Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Never Give Up!

Trailing a seemingly insurmountable 7-0 to the NL East leading Mets despair sets in. Phillies should be wearing a dog collar with Mets Bitch stitched on it.

A miraculous comeback finds the Phils victorious after 13 innings with an 8-7 win. Phillies may be dogs, but they're the NL East front-running dogs now. Life lesson- never give up!

Game Notes:
*Ryan Howard was showcasing all of his abilities: the strikeout (2 of them to up his total to 174), the error (15th miscue of the season), and the homerun (NL leading #35).

*Relief pitcher Clay Condrey ignited the comeback with a double, his first hit since 2003.

*Pat Burrell was 0-7 with 10 runners left on base.

*Catcher Carlos Ruiz made an appearance at 3rd base. Maybe Charlie Manuel saw Joe Torre do it with Russell Martin and figured Chooch could pick it at the hot corner too.

*Jimmy Rollins is trying to be the team MVP for the stretch run. He had 3 hits Monday night and had 5 hits last night. Over the past 2 games he's 8-10 with 2 runs, 2 doubles, 1 triple, 1 homerun, 5 rbi, and 3 stolen bases.

*Pitchers Cole Hamels and Brett Myers were pinch hitters, each struck out.

*Chris Coste was 4-4 with the game-winning single and didn't even start the game.

*The Phillies stole 6 bases. On the season they've stolen 105 and only been caught 20 times for a MLB leading 84% success rate. Thank you Davey Lopes.

*Jamie Moyer was just plain awful last night, but every pitcher is entitled to a bad outing once in awhile. He's still the staff Grand Pappy with knowledge beyond any pitching coach in the game today and with more gumption than Colonel Patton.

*Even after allowing 7 runs to the scumbag Mets, the Phils still have the 7th best era (3.84) in the Majors. Heading into the season, I would have never expected to be signing the praises of the pitching staff, yet be perplexed and enraged by the offensive ineptitude.

*Kyle Kendrick toes the rubber for the Phightins tonight against some no-name Johan Santana dude. Gotta say this pitching match-up heavily favors the Phils; this Johan Whatshisname doesn't impress me much. Mets must be desperate for starting pitching if they're sending someone of his stature to the mound. Time for the Phils to short-sweep the Mets butts outta here.



BloodStripes said...

The pinch hit appearance by Myers was top strategy and funny too. By not allowing him to swing the double play was taken out of the equation and he almost drew a walk-off walk. Following that AB the met defense had to remain playing shallow to enable Coste the easy fly ball single.

Good to see Rollins fired up. He was everywhere. Great game. The whole team contributed somewhere along the line. Even Pats strikeouts were productive.

GM-Carson said...

Didn't put it in the post, but Eric Bruntlett played a crucial part of the comeback late in the game too.

By the way, 2007 AL MVP Alex Rodriguez is getting booed heavily at Yankee Stadium. Yes, the same A-Rod batting .308 with 28 hr and 78 rbi with a nice .980 OPS. Booing happens everywhere to almost everyone.

Corey said...

i did not get to watch the game last night, it wasn't broadcast on my cable station. what a bunch of shit.

about the NY/A-rod thing, i wrote a blog piece over 2 years ago about their perception of him. some things never change. NY doesn't deserve a great player like that. oh, and where is the media hype about how bad NY fans are and they aren't supportive, etc etc.

GM-Carson said...

6-1 since the inception of Campaign Cheer...just saying.

Maria said...

I really don't understand the complains about CBP. Everyone plays in the same stadium and Tatis hit a HR similar to Ryan Howard's. It works both ways.

If the Phillies didn't score in the 13th, I definitely would have called it a night.

GM-Carson said...

The Mets are cry babies and will blame anyone or anything but themselves. They were up 7-0, they shouldn't have blown that. It's the first time in history that team has overcome a deficit of 6 or more runs to comeback and win and take over 1st place this late in the season.

Joe said...

Myers' at bat was akin to trying to draw the defensive line offsides. It was pure comedy.

Great game. We were in Sec 138 til the end and a huge percentage of the fan stayed for a marathon game.

The Phils bullpen got work, but no one got fried like Heilman.

Tonight will be fun.

Stephanie Grace said...

Burrell is typically the man, so I'll forgive the fact that he stranded TEN. (holy guacamole)

Great finish last night, though. A mini-sweep tonight will be even sweeter.

PS: Now that Kotsay is more than likely going to Boston, is there another lefty outfielder on the radar to fill in for Jenkins?

GM-Carson said...

Kendrick needs to go a good 6 or 7 innings tonight. He can't have one of his 3 inning meltdowns and tax the bullpen again on consecutive nights.

GM-Carson said...

Heard the Phils might be interested in Mike Lamb now that Kotsay is going to the BoSox. Lamb can play the corners and has had success in the NL before.

GM-Carson said...

