Thursday, July 24, 2008

What have you done for me lately?

New York Mets 1st place, Philadelphia Phillies 2nd place. Get used to that, with a note that the Phils may be displaced in 2nd by the Florida Marlins plopping them sourly in 3rd place.

What have you done for me lately?:
*Since June 10th, a span of 37 games, the Phils have scored 3 runs or less 16 times. That's unacceptable. Record during that time, 15-22, not what a 1st place team is made of, or a second place, or a third place, or a...

*Chase Utley was 0-12 in the biggest series of the season to date. MVP? Not even close, enough of that foolishness already. Utley's batting average and OPS over the months: March- .667 AVG/2.167 OPS, April- .352/1.168, May- .259/.891, June- .266/.857, July- .257/.725. That's a very bad trend.

*The other big bopper in the lineup, Ryan Howard, was 2-12 in the Mets series. That's 2-24 from perennial MVP candidates Howard & Utley during an extremely pivotal series.

*Feel-good-story-boy Chris Coste is making me feel nauseous going 5-37 (.135) in July.

*The other member of the catching tandem, Carlos Ruiz, is slightly better, but still sickening at 7-36 (.194). Sad thing, Ruiz's July is actually an improvement over his June of 8-45 (.178).

*The man known around baseball as The Out Making Machine, Pedro Feliz, is 1 for his last 21.

*Team leader and reigning NL MVP, Jimmy Rollins, benched for the second time this season, this occasion because he was late to the ball park. Charlie Manuel had this to say, "Jimmy was late getting to the yard today. We talked. It's an in-house thing between him and I. That's one of our rules, hustle and be on time. That's all I have to say about it." That diva Rollins responded with, "I agreed with him last time, but we're not going to agree on this one. I understood it. He's the manager and has to set a precedent. With certain players, you're respected and held up to higher rules, and that's fine. I was just a little too late. You can't change the lights." Shut up Jimmy, just shut the f#@k up!

*Pitchers that are sucking in the hot summer sun (month of July): JC Romero- 5.40 era, Rudy Seanez- 4.77, Joe Blanton- 5.68, Eaton- 12.71, Kendrick- 5.96, Myers- 5.40, RJ Swindle- 7.71.

Cue Janet Jackson-
What have you done for me lately?
Ooh, ooh, ooh yeah.
What have you done for me lately?
Ooh, ooh, ooh yeah.

You want a preview of the next series? Here ya go- Phils suck, they'll find a way to lose, end of story.



GM-Carson said...

As a fan it's okay to panic, and I am officially in panic mode. As a player/team, to panic can probably lead to more negatives than positives. However, this comment by Rollins is disgusting, "In the past, a loss was like, 'We needed this one.' Now it's like, 'We didn't get it, let's go out there tomorrow and win.' That's the difference in attitude. That's what usually starts turning things around." No, I'm afraid that sounds like you and the rest of your cohorts have no sense of urgency and that's complete bullshit!

furiousBall said...

i'm just going to concentrate on the positives. janet jackson has rockin' titties.

GM-Carson said...

I had many solid choices to choose from when I searched "Janet Jackson" in Google images.

BloodStripes said...

Maybe playing Atlanta will help. 8-1 so far this season against them.

C'mon Phils get your arse into gear and win!

GM-Carson said...

I'm predicting a series win for the Braves against the struggling Phils. There seems to be a lot of strife in the Phils clubhouse, and I doubt that is a good thing.

Bob D said...

I am predicting future posts on the WNBA coming shortly and a possible suicide watch for Carson as Corey removes all rope, neck ties, and bailing wire from Carson's house.

GM-Carson said...

No suicide here brotha, wouldn't give the Phils that satisfaction.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Who would have guessed before the 2007-08 basketball/hockey season that Philadelphia's best chance at a championship would be the 2008-09 Sixers and/or Flyers?

Man the Phils are a mess and the Birds need a lot of things to go right just to have a chance. But hey, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, right people? Speaking of which, those start in September I'm pretty sure. Something to look forward to.

GM-Carson said...

Based on various rumblings (since spring training until present) from/about Victorino, Rollins, Myers, Hamels, and Eaton I'm starting to believe this is a clubhouse in strife.

