Friday, August 15, 2008

Campaign Cheer

WSBGM's would like to establish Campaign Cheer to be unleashed upon Citizens Bank Park Tuesday August 19th at 7:05 pm. What we propose is a blind positivity so strong that it reverberates throughout the stadium from the time the Phillies take the field for the first pitch, until the last player walks off into the clubhouse. Everything must be cheered. A base hit- hooray! A stolen base- clap, clap, clap. A homerun- Go Phils! An error by the 1st basemen- yeah! A pop-up on the 1st pitch of the at bat by our shortstop- alright! An inning ending double play with the bases loaded and no runs scored- la de frickin' da! Jimmy Rollins doesn't like boos, he wants to feel like we're rooting for him, so let's cheer our asses off for everything the Phils do, good or bad. No boos allowed, no silence allowed, only throat-scratching belly-deep cheers and applause. Ryan Howard will be stunned when he slinks back to the dugout after a strikeout while in the midst of encouraging "get 'em next time". Carlos Ruiz will scratch his head when he hears "way to make contact" after he grounds out to the secondbaseman killing a rally. Ryan Madson will nervously smile as the fans chant "Mad Dog" while he allows inherited base runners to score. Jimmy Rollins will shed a tear of satisfaction when he ends the game 0-5, but still gets the fans' appreciation with "MVP" being repeated over and over again, louder each time he comes to the plate.

I'm dead serious about this Campaign Cheer. The boos obviously aren't working, so why not go a different route. Rollins wants fan support, well let's give him some support and then some. Win, lose, or suck we'll be behind you every second of every game. Stop and think about how funny it would be to see Jimmy fly out to the centerfielder and get a standing ovation as he trots back to the dugout. I'm telling you, this could really work. Pass the idea along to everyone you know, and maybe, just maybe, Philly will actually be the City of Brotherly Love for just one night.

For a good laugh, check out this video of Batting Stance Guy doing his impersonation of past and present Phillies at the plate.

*Special thanks to Christopher Speakman of Sports Propoganda for the images.



GM-Carson said...

1 run. That's awesome guys, great job. I'm very pleased with the offensive performance tonight. 1 walk, 9 k's, 1 run...that's what I'm talking about. You all knew Moyer & Co. only needed 1 solo run, didn't want to overexert yourselves...Go Phils!

Aaron said...

1 run again....YEAH!
At least we got the win.
I'm sure you'll do better today and if you don't that's fine too.
RAH RAH Sis boom bah!!!
Gooooooooo Phillies!!!

GM-Carson said...

What I wouldn't give for a foam finger #2, so I could wave it with pride for our 2nd place Phils.

furiousBall said...

i'm going to have to reaugment my already augmented foam finger that i had originally changed to make it look like i was giving them the foam middle finger

Aaron said...

Can I just say that in the very short time he has been here Jaime Moyer is slowly become my favorite Philly of all time.
He hustles on and off the field. He even hustles after he strikes out. He has the physical talent of Rudy Rudager and somehow gets people out.

GM-Carson said...

I love Grand Pappy Moyer. Really, I wish more guys on the Phils, and in MLB for that matter, would follow his lead.

Bill said...

Are you going to the game that night?

GM-Carson said...

I'm thinking about going to the game now that I started. I'm thinking about organizing a few Phils blogs to sponsor a flier with the rules of Campaign Cheer and pass them out before the game. Also, it would be awesome if some people called up the sports radio shows in Philly and spread the word too. I'd love for this to happen for real. I know the entire stadium won't do it, but a couple hundred or so would be heard and that would be cool.

Andrew said...

I think this is a bit obnoxious. Why are we so excited to stick it to the team we supposedly are rooting for? If you knew booing was in fact hurting a players performance would you still boo just to prove that he should be tougher?

Richard said...

This is really lame. For as tough as Philly fans (and I'm one of them) claim to be, we sure are super sensitive.

SirAlden said...

Campaign Cheer, is really creative and funny, but I believe we need to refocus our energies.

When people respect Philly for their Boos, (even of Santa Claus), it is because the fans are knowledgeable and passionate. Not stupid and petty.

Just like politicians in the media, players like Jimmy Rollins can misspeak. (Rollins had two game winning defensive plays last night in our 1-0 Win over the Padres - one of which was one of the greatest SS plays in the hole that I have ever seen.) It can also be blown way out of proportion. As with Political controversy, Sports controversy sells newspapers and drives TV and Radio ad revenue.

Jimmy misspoke. If he had to to do over again he already has said that he would not misuse the term "Frontrunners". I believe that he would say again that the Boos can give a team negative energy, that the Phans in Philly are knowledgeable and passionate, and that the players need our support and our boos, just hopefully in a more balanced ratio.

