Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chests & Chest Pounds

Anna Benson, I barely knew ye. Damn shame too, you would have looked good in a Phils jersey. However, your hubby could never get a full bill of health and has struggled in the the Phillies minor league system all season long and finally was released by the organization yesterday. I wish Kris luck, but it's time to move on.


Chest Pounding Good Time:
I'm not much for big flashy baseball celebrations unless it's a game winning hit or the last out of a game that clinches something meaningful. However, JC Romero's over-the-top chest pound following his execution of 3 Cubs via the strikeout yesterday to preserve the win in the 8th inning was f'n cool!


Call Me!:
Tomorrow, Monday September 1st is when rosters expand from 25 to anybody on the 40 man roster. Potential call-ups for the Phils are pitchers JA Happ, Les Walrond, and Adam Eaton, outfielders TJ Bohn, Brandon Watson, Greg Golson, and Chris Snelling, infielders Mike Cervenak and Brad Harman, and catcher Jason Jaramillo.


Grand Pappy Moyer tries to pitch the Phils to a 2-2 split of the series with the Cubbies against crazy-man Carlos Zambrano. Last day of August, games remaining in the season dwindling, still trailing the Mets, oh it's a huge game today.



GM-Carson said...

Rumor has it the Phils may be after speedster Wily Taverez of the Rox.

Also, big ups to Jayson Werth for his 2 homeruns yesterday and to Brett Myers to another gem.

furiousBall said...

Brett really brought his game yesterday, did Mitch coach him down in the minors?

GM-Carson said...

Brett has been the dominant starter we all thought he could be since his return from the minors. His confidence is back, he's locating his fastball which sets up his devastating curve, and he's fierry again.

Los said...

Werth has been fantastic lately. No need to put Jenkins out there again.

Maria said...

No Zambrano today. Instead we get Sean Marshall.

ripjgarcia said...

Watching the pregame show and just realized something.. 3 years ago when Ryan Howard was earning the ROY award, he was a soft-spoken humble young man... Now he has the ghetto accent and talks about the bling bling. While that attitude is great for the NBA, it really doesn't fit well in baseball.

What money will do for you (or rather not do for you)

SirAlden said...

This season is now in the hands of

Shane Victorino batting 5th and
Jason Werth batting 6th.

Time will tell.

Go Phils!!!

furiousBall said...

did anyone hear Harry do the ad for 90210? he said "... nine zero two one zero... "

i like Harry more now

SirAlden said...

Shane Victorino batting 5th and
Jason Werth batting 6th.

4 for 9 with 2 runs, 3 RBI's and a Homerun!

Thanks guys.

GM-Carson said...

Vic & Werth are the blood of the Phils making the body work right now.

Bob D said...

The callups (so far) Happ, Eaton (Uhg), Golson, and Marson. Marson is actually a surprise over Jaramillo.

I like the new lineup better it separates Utley and Howard and puts Vic and Werth and thier 280 something batting average right behind them.

Aaron said...

Nice win, we caught a break with Zambrano not pitching.
Jaime Moyer is officially my favorite Philly of all time.

I like the call ups, Golson is fast as hell and plays good now we have a REAL defensive replacment for burrell.
Love that they called up Marson I hope they give him a couple starts.


Cy Redding tommorow

SirAlden said...

Greg Golson - New Bourne Identity and will play left not Taguchi or Bruntlett. One of Golsons catches in Spring Training was the greatest I have ever seen.

J.A. Happ deserves to be here, can be lined up to take over in long relief during Kendrick's turn in the rotation, even take the slot over if needed.

Eaton under contract had to bring him up, perfect for true blow outs.

And now Marston. Amazing call.
Ruiz is a big part of why the starting rotation is the best we have seen in years. Bringing up Marston over Jarmillo (it sucks to be Jarmillo) means that they value his defense enough to let Ruiz be pulled for a pinch hitter, and Coste can be the top Right Handed Pinch hitter (with Gregg as the top Lefty) from the bench.

Would have been nice to see Donald, but burning a year of eligiblity would not help him if he stays with the Phillies as a back up infielder, or he is traded.

Excellent call ups...

Aaron said...

Sir Alden,

What planet are you from? I don't know any philly fan in the world like you.

NO....the Phillies did not "HAVE TOO" bring up Adam Eaton. Not even for mop up duty. He stinks and doesn't deserve to get called up. he deserves to be released.
You shouldn't call him because he has a big contract. You call people up because they might help get us to the playoffs. Eaton doesn't help us in any way. He brings NOTHING to the table...NOTHING!!!!

Aaron said...

Padres released Taguchi....I would quite like to see the Phils snag him for September.

GM-Carson said...

Tadahito Iguchi had a tough season. He started off slow, got hot, but then got hurt, and returned and barely plays. I wish he'd have never left, he's a great role player.

Marson really surprised me as a call-up. Probably looking at him to step in with either Ruiz or Coste next season with the other being dealt away.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies want Pat Burrell back, and they feel they have a better than 50-50 chance of re-signing him because Burrell has mutual interest. Rosenthal thinks Burrell should command somewhere between $14MM and $17MM per season.