Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey Charlie, Quit Counting Pitches

If you're havin' 'pen problems I feel bad for you son,
I got 99 pitches so I can't throw one.

Why the f@#k did Cole Hamels come out of the game last night? Seven innings, 5 hits, no walks, and cruising. But he had thrown 108 pitches and if you look closely at this photo of Hamels during the bottom of the 7th when he threw his 100th pitch you'll notice the spontaneous combustion of his elbow, which is a known risk factor of throwing 100 pitches in a single game. Considering that throwing 110 pitches can lead to auto-amputation and throwing 120 pitches often results in a break of the space time continuum, it just isn't worth leaving your staff ace on the mound with a three run lead in the 8th inning on the road against the team with the best home record in the NL in the final weeks of a playoff chase. I mean, that would have just been stupid. Oh, and the bullpen is overworked, exhausted and collectively pitching like crap, but I'm sure everyone on the team had confidence that Ryan Madson would do just as good of a job as Cole Hamels. When Shane Victorino stood with his arms folded as Ramirez's homer sailed into the stands, I bet he was thinking, "At least Hamels wasn't out here to give that up"

Speaking of the bullpen, why are they still throwing from the mound? At this point, they should just move up to the front of the mound, set up an L screen, grab an entire bucket of balls, wheel a cage over home plate and just throw some BP. As a matter of fact, why even throw at all? I say add a Jugs machine to the forty man roster, throw a jersey on it, and let it pitch the eighth inning.

Also, I don't care if Ryan Madson's ERA is only 3.56, you cannot convince me that this guy doesn't suck. He should never see the 8th inning unless they are losing by at least 5 runs. Basically, if the inning number is higher than Charlie Manuel can count, Madson should be kept in the bullpen.

The Phils face Rich Harden, Ted Lilly, and Carlos Zambrano the next three days. By the end of the weekend, I fully expect the Phils to be 3 full games back of the Mets.



The Phan said...

I honestly don't have a problem with taking Cole out. I would of left him in one more inning, at least a few batter, but it didn't bother me he was pulled.

I do have a problen with Madson starting the 8th.

Cole threw 108 pitches, and pitched great. I can see why your angry they took him out, but with his history of injuries, I think it was a safe bet. We don't need Cole to go down again in Sept. like he did last year.

I think Durbin should of started the inning. Madson has struggled really bad these last few weeks, especially in the 8th. Durbing may have given up the salami, but he does better coming into games at the beginning of the inning than trying to inherit runners.

Tough loss. All we can do if hope to take the next 3 games of the series.

Gonzo said...

Do me a favor. Delete this post. Let's forget this game ever happened. Please. 3 game set against the Cubs starting tomorrow night. Go Get'em boys!

Chase Trillo said...

Sing along: Fire the manager. Fire the manager. Can we please fucking fire the manager?!

Of course we can't. Not now. Remember, we are all supposed to sit back and pretend that nothing is ever the managers' fault. After all, he isn't out on the field. He isn't pitching the ball. He isn't swinging the bat. He is however paid well to think, stratagize, and present the best matchups possible. Good thing we have such a grand old wizard, I mean buzzard, or something like that.

If your bullpen is depleted, you stick with your ace another inning. It's not rocket science and it's not like the Hamels was struggling. Would another 15 pitches really have hurt him? This pitching count bullshit has got to stop.

This is the second game in a row that Manuel's decisions (or lack there of) have cost us. It's time to point the finger at Chuck. I have another finger reserved for management/ownership too (anyone wanna guess which one?).

SirAlden said...

Don't you wish that we had a healthy Sept 2007 Tom Gordon now?

BloodStripes said...

Send Hamels back out for at least one more out. See how he goes. If it takes 3 or so pitches. Let him go for the second out. If it takes 10 for the first one or he gives up a hit. Then go to the pen. Maybe I watch too many Angels games but that how Scioscia probably would have handled it. He's a Philly boy. If only we could get him back home.

furiousBall said...

SirAlden - I don't want Flash in the bullpen, healthy or otherwise. that guy throws fat homerun balls like he's trying to win a prize for doing that the most

ripjgarcia said...


Basically, if the inning number is higher than Charlie Manuel can count, Madson should be kept in the bullpen.


ripjgarcia said...

SirAlden... no.

GreggyD said...

The Phillies acquired Matt Stairs today from the Blue Jays. He's been horrid this season. Fantastic...

Joe said...

Madson's ERA is meaningless.
It doesn't include the inherited runners he allows to score. He averages about 1.3 runners per inning pitched. So he's going to give up runs. He's simply not good. And now that he's shell shocked from his last 3 outings, he's useless.