What Jimmy and the players need to be mindful of, is that the boos also are a reflection of our psyche that has been created by a largely uncaring ownership group for over 100 years.

Aside from the Starting Pitching at the moment, the team is not playing well - the relievers are finally giving up wins (without a healthy Gordon who helped immensely with holds in the first half after a few blow outs), the bottom of the lineup is in a shambles with 3B, Catching, and RF all sub sub par. The top of the lineup aside from Victorino is sputtering, and maybe not seeing any pitches at all because of the said bottom of the lineup's futility.

If you or I misspoke, and we clarified our misuse of a word, and then held to our opinion otherwise (in this case - boos are hard when you are trying to succeed), we would hope that we would be FORGIVEN for our misspeaking and then JUDGED on our CLARIFICATION.

Jimmy Rollins is a good man, clearly a big-brother to Ryan Howard and tries to protect him while quietly calling him out about his fielding. I am proud he is a Phillie. In fact, Jimmy Rollins is the finest Shortstop of All-Time for the Phillies. Hands Down, No Question.

Jimmy Rollins needs you to forgive him for his Misspeaking, and for you to Judge him for his (in my view) fair assessment of how hard it can be to play in Philly with passionate and knowledgeable fans who have been burned and scarred by ownership. Name calling is not knowledgeable.

Out team sadly is in trouble, three hitting spots 3B, RF, and C (and then Pitcher) are not producing in any way.

The current loss of Feliz - Jenkins has been a bust vs Rowand - Ruiz has a major sophomore hitting slump he has not been able to adjust to - and the loss of a productive Tom Gordon tell the tale. Add that to the top of the order's slump, and we have a recipe for disaster.

I hope we are able to come out of it for the stretch run, and we all move on and support our team. They are in trouble, and they are our team, and they need us now.

SirAlden said...

You can define yourself by What You Love, OR What You Hate.

Rooting for the Phillies, (unlike rooting for a recently well run franchise like the Eagles), because of our ownership issues
can be very hard.

Here are some comments from Fellow Philadelphia Fans of a player for well run team, the Eagles. If only we were not in such pain as Philly Phans to be as supportive.

Return To The Field A Victory For Andrews Post Comment (11)

sjohnchiro 08/16/08 4:40 pm Stay strong Shawn. You are in our prayers.

VegasFlyer 08/16/08 4:21 pm Keep Singing Big Kid! "Everyting' Gonna Be Alright Now" 'cept for Dallas defensive linemen.

Slookz 08/16/08 3:41 pm Hey Sean, if you wanna read some blogs, read this... The entire fan-base of the Eagles has your back. Thats a crap load of people.

billitice@... 08/16/08 2:42 pm Great to see you back shawn stay strong big man and make this be you best year yet. E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!!

Mr Wink 08/16/08 2:32 pm Shawn welcome back. We are all behind you while you fight of your demons both on and off the field. Stay healthy.

eaglesdynasty 08/16/08 1:44 pm Good to have shawn and everyone back again. God bless him and lets make a run

brizer9@ 08/16/08 1:29 pm amen ,..brothers!!!..git your popcorn ready,.BIG MAN IS BACK!!!!!

blownVR666 08/16/08 1:20 pm welcome back Shawn. YOUR THE MAN. Go out the and do what we all know u can do, be the best Gaurd in football, period. go birds, glad to have everyone together again.

thefirelion 08/16/08 12:56 pm Welcome back Shawn. We know you can do this, and it's great to have you back.

Sir Walter 08/16/08 12:27 pm Welcome back. We got your back, you can do this. Now let's go get the Trophy in February.You are the man.

Mocheeks77 08/16/08 12:20 pm Welcome back Big Kid

BloodStripes said...

Be totally unemotional. Don't boo or cheer.

Chase Trillo said...

YEAH TEAM YEAH!! Stomp Stomp Clap! Stomp Stomp Clap! Here comes J-Stroll and his teammates!! Lets go!! You can do it!! Nevermind your 1-5 road trip, your 6-9 August, and your 27-28 record since Friday the 13th of June (a 20-2 pasting of the Cards). Never fear, we have the manager of the millenia!! His wisdom will inspire us all and take the team to new heights!! We have compotent upper management who still believes in having Les Walnut on this team (alright!)! Bill Giles, thanks for so much!! Where would this franchise ever be without you?? And to think this can continue forever with our first rate minor league program!! YEAH TEAM YEAH!!

GM-Carson said...

How is Campaign Cheer obnoxious? It's not meant to hurt anybody's feelings, it's meant to be supportive.

Evan50 said...

You guys should have everyone's favorite Phillie C. Yeager signing autographs to boost morale at the ballpark.

Anonymous said...

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