Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

Scott Eyre - St. Ides Malt Liquor

The usefulness of St. Ides is very limited. Specifically, it comes in large volumes (40 oz. to freedom) with high ABV (8%) so it gets you drunk quick for cheap. It tastes like absolute crap but having the satisfaction of getting completely hammered for $3 is well worth it.

Like the Crooked I, Scott Eyre has limited use. He gets out left handed batters and he provides easy headlines for bloggers if he pitchers poorly ("The Eyre Of His Ways" or "To Eyre Is Human," you know that crap is coming shortly...)

St. Ides or Scott Eyre must be used sparingly and wisely to get the maximum benefit, because if you use either too often, you'll end up a loser.

[This is actually the second St. Ides reference on WSBGM's. Stroll back memory lane for the last one...]
Olympic Shout Out former Phillie Rheal Cormier. He's pitching for the Canadian team and worked a scoreless inning with 3 K's in the Canucks win over China.

Good luck Rheal. I hope that 17 hour flight to Beijing didn't bother your 'roids...
Brad Penny Needs A Haircut
I'm not Guiseppe Franco or anything, but I know bad hair when I see it. Penny has this psuedo-mohawk thing going on out the back of his hat, but he didn't shave the sides and the "mohawk" portion is so freaking short, when he takes his cap off everything else looks the same length. It's like he has a half-psuedo-mohawk and half-mullet. The Mo-mullet? The Mull-hawk? Who knows, but whatever it is, it isn't a mohawk. This [see picture] is a mohawk. Brad Penny, you freaking poseur, get a haircut.
Last Night's Game
I don't want to talk about it...
Tomorrow, Carson and I will have a full rebuttal to being called frontrunners.



GM-Carson said...

Guiseppe is a pizza place right near the Capital and they've got bangin' lunch specials. I like the 2 giants slices with a 24 oz. Dew for $3.99 myself.

Chad Durbin has not been good recently.

Joe Blanton looked pretty bad, not Eaton bad, but bad nonetheless.

St. Ides makes your jimmy thicker? That's good, because J-Stroll is going to be getting some verbal venom and will have to endure the beatdown.

Brad Penny's hair was stupid. I used to give myself haircuts in high school and die the top blonde and the shit still looked better than that.

GM-Carson said...

Nice Sublime reference Corey.
40 oz to Freedom
You've got your hair permed
You've got your red dress on
Screamin' that second gear was such a turn on
And the fog forming on my window tells me that the morning here
And you'll be gone before too long

Who taught you those new tricks?
Damn I shouldn't start that talk,
but life is one big question when your starin at the clock
And the answers always waiting at the liquor store, 40 oz to Freedom,
so I'll take that walk.

Chase Trillo said...

Didn't watch the game due to being dead off my ass after watching the Phils blow it in the 9th on Tuesday. That being said, it sucks ass that we have to rely on Myers to avoid the 4 game sweep. Not good!

Btw, it was only a matter of time before Condrey blew up. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts to become more of a liability.

Finally, if these stories about J-Roll are true, I want him gone after the season! What an asshole! I'd boo the shit out of him if I had tickets to Friday's game!

GM-Carson said...

Corey and I will being doing a combo post on our viewpoints of the entire J-Stroll thing. By the way, it is true, he called us "frontrunners" and basically said St. Louis has the best fans while we just like to boo.

GM-Carson said...

Here's a link to the Jimmy Rollins stuff he said on "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" last night.

GM-Carson said...

*Reading Phillie outfielder Jeremy Slayden is batting .292 with 74 rbi.

*Clearwater speedster Quinton Berry has a 30 game hit streak, to go along with his 44 swipes.

*Michael Taylor needs promoted for the final month up to Reading, because he's killing it in Clearwater after killing in in Lakewood. Overall #'s- .346, 66 r, 30 dbl, 3 trpl, 16 hr, 75 rbi, .957 OPS.

*Closer Jared Simon collected his 26th save for Lakewood yesterday.

*Michael Cisco is a name to remember. He has pitched for Williamsport and Lakewood, going 2-0 in 14 games, 4 starts, 37.1 ip, 39 k's and only 5 bb, with a 1.21 era.

*SS Yonderman Rodriguez has posted a .441 on base % through 37 games.

Chase Trillo said...

Thanks for the link. Rollins is such a coward! He can't even man up and make the statement while in Philly. He needs a reality check, BIGTIME!

GM-Carson said...

I plan on letting loose on Jimmy tomorrow in my portion of the post.

furiousBall said...

I'm so confused by what I read about Jimmy and Ryan's appearance on that show. Why?

GM-Carson said...

I tell you why, they think they're entitled to no criticism. Jimmy Rollins has become a diva and Howard fails to make adjustments thinking that k's and low batting average are hunky-dory as long as homeruns are poppin'.

GM-Carson said...

For anyone feeling anti-Rollins today, here's a t-shirt for you.

GM-Carson said...

"Recommend something for me. I might try it," Manuel said. "We're just not getting it done. Can we get it done? I don't know because we're not getting it done. Your performance speaks for itself. ... We've got some weak spots. Can we get it done? So far, we've had a hard time proving it."

GM-Carson said...

