Friday, August 08, 2008

Still in 1st Place

Phillies blanked by a rookie 3-0 against the 2nd place Marlins, still in 1st place.

Ryan Howard has 147 strikeouts on the season along with 14 errors, still in 1st place.

Bottom of the lineup is anemic when it reads Jenkins, Bruntlett, and Ruiz, still in 1st place.

2007 MVP and leadoff hitter is putting up inexplicably low #'s, still in 1st place.

Adam Eaton started 19 games and pitched in 21, still in 1st place.

Opening Day starter was demoted to the minors midseason, still in 1st place.

Top setup man is on the DL with no timetable for return, still in 1st place.

As you can see, negatives are abound with this team. As an obsessive over-the-top fan that writes a blog I feel I've become hypercritical of the Phillies. I love the Phillies, even when I "hate" them, I still love them. As a kid, the Phils were typically pretty bad, aside from '93 of course, and I just enjoyed them because they were my team and I loved watching baseball. They had losing season after losing season and were never really in contention. As I got older I still loved watching them and just hoped for the day they would break the .500 barrier. That year happened in 2001 and I was ecstatic. Then I wanted more, I wanted playoffs, and for the next handful of seasons they flirted with the NL East division lead and/or Wild Card, but came up empty handed. 2007 was the season it finally happened, and I was thrilled to be a playoff team, I honestly didn't care that they were swept by the Rockies. Now here we are in 2008, the Phils are in 1st place, and I have the audacity to say they "suck" and rant and rave about everything that is wrong with them. It's time I appreciate what I have, which is a team playing winning baseball that is competitive and actually has a damn good chance at making the playoffs this season. I'm not saying being a detractor is wrong, because that's a way of venting frustration and can often be humorous, but I needed to say this today...they're still in 1st place.


Roster Update:
Phils traded for lefty specialist Scott Eyre of the Cubs yesterday, sending Single A pitcher Brian Schlitter way of the Windy City. Eyre will be available for tonight's game against the Pirates, and it's expected that JA Happ will return to Lehigh Valley to focus on being a starter again where he's of more value. That means Les Walrond probably remains with the Phils as the guy mopping up the slop innings. Eyre can be very good at times and very bad at others, but he's worth a shot. Other news, like Corey reported yesterday Tom Gordon's health is sketchy and Pedro Feliz is mending.


2008 Summer Games:
The opening ceremonies begin tonight in Beijing, China for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Phillies minor leaguers Jason Donald (SS) and Lou Marson (C) will be representing the the United States. Each has turned the corner in their progression this season in the minors and have put themselves high on the prospect list. Golden wishes to Team USA.



Bob D said...

Good to see Eyre make it to the Phils, he is usaully a good pitcher but this year he has battled the injury bug. Hopefully he can rebound to being a good reliever like he usually is. Walrond has only the 1 appearance and it would be good to see him pitch again to see if he can handle major league hitters. He was lights out in the minors but has had no success yet at the big leagues.

At least we have no Mendoza watch for Howard (now upto 244)

Bad offense against the fish, game 1: 2 runs on a bad call/foul ball Hr, game 2: actually scored 4 times without a Hr plus Howard's Hr, game 3: the mistook wiffleball bats for game bats and did nothing.

This team is maddening with thier offense this year. And this team has had many chances to put the Mutts and Fish away and open a big lead, yet they fail to do so.


GM-Carson said...

Despite all the negatives...still in 1st place.

GM-Carson said...

Iron Pigs RJ Swindle and Steve Green are playing for Team Canada in the Olympics.

furiousBall said...

I heard somewhere that Eyre fell out of favor with Pinella

GM-Carson said...

A 7.15 era will usually cause a player to fall out of favor with the manager.

NE Phillies Phan said...

How we are still in 1st place is a freaking mystery.

GM-Carson said...

Mystery solved- we have more victories than the other NL East teams.

In all seriousness though, it is amazing the Phils are still clinging to 1st despite all things that have gone wrong.

ripjgarcia said...

In all seriousness, if the Phillies win the division, and continue to do it this way, they are headed for another sweep in the playoffs

GM-Carson said...

I'm probably in the minority here, but if the Phils do make it to the playoffs the season is a success no matter what in my opinion. Sure, I want the World Series title, but it doesn't have to happen for me to look positively upon this team. We're not the Yankees yet, where we HAVE to make the playoffs and advance deep into October or it's all a big fat failure. That day may come if this team continues to do well every year and challenge for the NL East crown, but we're not quite there yet.

