Thursday, August 21, 2008

Phlashback Phriday - Jose Hernandez

I was trying ot think of someone interesting to do a Phlashback on, but no name I could think of seemed very interesting. But then I watched Ryan Howard and Eric Bruntlett both strikeout with a runner on second and nobody out and suddenly my decision was obvious. What better than to reminisce about former Phillie, former Pirate, former Dodger and strikeout wonder Jos-K Hernandez.

Hernandez's time in Phillie was brief. So brief that I could only find this one picture of him. He was purchased from the Buccos (rumor has it, with actual money) in 2006 and played in 18 games. He got 32 at-bats and collected 8 hits. At the end of the year, Hernandez was released and resigned to a minor league deal with the Pirates. He never made it back to the bigs.

In the end, Hernandez played with ten teams over fifteen seasons, earning almost $18 million. He made one All Star game but will be best remembered for his prodigious strikeout numbers. He struck out 1391 times and collected more than 180 in a season twice. The only other players to have more than 180 K's in a season more than once are Jim Thome (2), Adam Dunn (2) and Ryan Howard (2). [Of note, eleven players have K'd at least 180 times in a season, and 5 have played for the Phils: Howard, Hernandez, Thome, Schmidt, Incaviglia.]
Summertime Blues
How about that game last night? As Cool Hand Luke would have said, "What we have here is a failure to execute." Utley's error that allowed the first run to score; Rollins' inability to get Hernandez on the grounder (granted, a tough play on a fast runner); Madson's inability to get anyone out; and Howard and Bruntlett's inability to advance runners to third with less than two out. Many times, little things like this can be overcome. But not for the '08 Phillies. They are mired in such an offensive funk that they have to play fundamentally sound baseball to win, even against teams like the Gnats. Here are some of the ugly numbers for this month.

- The Phils are hitting so poorly this month, their 8 for 34 performance last night actually raised their average to .210 (128 for 607).

- Only two players on the team are hitting over .280 this month. Dobbs is hitting .297 in August, including a two-run homer in the win Wednesday night. (Despite this recent hot streak, the lefty slugger was benched last night in favor of the returning Pedro Feliz.) The other hitter is Shane Victorino, who is hitting .292 in August, which has earned him a trip down the lineup and a few less at-bats. That makes sense...

- The biggest culprits are Ryan Howard at .164, Pat Burrell at .166, and Jimmy Rollins at .210. The rest of the guys are holding steady in the .240 range.



Aaron said...

Ok i just read Jimmy's comments about free agents not coming to philly because of the fans now.
So I'm done with "positive Vibes" when it comes to him. He really has no idea when to shut the hell up does he?

First of all another hitless performance and a key error allowing a run to score and yes if he fields it cleanly that guy is out.

So he owns up to not running out the pop up but then continues not to run out pop ups.

Then he shows up late for the biggest game of the year and disagrees with his benching. Well guess what J-Hole if i show up late for the biggest meeting of the year at work my boss benches me too for the next big meeting.

Then he calls the fans front runners on national tv.and blames us for the team struggling.
Then he tries to make up for it by talking about the next day and really just makes it worse by talking more shit about the fans.

Now he says it's the fans fault that free agents don't want to come here to play. Well geuss what jack-ass I seem to recall you singning a pretty contract to play here not that long ago. Pichers don't want to play here because the ball park is small, I don't ever remember us having any problems signing hitters to come here.

I'm all for project cheer for the rest of this team....But this is the last straw with Rollins I was just on the verge of forgiving him and getting behind him again and now this.....So F you J-hole! Leave! I'm done cheering for you for any reason this year next year or ever!!!
The number one reason this team is not winning is that you can't get on base....PERIOD!!!

BloodStripes said...

When trying to stay supportive and positive its hard to come up with something good to say when the Phillies continually play such uninspiring baseball.

GM-Carson said...

I'm still trying to figure out why we did a Phlashback Phriday on a Phillie/Cub when the Dodgers are the team coming to town.

GM-Carson said...

I remember a pinch-hit grand slam Jose Hernandez launched for us.

Oh, and good news, Jos-K did play for the Dodgers back in 2004.

GM-Carson said...

Just looked at Phils team history for today, and this is the actual day (August 22) that the Phils purchased Jose Hernandez from Pittsburgh in 2006.

Happy birthday to Randy Wolf too.