Great post by Todd Zolecki on the "front-runners" comment.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

We should all cheer Jimmy for his 0-for-5 effort so his feelings aren't hurt. What. A. Douche.

Bob D said...

We are front runners. Thats why we like the Phils. I have been a fan since the late 70's. In '92 and '94 I was a front runner when the Phils finish in 1st place, oh wait they finish in last now that I think of it. How can I be a front runner if the team didn't finish in first? Actually I bet most that post/read this blog were fans when the team had its losing way in the early 90's.

What is this? score 6 runs quickly then put the bats away! This offense needs another bat. Sheffield is available, I am not a fan of his, but if it means blocking the Mutts from getting him and putting him on the roster replace Cervanik then by all means do so. But as pointed out yesterday, this team needs someone who hits!

Boogerking said...

Re yesterday's write-up: Aaron is correct.F-Roll is a f***ing c**ksucker.Sir Alden, you must be a fan of players who can't make it to the game on time.True, Dick Allen was taunted by racists and imbeciles but mostly people hated him because he was a drunk and his hangovers made him late to several games including one with the Mets where,after realizing he would never make it to the park on time he turned around and went gambling.
Jane Eyre is a waste of a roster spot.Where the hell is Benson?

SirAlden said...

"Simmer down now! Simmer Down!"

Rollins was asked if Philadelphia warrants its reputation as a tough sports town.

To a player not up in the stands, when they hear the frustration up
in the stands, it must be difficult.

Philly is a tough sports town for many reasons the highest two on the list are that the Phans are knowledgable and passionate, (unlike the Dodger Fans who are so laid back they show up for the 3rd inning and leave in the 7th), and the Phans have been hurt repeatedly by ownership, so they have a deep well of pain that spills over.

The Owners are up in an air-conditioned box, not on the field, if they had to sit in chairs next to the Dugout, they would be deaf from the well placed
Boos in their ears.

Jimmy Rollins, like Utley, is playing injured, his power is gone, it must hurt him to be booed, and he must wish he had the slack that playing in a town like LA or StL would give him.

Be careful with your Vitriol.

Bob D said...

sounds like the Phils offense
Shows up late (doesn't score till the 7th)
Shows up and leaves after 3 (like last night doesn't score after the 3rd)

Corey said...

if someone needs to watch what they say, it was j-roll last night. but he didn't. he went on national tv and insulted phillies fans. i'm not going to totally rip the guy apart, but to sit back and defend him and make excuses is total bullshit.

SirAlden said...

On a lighter note, Gregg Dobbs is trying his best, but he has no range at all at 3B. His missed picks were the game last night.

Boogerking said...

Exactly GM Corey.To bring up the subject when the team is losing thousands of miles away from Philly and after an 0-5 performance as the leadoff guy is pathetic,infuriating, and indicative of a player looking for an excuse.Gay-roll has been here long enough to understand how things work and that his statements on national TV will only fuel the fire the next time he sucks at home.The Phils have a blood drive going while they're out of town and the "payment" for donation is a Jimmy "Rolen" bobblehead.We support this douchebag,despite his beliefs, and yet he repays us by dragging Howard into an interview that only furthers the myth that Philadelphia is the only town that hates when their teams play terribly.Fu*king ridiculous.I sincerely hope we trade this pussy ASAP!We're not making the post season anyway.Start Bruntlett, what the fu*k do I care.

Los said...

Rollins might have just punched his ticket outta here ... really smart of him to attack the fans of Philly ... he hasn't had it bad at all ... YET!

GM-Carson said...

Rollins has had it great for that matter, but I expect that to change now.

I'm just hoping Brett Myers helps the Phils salvage a game against the Dodgers tonight.

GM-Carson said...

Link to J-Roll clarifying his statement about front-runners.

SirAlden said...

As I said, Jimmy Rollins, said that his use of the term front-runner was not how others would use the term. That we only came and rooted for winners.

What he did say, was that it is hard, and that the negative energy makes it harder.

His audio phone interview confirmed what I thought he was trying to say in the first video interview.

Jimmy Rollins is not gay. He is not a pussy, he is not a c*ck s*ck*r. He is a our MVP. If we run him out of town, it will only lower our chances of signing players in the draft and in free-agency.

Aaron said...

You know what. I finally figured out what's wrong with this team....Nothing....absoulutely nothing. This is exactly the same team as last year offensively. I think we have all been blinded by the last month of last season. The Phils basically stunk most of the year last year.

Aaron said...

Gay-Roll just shot his mouth off explaining how philly fans are and why the react the way they do.
So explain to me how he said "I don't know how the fans are going to react when we get home". REALLY??? YOU REALLY SAID THAT??

Maybe Deon Gay-Roll should try getting some sleep at night instead of making television appearances to complain about the people that pay his salary and make him a millionaire.
what blows me away the most is that after rollins benching we didn't boo him. After he showed up late to play the mets for 1st place we still didn't boo him ....and now he comes out with this BS.

SirAlden said...

The Phillies need our support not our hatred now.

dr. steve said...

Go away SirAlden.

In the meantime, I have lost any desire to watch baseball again. Feels like March and April.

Chase Trillo said...

Can we fire the manager yet?!?! Someone has got to take the fall here!! Send Williams and Thompson along with him!! Maybe a couple of new coaches can salvage what is left of this offense and of this season!!

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