Saturday, August 02, 2008

Good Against Bad, Bad Against Good

The Phillies are good against bad teams, but are bad against good teams. Naturally a team will beat up on lesser competition and stumble somewhat against better foes, but the Phils are ridiculous in their quest to take over the world of sub .500 teams while putting up the white flag when facing teams with a winning record. The Phils are a butt-spanking 39-20 against teams currently with losing records, but only 20-30 against teams currently on the plus side of .500. As long as the Phils make it into the playoffs I'm happy, so wins are wins. However, the team they face in the playoffs will be one of those winning record clubs, so you know what that means.

*I wish Cole Hamels was as good as he thinks he is. Over the last two starts he's been a complete letdown- 9.2 ip, 14 h, 14 r, 8 er, 3 hr, 4 bb...not ace material.

*Ryan Madson went from good to bad in a hurry. Last 5 outings- 5.2 ip, 10 h, 7 r, 2 hr, 6 bb.

*Rudy Seanez hit the DL and lefty Les Walrond was called up from Lehigh Valley. Les has pitched for the Royals ('03) and Cubs ('06) previously and was ripping through Triple A batters (95 k's, 2.61 era), so maybe we'll get lucky and have ourselves another lefty in the bullpen capable of making outs.

*Eric Bruntlett and Greg Dobbs are not cutting it at 3rd base in Pedro Feliz's absence. I know it may be hard to believe, but Feliz (.250 avg/.712 OPS) is more of an offensive threat when he starts at 3rd than Bruntlett (.125/.347) or Dobbs (.262/.648).

*Joe Blanton goes for his 3rd consecutive terrible start to begin his Phils career. Time to turn the tables Joe.



GM-Carson said...

For some crazy reason the Phils are 3rd in ESPN's power rankings...silly. They don't deserve that.

SirAlden said...

I am the Charter Member and
Fan Club Prez of:

Walrond's Gerunds.

We will all sit in the left field bleachers like the Wolf Pack, or The Padilla Flotilla wearing nice white T-Shirts with the Letters "ING!" on the front and add -ing to practically everything we say.

"HEY! Nice to meet you GM-Carsoning!"

"Back at you! SirAldening!"

"HEY! look over there! Why! It's BloodStriping! and FuriousBalling!"

Just think about all the nice female librarian tail we will be Attracting and Shagging!!!

BloodStripes said...

Count me ing Siraldening. Let see Wally Walrond kick some arse.

Super acquisition Joe Blowton better make good soon or he'll be run out of town. Way to go Gillick. Awesome move mate. Huge. Billy Beane makes you look like a chump. I remember reading a while back the A's manager really liked Joe's stuff. Not long after he was traded. Must have been talking him up. Prove us wrong Joe and bring that stuff Geren liked. Jah knows the Phils need it.

furiousBall said...

still couldn't believe cole having problems with his change last night, just couldn't keep that pitch down much to ryan ludwig's liking

Joe said...

You can't win a game with the 6-7-8 hitters the Phillies rolled out last night.


This isn't a good team. Too thin.

Bob D said...

All is not lost, hopefully a waiver wire 3B addition can be had or a catcher (Carson's favorite - Paul LoDucca was released) Ha!

I noticed that weak bottom of the lineup also, Coste can play 3B also.

Siralden, what kind of costume will the Walrond Gerunds wear?

GM-Carson said...

I understand Ruiz has been better, but what the hell happened to Chris Coste. Stupid Manuel gets overly happy with players sometimes (see Ruiz starting too much now and Werth after his 3 homerun game).

Bob D said...

Coste and Ruiz have stepped it up lately and have been doing fine.

Werth is the 3rd best OF on the team, but should be used in a platoon situation with Jenkins. Too bad they don't move him back to catcher where he played just several years ago. We could use his bat there at times.

Several players have been released that the Phils may try to pickup, but none really inspire me. Craig Monroe would be better that Mike Cerv-whatever. A waiver wire trade may still happen, but you are talking about an over paid player.

SirAlden said...

A white T-Shirt with the

"ING!" on them Bob Ding!

GM-Carson said...

Dobbs good, rest bad.

Blanton 3 shutout innings, that's amazing coming from him.

GM-Carson said...

Make that Howard and Dobbs good, rest bad.

BloodStripes said...

Good job Joe you didn't blow. Good stuff.

BloodStripes said...


Good win Philthies!!!

Aaron said...

OK can everybody stop bitching about Joe Blanton now!!!
No he's not Roy Halladay. But he also is not Adam Eaton. IT'S NOT BAD THAT JOE BLANTON IS ON THE TEAM.
As for the offense tonight....again Pathetic. Rollins is hitting like crap but at least he's running the ball out now.
Howard has been pretty consistent for a while now. I'm still not totally happy with this team right now but They don't make me want to kill myself anymore.
Oh yeah and Hamels sucks. Get it together kid.
I'm actually pretty happy with the rotation right now we don't have that one guy that makes you go Oh F%$k that ass clown is pitching today.

GM-Carson said...

Don't get my wrong, I'm very pleased with Joe Blanton's effort last night, but I'm not ready to label him a success in the trade market or a sure thing yet.

The Phils offense sucks, long ball or nothing. But like I like to say, a win is a win.