Corey said...

here is why we did a phlashback on a cub when the dodgers are coming to town...i looked at the schedule wrong. oh well, he still struck out a lot, i'll just change the first line and nobody will know...

GM-Carson said...

It's not a big deal, we all make mistakes. Especially when we're trying to do something late at night or early in the morning like we both do.

GM-Carson said...

Very disappointing. This team simply isn't producing offensively. That's not the weathers fault, the hitting coach's fault, the fans' fault, it's each individual players' fault. Do something about it guys! Batting .211 as a team in August, that's just bad.

Bob D said...

The pitching especially the starters have been doing a phenominal job. At least campaign cheer has something to cheer about. If Moyer (11-7) keeps it up he may end up with more votes for Cy Young than anyone else on the team. From June1 he dropped his ERA from 4.65 to 3.54 and now stands 15th in the league in ERA (Hamels 11th). Of note Hamels (10-8) is 2nd in BAA and first in WHIP in the NL.

GM-Carson said...

Shane Victorino leads the team with a .290 batting average. He has a higher OPS than Ryan Howard (.803 to .791), has great speed, and plays tremendous defense, and hits both lefties (.293/.770) and righties (.277/.870) pretty decently, yet he gets dropped to 6th in the lineup. Ryan Howard can't hit lefties (.184/.591) to save his life, is slow, plays horrible defense, yet remains in the cleanup spot at ALL times. What is Charlie thinking?

GM-Carson said...

The Phils have scored 3 or fewer runs in 52 of their 127 games, that's 41% of the time. Yikes!

GM-Carson said...

From Todd Zolecki-
Here's a look at how the Big Four have performed since the team's notorious 20-2 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium on June 13:

Jimmy Rollins
Through June 13: .278 (50 for 180) with five homers and 22 RBIs.
Since June 13: .248 (59 for 238) with three homers and 20 RBIs.
In August: .211 (16 for 76) with two RBIs.

Chase Utley
Through June 13: .317 (83 for 262) with 22 homers and 61 RBIs.
Since June 13: .248 (54 for 218) with eight homers and 23 RBIs.
In August: .243 (17 for 70) with three homers and nine RBIs.

Ryan Howard
Through June 13: .212 (54 for 255) with 17 homers and 54 RBIs.
Since June 13: .248 (56 for 226) with 16 homers and 50 RBIs.
In August: .164 (11 for 67) with three homers and nine RBIs.

Pat Burrell
Through June 13: .284 (62 for 218) with 17 homers and 43 RBIs.
Since June 13: .240 (48 for 200) with 12 homers and 27 RBIs.
In August: .167 (10 for 60) with three homers and six RBIs.

Coincidental or not, Rollins is hitting .091 (3 for 33) since he called Phillies fans front-runners in Los Angeles on Aug. 13. Howard is hitting .086 (3 for 25) since Aug. 11. Burrell is hitting .149 (7 for 47) since Aug. 5. Utley is hitting .214 (6 for 28) since Aug. 12.

michael said...

hey aaron.. jimmy said that 3 days ago, where have you been? and also how do you know it isn't true honestly?

GM-Carson said...

Scary comment over on BeerLeaguer-
Season is over. If the Mets only play .500 ball the rest of the way, Phils would have to go 21-14 to beat them by a game.

Mets are 71-57. If they go 17-17 they'll finish 88-74.

Phils are 68-59. If they go 21-14 they'll finish 89-73

a) Mets will be better than . 500
b) Phils won't go 21-14

See you next year.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Jimmy Rollins, 4-for-37 with 2 runs and zero RBIs since calling out fans. You may not favor boos, but that calls for boos if anything has ever needed booing.

GM-Carson said...

I'll continue to cheer, but there are plenty of damn good reasons why the Phils fans are pissy all the time. Hit the f'n ball!!!!

NE Phillies Phan said...

Howard's been absolutely brutal in the past week with 6 multi SO games...though I think he'll bounce back next season. Maybe he needs to go to Siberia to clear his head. He could train there and climb a 40,000 ft peak while his KGB guards try to follow him in a car...

furiousBall said...

was it the 8th when they had the first two runners on base (1st and second) and then Howard struck out (no, seriously, he did... swear) and then Burrell hit into a 4-6-3 DP?

that sucked weiner.

sorry for the language.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

That was the eighth. And I'd like to declare, if you wanna read about on my blog, that Eric Bruntlett is way, way, way worse Abraham Nunez at baseball. It's not even close. I'd rather have any pitcher on our team at the plate than Bruntlett. He's horrible.

