Thursday, August 07, 2008

Injury Updates & Stuff

Goodbye Gordon
From "Starting a minor league rehab game for the Clearwater Threshers, Gordon didn't get through two batters before leaving with elbow discomfort. [He] will return to Philadelphia today to be examined by Phillies physician Dr. Michael Ciccotti."

That essentially ends Tom Gordon's tenure in the Phillies bulllpen. Here are the final numbers:

- 59 games, 3.34 ERA, 34 saves in 2006, then 44 games and 4.73 ERA in 2007 and 34 games and a 5.16 ERA this year.
- $18 million dollars earned (including $1 million buyout that the Phillies will likely exercise next year.)
A Met Sees The Vet
The Mets placed The Alpaca The Rat on the disabled list on Tuesday with a "forearm strain" after an MRI that day showed no major structural damage.

Wagner last pitched on Saturday but it took 3 more days until they could find an MRI machine. Why? It's because Wagner had already planned to spend some time with family members in Texas following their series with the Astros and the Mets wouldn't dare deny him time with the rest of the mischief (that is what a group of rats are called...) Eh, who really needs to know that state of the closer's elbow in the middle of the playoff race...
Hats Off Mike Cervenak. He got his first hit and RBI last night with a chopper through the hole in the 6th inning. If he really wanted to be cool, he would have pulled a Costanza, walked off of first base and announced, "Alright that's it for me. Good night everybody." He could retire a career .333 hitter...

Cervenak went to the University of Michigan and is shown here with teammate and WSBGM's favorite Bobby Scales, who by the way, is hitting over .300 in AAA and still can't get a cup of coffee. What a shame...



Frank said...

Tom Gordon... the Turk Wendell of our age. Except he won't go away.

furiousBall said...

i thought that was cool the ump called for the ball (after Cervenak's hit) as the outfielder tossed it into ugla

ripjgarcia said...

Its pretty standard for them to get the ball after a first major league hit.

I will be having a Tom Gordon going away party at my local Moose Lodge tonight (also a Phan den)

I'm open to suggestions as to a drink to toast with.

SirAlden said...

I love Tom Gordon.

He gave up his arm for the team
last September pitching almost every day, and locked down most
of the holds during the first third of this season.

Charlie over used him to death, and there was never a complaint. Money well spent the first year.

Money well spent last year. We would not have made it to the playoffs and NL East Flag without his iron man routine.

Money well spent this year when he helped put us way into the Division lead with all his holds,
a lead that disappeared without him.

Here is hoping he is back in September with his hammer tight
hard money curveball. If not, I salute you Tom.

Bob D said...

Gillick keeps the coffee machine locked up in his office and won't summon in people like Scales to get thier cup of coffee.

Benson had a good game last night and he may soon appear for the Phils if he keeps it up.

Maybe in 3 years Flash Gordon will be put on the Phils Wall of Fame for having a cool name. In all actuallity he was OK in general but not worth the $18 mil, but compared to Eaton he was phenominal!

GreggyD said...

From my blog (

"There are rumors swirling right now that Cole Hamels may have been late arriving to the ballpark this afternoon. A caller on WIP just said he saw him outside of a hotel in Philly with his wife at around 11:30. WIP also just reported that they heard Hamels was having a meeting in Charlie Manuel's office, although this was not confirmed.

If Hamels was late to the park, will they bench him? I understand that rules are rules, but to bench a position player is much different than throwing off the rotation. I'll keep an eye on the story."

As I said, none of this was confirmed, but let's hope it's not true..

GreggyD said...

Thankfully the reports turned out to be false.

This team really needs this win today. A 3.5 game lead is so much different than 1.5.

ripjgarcia said...

No run support again for Hamels.

In fact, he has their only hit all day.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

You like Tom Gordon? I just don't get these people that like crippling relief pitchers.

GM-Carson said...

This team makes it entirely too easy to be negative.

Being shutout yet again!

Ryan Howard another error!

Because I write a blog and try to watch as much of the games as I can stomach, I tend to be hypercritical, but this team can be down right maddening.

At least we got Scott Eyre and his 7.15 era.

GM-Carson said...

Tom Gordon was needed in '06, but was a waste of money the past 2 years. Signing him for 3 years and 18 mil. was a mistake, but hey things happen. He did have good momements at least, where Eaton really never did.

Mets won today!

Los said...

Another great hitting performance by the Phils ... absolutely ridiculous.

GM-Carson said...

I actually dislike this club this season. I wish I didn't feel this way, but I do. All but one season when I was a kid ('93) the Phils were pretty bad to the extent they weren't competitive. Once the new century hit, I was content with simply finishing over .500, then content with being in contention, and last year I was happy they made it to the playoffs (getting swept didn't steal my joy). However, this team just rubs me the wrong way this season, and I can't put my finger on why. Like I said, I wish I didn't feel this way. They are in 1st place after all and still stand a great chance of making the playoffs this season (in which case I consider the season a success no matter the post season outcome...those are my own standards), but I just can't allow in my head and heart for such a disgusting display of fundamental baseball to go without notation.

SirAlden said...

Dear GM-Carson,

Go look at last September's Box Scores and you will see just how
valuable Tom Gordon was last year.

As for this year - we are in trouble.

If Jenkins were his career average self, things would not be so bad. Anyone notice how post steriod era, medium batters are

Problem two, and three the hitters
at Catcher and 3B. Sad to be dreaming of Feliz's return.

What do we do? The bottom of the lineup is right back to David "can I squeeze your balls please"
Bell, and my most hated long term Phillie of all time Mikey "thanks for all the money Wade" Lieberthal.

Should the Phillies, give RF to Werth even more? Should they risk
destroying Marson and bring him up? Trade for an experienced over priced bat or bring up Golson to steal, pinch run, and steal?

Something has to be done.

SirAlden said...

We need Bill Matlock batting 6th
and playing 3B.

Lou Marson batting 7th and Catching.

Jason Werth batting 8th and playing RF.

Jeremy said...

Carson don't feel bad because I feel the same way. I try to think positively but I look at the talent on paper and there is no way this offense should be this inconsistent. Pitching is easier to understand but we have real mashers and I like what our table setters can do "on paper." Patty B is having a hell of a year but we are getting nothing out of 3rd base. Why isn't Coste the everyday guy I ask again.

Is it legal to make every Greg Dobbs AB a pinch hit appearance?

Fuck it, did I hear someone mention shuttlecock!?

Aaron said...

WTF. Here's something championship teams do. They beat rookies named Chris Volstad in important games. He's got a good curve ball. Who gives an F, Hit the F'ing thing.
Pathetic today PATHETIC.

GM-Carson said...

All this negativity, yet we're in 1st place...strange.