Bad move Charlie. you have an ace. Use him.

Bob D said...

Early in the year I was all for Madson, however I feel that Condrey would be even better than he in crucial spots. I can overlook Durbin's mistake but Madson looked like he was throwing batting practice. Seanez is one who should go as he seems to throw batting practice all the time (he has been lucky for the most part).

Who gets sent down to make room for Stairs?

GM-Carson said...

Madson is a piece of shit. I don't like and never will. He blew the first two "wins" of Cole's career and still is blowing his "wins". Madson's bday was yesterday, well screw you!

On the chubby Stairs trade- cool. I've always liked him and he's an upgrade to the bench, and won't cost much.

The Phils have wasted 2 golden opportunities in a row now in the 8th inning. That kind of shit doesn't get you into the playoffs.

GM-Carson said...

From Todd Zolecki-Should Hamels have started the eighth? Last night Manuel said Hamels was "absolutely spent." Hamels left the clubhouse without comment, which led most to believe that he wanted to pitch the eighth. After all, he threw 108 pitches. He appeared to be in control.

So why pull him?

Hamels said he was done.

"Once you get to 105, 110 pitches, you're pushing the envelope, especially this late in the season," he said this morning at Wrigley Field. "Obviously, I'm leading the league in innings. My body definitely has taken a toll. If I was maybe around the 98 to 104 mark, I possibily could have gone out. But just after that last inning -- that was a 20-pitch inning, I believe -- it took a toll. I knew with my space coming up in the order, I'm 0 for 2, it's not like I'm really doing anything special. I trust the bullpen 100 percent. That's why we have the best bullpen in the National League with the best ERA. Unfortuantely, sometimes it doesn't happen. You can't put any blame on that. It's just kind of the circumstances."

So, again, physically he felt like he shouldn't have pitched the eighth?

"No," he said. "Physically, no. I don't think it would have benefited, just with that last tough inning in the seventh. I guess your energy the way it is, I know I have to put in quality inning after quality inning. If I know I'm not fresh enough to do that, why put myself in a (position) not to benefit the team and also have to look at it from the standpoint that I have another start in five days?"

Said Dubee: "He said he had enough, so what can you do? I'm not going to send a guy out there that says he's done. He said he was pretty spent. ... He was the third hitter (in the eighth). If there were two outs and nobody on, he would have gone out there. But again, he had seven quality innings and he had enough. He had enough."

*As WSBGM's has suspected all along, Cole Hamels has a vagina.

Bill said...

Our hope for this weekend is that the Mets get swept. If they do not, I fully agree that the Phillies will be 3 games out for Labor Day.

Maybe Matt Stairs will be our savior. Not holding my breath!

GM-Carson said...

Phils offense in the crapper again, only 2 runs, and now Blanton is looking rough...loss 3 in a row?

GM-Carson said...

Phils just got dicked on a call that would have scored a run. Howard was clearly safe at 1st but the ump ruled him out. I hate it when umps blow the obvious call.

SirAlden said...

Tom Gordon helped us win last Sept.
he was lights out.

Condrey? Eyre? Seanez?

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- I know you liked Tom Gordon, but it's doubtful you find anyone on here that shares your fond memories of him...sorry.

Phils looking to lose a close one yet again. Negativity becomes a way of life with this team, it's much to difficult to fight it.

Aaron said...

Beating Santana 3-1 ....loss
Beating Dempster 4-1 ...loss
Beating Harden 2-0.....loss

Ripping off Ryan Madson's arm and beating Charlie over the head with it repeatedly until he is bloody and dead......Priceless.

Oh yeah and Matt Stairs is exactly what we need another power hitter who strikes out all the Fing time.

Aaron said...

marmol is making the phillies look like chumps.
They have absolutely NO chance of hitting this dude.

ripjgarcia said...

Sir Alden, I direct you too the 21 Google Results for the exact phrase "Tom Gordon Sucks".

So counting me, that 1 for and 22 against :)

GM-Carson said...

I'm trying to think of something constructive to say, but only curse words are coming to mind.

2 nights in a row done in by the grand slam. A-Ram slam off of Durbin last night and Beltran slam off of the Marlins to win the game tonight. 2 games back. *%&^&W^@#*!!!!

GM-Carson said...

I still can't believe all the calls the went the Cubs way. DeRosa was out on his "stole base", and he ended up scoring. Eyre's 3-2 pitch to Fukodome was a strike that ended up walking a run it, and Howard was safe which took a run off the board for the Phils. Phils should have won 3-1. Bullshit!!!