Sunday, August 03, 2008

Joe Blanton Is Not Adam Eaton

The last time Adam Eaton did what Blanton did last night, allow less than two runs in a road game, was August 1st of 2006. The last time he had an ERA under 5 was 2005. Blanton has a career ERA under 4.30 and has two years under 4, something Eaton has never done. Adam Eaton is the 4th highest paid player on the team while Blanton makes less than Geoff Jenkins and Tom Gordon, and only slightly more than Pedro Feliz. Eaton sucks, Blanton does not, so let's end all these Blanton-Eaton comparisons that have been so prominent over the last two weeks.
Joy In The Pain Of Others
The only thing that's missing from the pic below is The Rat following the play with that stupid, dejected look on his face.

I couldn't find any quotes from Wagner after the game, but I'm sure he blamed Ramon Castro or Jerry Manuel or Put Burrell or one of his alpacas or somebody.

Myers Looks For A Win
The last time Brett Myers had a win over a major league team was May 30th, when the Phils beat the Marlins 12-3. Two months of losses, no decisions, and minor league victories from out opening day starter...ugh. His opponent today is Todd Wellemeyer. Wellemeyer started against the Phils back in June and gave up 8 of the 20 runs the Cardinals would surrender. Hopefully the Phils come into the game a confident bunch and throw a 10 spot on the board. Given Myers' penchant for giving up the long ball, they may need 10 runs to take this game. Here's to winning a series against a team with a winning record...



GM-Carson said...

I please with Blanton's pitching last night and hope he shows what his career norms suggest, which is a far superior pitcher to Eaton. His 1st 2 outings as a Phillie were very Eaton-esque though.

Poor Brett Myers doesn't even get credit for his W over the gNats because they're considered "minor league".

Corey said...

yup, that's the joke.

GM-Carson said...

Welcome back from vaction bro, WSBGM's has been hoppin'!

GreggyD said...

After the game, Wagner said:

"I didn't think Pence had [touched the plate], but Pence had already taken off. He was pretty much in the dugout and there's no way for the umpire to see. He was blocked the whole time."

Apparently he was not blocked Billy because you my friend just experienced your 7th blown save of the season.

Even more funny to me is the fact that Johan Santana had another fantastic outing. He gave up 1 run off of 3 hits in 6.1 only to get yet another no decision. I'd be pissed if I were him. He's getting paid so I guess it doesn't matter, but it'd probably be nice to tack a win onto his record once in awhile.

GM-Carson said...

Johan has been great, that Rat Bastard Wagner has not. He deserves everything bad that happens to him, what a dick!

ripjgarcia said...

My friend is under the true belief that Howard will not break his own record this year..

I laugh.

All jokes aside, it seems that every time a starter puts a good game together, we score NOTHIHNG!

For instance, despite Hamels recent problems, he had NO run support in his first 6 losses...

We should consider ourselves lucky to have got that one last night

GreggyD said...

Thanks for linking me Carson. Hopefully it leads to both of us getting a few more hits even though your site is growing daily which is awesome.

As for Howard breaking his own record, the big guy's only whiffing about once per game right now. I don't care if he's not getting hits all the time, just as long as he's not striking out. If he's getting his bat on the ball, he is at least seeing it better than he was before. So he might break his own record, but he might not. It'll be very close though.

ripjgarcia said...

Wow... I forgot about the Alpacas

On raising alpacas at his farm near Charlottesville, Va.

It's something to break up the monotony of playing baseball all the time. We have around 40 of them. They get to know you. You take them to [alpaca] shows, you breed them, you sell them. We have clothes made out of them. For some people it's just an ego thing, like owning a racehorse.

On being a choker.. :)

On saying last July that his Phillies had "no chance of making the playoffs"

I would never have said that in the media before talking to my teammates. I talked to every one of them, and every one said, "You know what? You're right. Something's got to be done." Obviously things changed after that. [The Phillies finished one game out of the wild card.] Whether I was wrong or whether I was right, we made a good run for the playoffs. I stand up for what I believe in.

Los said...

But, the 4th highest player on their payroll is in AAA now - what do they do with him?

Bob D said...

