Thursday, July 17, 2008

Joe Blanton - Already A Phan Phavorite ???

So from the looks of things, the majority Phillies fans are not too thrilled about this trade. (Seems to be a lot of nausea and vomiting involved when learning of this trade.) The consensus: they gave up to much to get a guy that is only a marginal upgrade for the staff.

Because the general opinion is so negative, I feel that it is my obligation to defend the minority view. It's not because I really think this is a good trade, it's more because I really like being contrary. Therefore, I like this trade, and here is why.

1) This trade helps the team now. Cardenas, Outman, the other guy...none of them were going to help beat the Marlins or the Mets. Blanton can.

2) Joe Blanton isn't garbage. Specifically, he isn't Ipecac Eaton. Blanton had really good years in 2005 and 2007, where his ERA was under 4 and his WHIP was 1.21. Granted, his 2006 and current seasons are not great (ERA's near 5 and WHIP's in the 1.4 to 1.5 range), but so far he's been an above average pitcher for the majority of his career. You can't say that about Eaton and he got $24 million.

3) Blanton provides much needed rotation depth. Myers is going to come back to the big club and make a start, but what is he going to be like? Is everyone banking that he's going to roll into town and be a reliable starter again? At this point, I don't think you can. JA Happ is not enough to fill in for two underperforming starters. The Phils needed a another starter, and Blanton is a solid second tier starter.

4) Blanton can fill in the middle/back of the rotation for the next two years. He's not free agent eligible until after the 2010 season. He makes $3.7 million this year and given the price of starting pitching (Vicente Padilla is making $11 million this year), he'll be a bargain.

5) Prospects are overrated. Cardenas may be an All Star. He my be Chad Hermansen. Productive major league players are always more valuable commodities than minor leaguers, especially to teams in a playoff battle.

6) Joe Blanton is fat. I like having fat guys on the team, because they eat innings.

A few years from now, Cardenas may be hitting over .300 and Outman could be winning 14 games a season and we'll look back on this trade and lament on how bad it was. But until then, I'm looking at this trade as a positive because the Phils added a player that can contribute now to the Philadelphia Phillies' playoff chase.

Now, if you want to talk about how the Cubs got a far superior pitcher in Rich Hardin from the same A's team for what seems like similar quality prospects or the fact that the Phils have seemingly failed to get Sabathia or Burnett or anybody else in the upper echelon of starting pitchers available, I've got some less than positive things to say about that...



SirAlden said...

"I like having fat guys on the team, because they eat innings."


The Phillies Rotation needs
1) a top of the rotation starter and

2) a bottom of the rotation starter who can eat innings, and not be an automatic loss.

Blanton can be 2). If we pull off a trade for 1) this year or during free agency this winter, then this is a move that can be seen as positive.

Cardenas is just too much for this second coming of Donut Eater Lieber.

BTW this is Brett Myers fault.

ripjgarcia said...

I laugh at the commentary that it is assumed that Eaton will be in the bullpen. I prefer the pink slip, and he and So can go make love in Japan.

I think Happ has let his stint up top go to his head. In a continuation of a suspended game in AAA he strikes out 12 and is not tagged for a hit. Exgggcellent...

Bob D said...

Giving up Cardenas and Outman is just too much. Outman had a shot of being called up soon to be the lefty out of the pen. I do believe that Blanton will help this team this year and also the next 2 years, but losing those 2 prospects makes me cringe.

I blame Eaton for this problem. If he pitched like a $24million dollar man (18-5 2.85 ERA, 160 SO) then the Phils would not need to lose so much in a trade.

What kind of nick name will the new donut eater get here?

Sean said...

I like Joe Blanton, but I agree that we gave up too much for him (I think Cardenas alone should have done the job).

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Outman and Spencer aren't even good, and Cardenas or whatever his name is is a second baseman. I think the Phils are good at 2nd. They gave up dick to get a solid pitcher, although he does pretty much suck this year.

C.M.R. said...

here's hoping he turns out to be another kyle lohse!

mwbbfan said...

Actually Outman is very good and Cardenas is a stud.
Revere was quickly captured by the British and did not finish what he started nor will Blanton finish anything other than a box of donuts.

Corey said...

actually, paul revere was the name of the horse mike d. rode across the land, kicking up sand...and in the end he ends up with 2 girlies and a beer that's cold, which is nice.

Jacobin said...

Phils win! Mets lose! The queens from Queens are a game back. Let's see some more distance between us and them and let's see it soon.

Grandpa Moyer went out and pitched a good game yet again. The guy is pretty amazing pitching the way he does with a walker.

Anonymous said...

don't worry guys! everything turns out great. the phillies win the 2008 world series