GM-Carson said...

Given Bruntlett is really bad at hitting, but let's not be too quick to forget that No-Hit Nunez was a very befitting nickname for a reason.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Nunez, .234 avg, .318 obp last year, Bruntlett, .214 avg, .297 obp. Looks worse than Nunez to me.

GM-Carson said...

From David Murphy-
The Phillies are 2.5 games behind the Mets with 35 to play.

Of their next 23 games, 20 are against teams that have winning records.

That doesn't bode well.

High Cheese's crack statistical department crunched some numbers this morning and discovered that the Phillies have the worst record against winning teams among all National League contenders.

Here they are, in order:

Team. . . .Rec. . . .Pct
Cubs. . . .29-21. . .580
Mets. . . .34-25. . .576
Marlins. . 30-30. . .500
Dodgers. . 28-28. . .500
Brewers. . 29-30. . .492
Cardinals. 26-28. . .482
DBacks. . .20-31. . .392
Phillies. .23-36. . .390

SirAlden said...

The next TEN Games, 4 with the Dodgers, 2 with the Mutts, 4 with the Cubs, will tell the tale.

The first 6 are in Philly, before traveling to Chicago.

If we come through the fire, we have a good shot. This may be Kendrick's last shot in the rotation, with Happ, Carrasco, Benson waiting in the 5th Starters wings.

New lineup with a clearly injured Rollins and Utley leading off, then Pat the Bat, Howard, and Victorino in the 5th Spot.

Will the Phillies, bring up Happ or Carrasco to give it a spin of the wheel on the pitching side?
How about Marston Catching, Donald for Bruntlett, Golson for Sol Taguchi - 5th Outfield Pinch Runner ala Bourne last year?

Lets hope this 10 game stretch gives us something to Root for this September.

BloodStripes said...

Thats the way Phils. Make Maddux work hard in the first inning. 5 pitches! Yeah thats the way we do it.

BloodStripes said...

6 outs on 11 pitches. Way to go boys. Your all over him. At this rate 2nd place is assured. If your lucky maybe even third.

BloodStripes said...

See what happens when you work a count.

Sorry about the negativity

GM-Carson said...

BloodStripes- your negativity actually sounded like cheering. The Phils did end up giving you something to cheer for though, now 7-1 heading into the 7th. Kendrick was decent, and the offense has a big 6th.

GM-Carson said...

With Ryan Howard looking at maybe a $14MM salary in his second year of arbitration, the Phillies could shop him this winter. Rosenthal lays out a scenario where they trade Howard and use some of those young players to acquire Matt Holliday. In this scenario Pat Burrell could be re-signed to play first base. I was surprised to see that a club official sees the chances of retaining Burrell as better than 50-50.

*If we had Holliday and Burrell, that's far better than Howard and Burrell in my opinion. I think Burrell would be decent at 1st base too, better than Howard defensively for sure.

Chase Trillo said...

A nice win, but questions still surround this team.

Question 1 - Is it time to take J-Stroll out of the leadoff spot? I say yes. Whether he just sucks this year or is just trying too hard, he is a liability in the leadoff spot. I'd swap him and Vic and not think twice about it.

Question 2 - Why the hell was Madson used tonight? Stupid things like this make me question Manuel even more than normal. There was absolutely no reason whatsoever to use him tonight! Don't give me that bounce back game crap! Condrey and Eyre should have finished out the game.

Finally, I like the idea of acquiring Holliday this off-season. Hopefully it comes to fruition. Speaking of Colorado, Atkins would be a helluva addition as well. Higher averages and a new hitting coach/manager should lead to better offensive production next season.

BloodStripes said...

8 runs. Thats more like it Phils. Excellent win. Kendrick steadied and the offense rewarded him. Awesome.

Aaron said...


Because I'm smart.
I have no doubt that he is telling the truth when he says players have asked about the fans. I also have no doubt that if offered enough money they will come to philly to play.
Players sign to play for teams for the following reasons
1. money
2. money
3. they think a team can win a championship
4. money
5. to play close to home
6. cash money

SirAlden said...

Phillies Won.

Keep it up!

A good start to the 10 days that
made the season.

GM-Carson said...

Do the Mets ever lose?