Sunday, August 24, 2008

Phils Just Like Costco

The Phillies are just like Costco, dealing ass kicking in bulk. 8 runs Friday, 9 runs Saturday. Do I dare suggest they go double digits tonight? Along with the offense's new groove is solid pitching by Kyle Kendrick, Cole Hamels, and the bullpen. Pat Burrell was Fox's player of the game yesterday, tying a carrer high 5 rbi game, and he thinks the Phils are ready to go on a roll. Hey the Mets lost, Phils won, 1.5 games is a good time to go on that Proverbial roll. Go Phils!

*Geoff Jenkins indeed is banged up enough to warrant a DL stint and Andy Tracy has been summoned from Lehigh Valley to take his spot on the roster. Tracy can hit bombs, 230 minor league homeruns, and he has seen MLB time with Montreal and Colorado is the past. He plays firstbase, but could also be used as an emergency outfielder or thirdbaseman.

*Joe "Don't Call Me Eaton" Blanton takes on Kiroki Kuroda tonight in prime time on ESPN. Because it's ESPN and it's Sunday night, that means the endless droning and self-righteousness of Joe Morgan...ugh!



Jeremy said...

Dude you hit the nail on the head with that Joe Morgan comment. He has to be in the top 5 worst color guys in the business.

Really nice to see the offense kicking in. I hope the pitching stays strong and reliable during this stretch run.

furiousBall said...

Joe Morgan loves Joe Morgan

The Phan said...

Hopefully these last two games are a sign the Phils offense is out of their slump...

Los said...

I can't wait to hear Morgan reminisce about how great he was back in the day ... it never gets old.

GM-Carson said...

John Miller is like Joe Morgan's sockpuppet.

GM-Carson said...

Astros beat the Mets. Let's go Phils!

ripjgarcia said...

Andy Tracy???

Whatever happened to that Chris Snelling guy we signed last off-season.

JMS said...

If we win tonight, is it too early to start the MetsBlog suicide watch again?

The thread from today's loss looks depressingly like ours from a few weeks ago, with added depression.

GM-Carson said...

4-1 at home since Campaign Cheer. Go Phils!

JMS said...

Oh, and I just found out I'm going to the game tonight and sitting behind PtB in left field. I'll put up good pictures if I get any!

GM-Carson said...

JMS- I'm looking forward to some sweet ass shot of The Bat.

GM-Carson said...

From Phillies Insider-
Beijing Numbers
Shortstop Jason Donald was the leading hitter for USA, .381 (8-21). He had one home run and five RBI in eight games. C Lou Marson hit .308 (4-13).

Both will rejoin the Reading Phillies tomorrow or Tuesday. The USA team returns home tonight to Washington, DC, with bronze medals.

Donald and Marson have had some kind of season: Futures Game, AA All-Star Game, Olympics and Eastern League All-Star team.

Bob D said...

Manuel shakes up the line up and puts Pat between Ut and Howard. They are now hitting, which happened 2 months ago. Lets see if he keeps it this way since its working, or he changes it back to the way it has not been working.

Aaron said...

That was big getting out of the 1st with just 1 run.
But Joe Blow scares the crap out of me right now!

Let's keep the O going tonight!!

Everybody hits whoooohoooooooooo!!!!

uatgsports said...

"The Phillies are just like Costco, dealing ass kicking by the bulk."

That is legendary lol.

Check out

JMS said...

gm-carson: I got many of those for you, haha. The man likes to bend over.

Oh, and the best parts of the game:

1. The usual "You-suck Man-ny" chants were expanded to include "Cut-your ha-ir" and "Get-a green-card".

2. The old "T.O." chant became "J.Roll, J.RollJ.RollJ.Roll"

3. Feliz came up clutch. Amazing.

4. I got a shirt with #54 on the back and "Lights Out" where the name is supposed to be.

I'm going to kick myself tomorrow when I leave work at 7pm after 4 hours of sleep, but as usual, totally worth it!

ripjgarcia said...

Pedro Feliz... welcome back...

Shane Victorino... just enjoyed watching you make Manny look bad.
(What was that whole Ethier/Manny hug about after he lazy tossed to second base)

This was a MONSTER win by the Phillies...

And an honorable mention for Howard who is starting to make up for some of his crappy play in the field earlier in the season.

ripjgarcia said...

Oh I forgot to give shoutouts to Cole Hamels (PH) and Kyle Kendrick (PR)

What the heck is going on with Charlie?

GM-Carson said...

The Phils won? Dammit, I fell asleep in the top of the 9th. Time to check the boxscore.

Aaron said...

Hell ya they won. FELIZ NAVIDAD cam up huge!!

Andre Either walked on 5 balls. How the hell does that happen? How does the hitter the umpire and the entire dodgers bench not notice that he had 4 balls. And then Blanton walks him anyway on ball 5.

How the hell did Charlie manage to get to the point that he had to use kendrick as a pinch runner and Hamels as a pinch hitter and it was only an 11 inning game?? WTF Charlie.

Rollins still sucks. BOOOO.
Howard still sucks. But I won't boo him because of the sweet Defense he played last night.

It would be real nice to return the favor of a 4 game sweep tommorow.

Aaron said...

Can I just say one more time how much i hate Madson.
It was classic Madson last night. Comes in with a runner on 1st and two outs. Throws a wild pitch gives up a single to give the dodgers the lead and then gets Manny out.
Madson allows the run to score while keeping his ERA unscathed....Yet AGAIN!

GM-Carson said...

The 5 ball walk blew my mind too, that should never happen.

BloodStripes said...
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