Johan hasn't walked a Phillie in his 3 starts spanning 23 innings against them this season. That needs to change tonight so his pitch count is high early.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Eric Bruntlett would like The House That Glanville Built to kindly shut up now.

I can't believe he got that hit. I was there. With my boss. Who is a Mets fan. And I loved every second of it.

GM-Carson said...

Rev. Revere- did you get fired yet like you predicted a couple weeks ago?

I'd love nothing more than for the Phils to light up Johan tonight like your drunk uncle with a bottle of burbon.

Bob D said...

Better to face that Santana rather the really good one name Ervin. I believe the difference is the bullpens there.

lucky that Werth wasn't thrown out for the tying run.

Campaign Cheer has insipired the Phils. J-Roll also has responded by getting on base 10 straight times before getting out (lucky catch on a liner).

Has anyone gone 4-4 as a pinch hitter like Coste did last night?

The dispair on the Mutt fans last night was awesome.

Kendrick was warming up last night, I wonder if that will affect him tonight.

GM-Carson said...

Kendick is reportedly good to go tonight. He really needs to command the strikezone and give the Phils some quality innings so Durbin and Romero's arms don't fall off.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

@gm-carson, I didn't get fired, but it took all the restraint in my body not to completely blow up early and go nuts on Mets fans late.

I'm a little ashamed of myself. But good to Jimmy is back!

furiousBall said...

the Mets complaints of the ballpark... yeah, we both know it's a bandbox, but did that factor into deciding the game? little known fact, we don't move the walls in while we're at bat

GM-Carson said...

I do believe Shea Stadium has allowed more runs and homeruns on the season than Citizens Bank Park. The Mets and their fans are cry babies, they simply don't take accountability for their failures.

GM-Carson said...

Not Fabio Castro, not Kris Benson, not Adam Eaton, not JA Happ, but Andrew Carpenter has been called up in case Kendrick gets blasted early and makes a quick departure and the 'pen needs to log innings. Andy Tracy has been demoted for the time being.

GM-Carson said...

From's Jerry Crashnick-

Jimmy Rollins, Phillies (.293/.345/.500 career in Sept./Oct.)
Rollins has clashed with his manager and ticked off Philadelphia fans with his "front-runners" comment, and they've been letting him have it on a nightly basis. On a positive note, the Phillies are finished on the West Coast, so J-Roll is done with "Best Damn Sports Show" for this season.

Former Phillies GM Ed Wade calls Rollins a "red-light player" -- a guy who's at his best when he's the center of attention -- and that's never more evident than in September. Rollins stands 5-foot-8 and weighs 174 pounds and has played an average of 157 games per season since 2001, yet his numbers are higher across the board in the final month.

In 2005, Rollins finished the season with a 36-game hitting streak. Last year he cranked it up with six homers, 18 RBIs and 14 stolen bases in 14 attempts in September to wrest the MVP award from Matt Holliday and lead the Phillies past the fading Mets in the NL East.

Rollins has a .254 on base percentage leading off an inning this season, so he has some lost ground to recover. But with eight hits in 10 at-bats against the Dodgers and Mets the past two nights, he's gotten the Philly crowds back on his side and built some momentum for the final push.

"He can be the guy to get us going," said Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino. "It's obvious what he does when he gets on base. He changes the whole dynamic for this team."

GM-Carson said...

Amusing J-Roll article on ESPN's Page 2.

JMS said...

Saying that Myers K-O'd during his AB is accurate, but not nearly descriptive enough. The man brought some much-needed humor to the situation. Someone on beerleaguer used the term "nimbly-bimbly", and it will stick in my head forever.

Where's the Bruntlett love?!

The Phan said...

Awesome game!! I was there!!

GM-Carson said...

Why does Kyle Kendrick insist on putting men on base every inning?

Werth and Howard with bombs tonight. Homeruns are the one chink in Santana's armor.

GM-Carson said...

Only 5 innings from Kendrick. I sure hope he learns how to keep his pitch count lower early on so he can last longer. He's young yet, and hopefully that will come with maturity.

Aaron said...




ripjgarcia said...


I was sitting at the pub/club and said simply "Nothing good can came of this"

Sometimes this team is too loyal to its people.

Charlie's theory on Lidge is: Let me put my best pitcher in here.

History this season should tell Charlie that Lidge is ineffective in these situations..

I would love to see Lidge's ERA and inheritd runners scored stats in his save situations vs. non-save..

BloodStripes said...

Should have held on for that one. Disappointing.

dr. steve said...

I was glad when Seanez lost the game.

I was very, very worried about a 3-2 close situation where Lidge blows it against the Mets. If they were going to lose, I'm much happier they lost it this way.

We all thought they'd lose this game before the series. We all said we'd be happy with a split. And sure, they should have won today and they NEEDED to win today... but we wanted a split. It's our fault.

We got our split. Let's be happy. Time to watch the Mets collapse! GO PHILS!

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