But, the 4th highest player on their payroll is in AAA now - what do they do with him?


How about leave him in AAA to lose games there instead of keeping the guy in the majors to lose games. The payroll will still be the same.

Hopefully we will see the dominate Myers tonight and not the alter ego or different personality.

SirAlden said...

Excuses from Baby Face:

Billy Wagner, RP NYM

News: The New York Post reports that Mets closer Billy Wagner is unavailable for Sunday's game against the Astros with forearm stiffness and will have an MRI on Tuesday. Wagner said he first noticed the problem earlier this week.

GreggyD said...

Wagner is getting an MRI, John Maine is officially on the DL, and Ramon Castro is day-to-day. Looks like the injury bug made it to Queens.

GreggyD said...

Carlos Carrasco was promoted to AAA Lehigh Valley today to take the place of Les Walrond.

I don't want the Phillies to rush him through the system and seeing as he was only 7-7 with an ERA just over 4, I don't know how I feel about it. It's awesome to watch prospects come up through the minors, but they should never be hurried (see: Gavin Floyd). If he's in AAA now, I want him to stay there for the rest of the season, and don't really even want him with the big club when rosters expand in September. He has been known to have trouble adjusting at each level, so I think he needs to stay in AAA for awhile before facing major league talent. It'll be fun to watch. His first start is tonight already at 5:35.

GM-Carson said...

Thank you Randy Wolf and the Houston Astros who just finished up the weekend sweep of the Mets. F.U. Mets!

Carrasco, despite the less-than-stellar era, was ready for the promotion to Lehigh Valley. They're seeing if he's ready for MLB action next season.

By the way, Eaton isn't even in AAA, he's in single A.

GM-Carson said...

Rox beat the Fish too, Phils are primed for primetime to make some room in the standings.

Sean said...

Finally, someone agrees with me about Blanton.

GreggyD said...


Brad Lidge gets the save after loaded the bases. Unbelievable.

To quote SNL and Chris Farley:

How many heart attacks is that now?
That makes a baker's dozen, Bob.

Good lord this teams kills me.

Aaron said...

Good win tonight. I had a heart attack in the 8th and 9th. But I'll take it.

Good - Brett Myers nice job. Keep it up
Good - Victorino is the man right now. And has been for most of the season.
Bad - I love Chad Durbin but Charlie has to ease up on this guy or his arm is going to fall off soon.
Bad - Jimmy Rollins 0-5 and didn't run out a pop up.....AGAIN!!!!!!!
JIMMY F^&kin run hard!!!! What the F(*k!! WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie should have benched him again. This time for 2 games.
What the hell is wrong with him this year????

Aaron said...

Hey by the way for all of you who won't stop whinning that the phils didn't sign Aaron Rowand for 8 bazillion dollars......

Rowand .279 9 HR 55 RBI 2 SB
Werth/Jenkins .256 24 HR 68 rbi 12 sb

I'm sure everyone agrees that Pat Burrell is having a great year...Well Werth/Jenkins aint to far off Pat;s 27 Homers and actually have 1 more rbi than Pat.

And don't give me this "He was a great clubhouse guy BS." I loved Aaron Rowand and how he played but they Phillies made the right move!!!!!

SirAlden said...

Last week we had 1 number #1 starter, and 4 number #4 starters.

This week we have 1 number #2 starter, 3 number #3 starters, and 1 number #4 starter.

Feels nice.

GM-Carson said...

I thought for sure Lidge was blowing his first save of the season last night...damn glad he didn't.

Jimmy Rollins really has become a different player this year. It's disturbin.

Phils have a nice little 1st place cushion that they can extend with a good series against Florida at home coming up.

BloodStripes said...

Yeah lets get the lead back out to six.

Bob D said...

Interesting stat last night, they were talking about Howard on ESPN and showing how he is batting 100 points higher since late May. He also has 148 SO's, however his batting average when he makes contact is 458! If he could only cut out 40 of those SO's then he would likely be batting near 300 right now. His average is up to 242 which is a dramatic improvement over that 188 earlier in May.

GM-Carson said...

Ryan Howard, aside from defense, has been fine over the past 2 months.