Monday, August 04, 2008

Heart Attacks

Holy schnikes, almost didn't pull that one out. Brad Lidge gave Phils fans a few heart attacks last night, hell make that a baker's dozen. In the end everything is fine and dandy though, as Lidge converted his 28th save of the season; extending the Phils lead in the NL East to 2.5 games over the Marlins and 3 games over the Mets. Brett Myers went 6 quality innings, throwing only 64 pitches (46 for strikes). Shane Victorino supplied the fire power with a 3-run bomb that gave the Phils the lead in the 8th. Phils record now at 61-50 with an off day today to get ready for a big 3 game showdown in Philly against the Fish starting Tuesday.


22 Man Roster:
Charlie Manuel has opted to go with a 22 man roster until Pedro Feliz, Tom Gordon, and Rudy Seanez return. Okay, not really, but it sure seems that way. Poor JA Happ and Mike Cervenak are collecting dust on the bench and recent call-up Les Walrond should expect the same treatment. I understand not using these guys in close games, but Cervenak can't be much worse of a pinch-hitting option than So Taguchi and Happ and/or Walrond can't be much worse of a relief option than Ryan Madson. Stop making these guys ride the pine and give them a chance Charlie, they may surprise you.


Long Ball:
The Phillies offense is built upon the foundation of the homerun, as they lead MLB with 157. In fact, the trio of Ryan Howard (31), Chase Utley (28), and Pat Burrell (27) have more homeruns combined (86) than 6 teams (Twins, Giants, Dodgers, Nationals, Athletics, and Blue Jays).



GM-Carson said...

Shout out to loyal reader Greggy D for the Chris Farley Da Bears skit idea.

Bob D said...

Interesting stat last night, they were talking about Howard on ESPN and showing how he is batting 100 points higher since late May. He also has 148 SO's, however his batting average when he makes contact is 458! If he could only cut out 40 of those SO's then he would likely be batting near 300 right now. His average is up to 242 which is a dramatic improvement over that 188 earlier in May.

Walrond and Happ need to get in games this week, even close ones if they must. But if Manuel keeps throwing Durbin, Romero, and Madson out there 5 to 6 times a week then thier arms will fall off. They are getting overused. Happ has already shown that he can pitch at this level and with the way Myers and Blanton are now throwing he will not likely crack the rotation unless they decide to go with a 6man rotation.
Carson, I disagree with your criticism of Madson as I feel he is one of the better pitchers on the team. The only reason he has an ERA in the 3's is because he had a poor April and early May. Condrey is another who is doing a good job since early May but does not have the talent of the others.

Gordon is now throwing again in the minors and could get a callup before Sept 1. He is better than Seanez but my opinion is that Madson, Condrey, Durbin, and Lidge are much more dependable that Flash.

What ever happened to Bisenus? He was on the roster but never appeared (see Cervanik, Walrond).

GreggyD said...

The problem with your argument against Carson is that you can't necessarily look at Madson's ERA as a stat to gauge his performance. You need to look at how many runners he has allowed to score that were inherited. Over the course of this season, one out of every three (9/27) runners that are on base when he comes into the game score. This was a problem for him last year too when he was actually on the mound, because he allowed 5 of his 8 inherited runners to score.

Point being, his ERA is not at all affected when those runners score. Instead, those runs are tacked onto whomever was pitching before he was brought in. Therefore, his 3.47 ERA is very misleading. If he was responsible for the runs he's given up, it'd be much different.

Maria said...

Madson has pitched the last 3 or 4 games and given up a shitload of runs. Maybe he just needs 3 or 4 days off.

GreggyD said...

I just posted about my utter disgust regarding this lineup in general, but Jimmy Rollins in particular. I broke it down using plenty of statistical evidence. I don't understand why Charlie Manuel cannot see what everyone else seems to. Baseball is a game that you need to play to your own strengths and your opponents' weaknesses, and the Phillies haven't seemed to master that.

furiousBall said...

i nearly shat myself several times in the late innings there, in fact there was one shart i'll own up too

Reverend Paul Revere said...

The way Myers and Blanton pitched this weekend, I propose the signing of David Wells to go with the overweight pitcher theme.

Joe said...

Just caught some of Jody Mac on ESPN 950 in the car.

They are debating whether someone other than Pat catches the bloop single (I think it was Miles in the 9th). Jody thinks so.

I saw no way. First, it was a cue shot off the end of the bat. Second, even a fleet footed fielder would lay up to avoid the ball getting behind him for extra bases. There's no diving on that play.

Fortunately, with the short bench, Charlie had little chance to pull Pat. And I hope he continues to take his chances with Pat in left late in games.

Bob D said...

Pat has 0 errors this year and leads the league in outfield assists. So I question why does he need a defensive replacement? He may not be fast, but he is not slow either.

The way Victorino is hitting lately maybe he should be considered to leadoff.

And yes, Madson has let up a number of runs over the last 2 weeks, but he was very effective from Mid May to Mid July.

SirAlden said...

!D yggerG !oY Yo! Greggy D!

GreggyD said...

Is this new say my username backwards the hot fad because I missed the memo SirAlden.

Unless that was just a shout out...haha

!nedlA riS !oY Yo! Sir Alden!...

I feel strangely disappointed.

GM-Carson said...

If you like Ryan Madson you'll defend him, if you don't you'll trash him. I don't like him, so screw him!

FuriousBall- did you use Stain Stick on your shart mark on the boxers?

furiousBall said...

carson - unfortunately, i was naked on the bean bag chair again