TrekMedic251 said...

Despite all the negatives...still in 1st place.

Its a charmed club. How else do you explain Ryan hits .249 (?) and putting up those kind of offensive production numbers.

Having the NY Mutts implode again is helping matters, too!

GM-Carson said...

I was over at Corey's on Wednesday night and he said, "As long as the Phils finish higher than the Mets I'm happy". Although that's good for me too, I want more than just finishing ahead of the Mets, I hate them so much.

GM-Carson said...

It's official, Happ goes back to Triple A in favor of Scott Eyre.

SirAlden said...

Of all the 30 MLB Teams, the Phillies have the 3rd Best Run Differential of - +72.

27 teams have lower Run Differentials.

I listened to a Mets Blogger on the Radio, and he sadly and wisely reflected that, "As much as we fans would like to have a better team than we have, we just don't this year..."

All the teams in the Majors have luke-warm lineups thanks I think in part to the post steroid era deflating guys. We all rail at Bonds, but anyone who thinks Griffy or Garciapara did not do roids it just plain foolish.

Roid less the Phillies have the most POP, (and CBP) for me it is boring to wait and watch, the Bullpen is servicable, and the rotation recently league average or above.

We need a #1 Pitcher of course. We need High Batting Averages in the 6, 7, 8 spots.

The team is what it is, in first for more days than any in recent history, and they have a shot just as the Mets and Marlins do.

Here is hoping that, a September call up somehow (like what the Rockies did last year) catches fire, and propels us to a flag then deeper into the playoffs.

This winter there are many top starters in Free-Agency, losing Burrell will give us a pick we can then give back hopefully as we sign a BIG Arm that hopefully does not fall off. That is the core question of this era of the Phillies, will the Ownership with non stop Sell Outs, step up.

Time will tell.

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden, I agree many players were on something. Whether that something was steroids, HGH, Greenies, or other stuff, but I refuse to believe Ken Griffey Jr. did anything like that.

GM-Carson said...

By the way the Marlins just signed one of the mosted hated players on Planet Earth- Paul LoDuca.

BloodStripes said...

Well said GM. Appreciate the Phils. They are pretty good and the team to beat despite the faults. They are our phightin' Phils to the bitter end.

Lets go Phils. Beat the Pirates!

Aaron said...

another inning another man left in scoring position by the middle of our order.

Aaron said...

Yesterday i mentioned that Dobbs needs to start at third and Brunlett needs to sit.
2nd inning 2 on 1 out Bruntlett not only doesn't drive in a run he grounds into a double play and now the pitcher leads off next inning.
I also said sit ruiz play coste. Coste in 1-1 so far tonight.

Aaron said...

By the way Gordon being hurt is a good thing. Not bad.

Aaron said...

And Utley leaves yet another man in scoring position

Aaron said...

Utley leaves a man in scoring position for the 3rd straight AB.
That's 16 straight innings with NO RUNS.
WAKE UP A$$ HOLES!!!!!!!

Aaron said...

17 straight innings. No runs.

Aaron said...

18 straight.
I guess the offense is trying to honor Juan Samuel by hitting like the 1984 Phillies. Maybe Rick Schu will make pinch hitting appearance for us tonight.

Aaron said...

Ryan Howard swings at ball 4 and 5 in the 8th.
It's really not that hard to lay off a curve ball that's 2 feet outside. We are a minor league line up

Aaron said...


dr. steve said...

The Phillies are a horrible, terrible, abomination of a team.

Everyone in management should be fired immediately. The hitting coach should be fired. Most of the players should be traded.

This team needs people who hit .300. This team needs people who CAN hit. This team needs actual baseball players.

It is embarrassing. No, it is much, much more than that. I don't know if a word exists to express how pathetic the Phillies are. Great pitching wasted on some of the WORST hitters the game of baseball has ever seen.

Fire the whole team. Blow up Citizen's Bank Park. I'm not joking. Get this team out of baseball and into a trash heap somewhere.

Still in First Place? How?

BloodStripes said...

Woeful is a good word.

dr. steve said...

Woeful is not that good.

More like: "These players need to be dragged out behind the stadium and shot." Or for some, shot on the field like racehorses.

BloodStripes said...

Joe Blanton was good.

GM-Carson said...

Yeah, so that game last night was pretty bad aside from Big Splash Blanton pitching amazingly.