a .300 average with 3 homeruns. That's absolutely preposterous considering that Eaton was signed to be an anchor in the Phils rotation, not some schlub that can't even hack it in the minors. Pat Gillick will never live this signing down, not even if the Phils win the World Series under his term as GM.

Sorry for the negative tone, here's a quick pick-me-up.



BloodStripes said...

Gotta pick it up Phils.

Chase Trillo said...

The bats need to wake up! I am sick of hearing Charlie's excuse of "we ran into some good pitching". Well Chuck, maybe your team just can't consistantly hit. Josh Johnson is a good pitcher, but the first 5 guys in our line-up are pretty damn decent too. They need to start clicking or this could be an ugly 3 game set with the Fish.

Chase Trillo said...

Looks like Scott Eyre is on the Phils radar. While his numbers aren't great (and wrapped around a couple of injuries), I'd still gamble on him and send Walrond back to AAA. I'd even consider briging up Bisenius (or someone like him) to replace Happ so J.A. could focus on being our fallback starter for the stretch run.

Joe said...

Last night the 1-5 hitters did what they should. Their lines aren't bad. The 6-9 holes are just that. Holes. Vacuous. The bottom of the line-up and the bench have taken the torch of suck that the bullpen carried last season.

Last night could have been 15-2. Moyer had nothing from the first batter. The defense gave away outs but thankfully the Marlins ran into a few.

Shake it off. Sanchez should be tough tonight. And if he's ready to pitch like 2006, the Marlins just got a lot better.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

No need to apologize for the negativity. This team can bring that out of you.
And they're still in first somehow.

furiousBall said...

Ruiz looks so confused at bat right now. Sarge pointed out him sitting down on each pitch.

Aaron said...

That was Crap. Complete Crap.
WAKE UP A$$HoLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HIT THE BALL!!!!!!!!

GM-Carson said...

I too am tired to the point where I yell "Shut the fuck up!" every time I hear someone make the excuse of "gotta give the pitcher credit" every time the offense sucks dick. Every offense will struggle from time to time, but this team is taking it to maddening heights.

SirAlden said...

Wow no comments!

Either people are too depressed to enjoy a win, or, everyone is getting lucky playing hide the salami. Hmmm that reminds me....!

Solid Win, Howard Crushed the Ball.

BloodStripes said...

Good win. Kendrick solid. Florida ran into some good pitching there. Ha!

Hamels needs to turn it around for a win tomorrow and stretch the Phils lead. Turn it up a notch boys!

GM-Carson said...

Good game by the Phils. I saw many different players contributing as a team and that's encouraging. They've been playing better lately, so many game 1 of the series was just a hiccup.

I really like Kyle Kendrick. He'll never be a top of the rotation guy, but he's a damn fine #4 or 5, and we're lucky to have him.

GM-Carson said...

Don't expect Tom Gordon back for the rest of the season, as he was removed from a rehab outing yesterday with elbow discomfort. At 40 years old, that's sounds pretty bad to me.

Kris Benson turned in his 4th quality start in a row yesterday. He started off horribly, but has pitched well of late.

dr. steve said...

Now that they're back to 2.5 over the Marlins, they need to crush them back with a win today. Another Mets Santana loss would be great as well.

I don't think the Phillies understand the position they're in to pull away from the rest of the division. They have the lead in the division and the other teams are losing.

I think, if Myers loses one more game, he should go back to the minors. Throw Happ at them, throw Benson at them - mix it up, keep teams on their toes. Do whatever it takes to win.

Blanton can't be a slouch either.

Boogerking said...

We need a set rotation like every other frickin team uses.Why do the Phillies operate under the assumption that it's fine to pug relievers in the rotation and starters into the pen?This is absurd.Should have used Happ instead of trading for Blanton and rely on Benson to back him up in the rotation if Happ sucked.