In past seasons I've always called for the firing of Charlie Manuel. I've backed off that this season, but whether it's his fault or not I'm beginning to think Uncle Chuck's charm has worn off and it's time for a change. I'm not blaming him, I'm just saying...

The lack of concern from Phils fans is astounding. People on BeerLeaguer and 700 Level say it's not time to panic. Are you kidding me? Don't fool yourself into thinking the Phils are fine. This horrible brand of baseball they've been playing has been going on for over a month. That's not a slump, that's a habit.

Frank said...

Passing thru for my daily look...

Look, I agree w/ your analysis the Phillies have spent the better part of a month not hitting.

But let’s use you time frame. Since June 10th, Philadelphia has played 37 games- 31 versus winning teams. This period included some brutal good clubs. For example, seemingly every good outfit in the American League.

That is your swoon right there. I mean, the Phillies aren’t terrible; they’re semi-good- somewhere around 88 wins like last year. And an 88-win team simply isn’t going to play .500 ball against that slate for that long.

But the corollary of that observation is things ought to pick up now that nightmare portion of the schedule is over. 22 of the Phillies next 28 are against teams w/ losing records: Atlanta, Washington (twice), Pittsburgh, LA (twice), San Diego.

I bet the Phillies “look” a whole lot better four weeks from now. They'll play five over .500 the next four weeks. Let's see if the Mets do too (they're one over post all-star break)

Boogerking said...

I am not in panic mode.I am in who gives a crap mode.The lineup is trash,the starting pitching is trash,the bullpen landfill is almost at capacity (just enough room for one more failed starter,either Benson or My*rs).The excuses people make for this team turn my stomach black on the inside.Jaime Moyer looked completely sick of baseball as he tried to explain his thoughts after losing to the Mets.That's what playing for the Phillies does to a man.He should be placed on suicide watch.It's bad enough to watch your team lose but now guys are acting like assho*es with alarming regularity.Utley's f-u comment doesn't seem so hilarious now that he'll never get another hit in NY again.The sun has fried Manuel's brains.Time to fire him.Also would like to see the team blindfolded and lined up execution-style against an outfield fence while the phanatic smokes a cigarette and peppers them with hotdogs from that giant air cannon.Somebody call my boss and tell him I'll be late.I'm getting a ride from Jimmy Rollins.

Bob D said...

That would be an awesome picture: the Phanatic peppering the Phils with his hot dog air cannon

GreggyD said...

I hate the Phillies...they absolutely blow.

That's all I have to say. They're not worth more of an effort.

Stephanie Grace said...

Utley going 0-12 against the Mets in what was, basically, the most important series of the season thus far, is disheartening. Stranding 5 over the 12 at-bats isn't comforting either. He left 3 on base yesterday alone.

The Rollins debacle only adds fuel to my fire of disgust. Panic? I'm shitting twice before dying.

GM-Carson said...

I need to note, althought I am in panic mode, I am not giving up. I will never give up on the Phils again after they proved me wrong last year. However, I did only predict 82 for this club before the season started, but I was open to that being blown away (still hoping it will be).

GM-Carson said...

From Jason Weitzel of BeerLeaguer-
"Remaining schedule less burdensome for Phillies:
Tonight begins the easiest stretch for the Phils all season, with the average, nightly opponent holding a .480 winning percentage as of today’s standings.

If there’s any call for optimism following their second series loss to a divisional foe, the schedule starts to open up for the Phillies tonight with a visit from the Atlanta Braves (.475). The Phils are 8-1 against them and match up nine more times . After Atlanta, the Phils travel to Washington (.373) for a three-game set, the first of four-remaining three-game series against the Nats. The Dodgers, Pirates and Padres round out the sub-.500 opponents remaining over the last 60 games. The hardest spots include a pair of four-game sets, the toughest is at Chicago (.588) and then another one at home with the Brewers (.578). The Phils and Florida (.520) have nine more slated, while the division-leading Mets (.539) match up with the Phils just five more times. How huge does this last series look now?

Undone in the daytime: With yesterday’s loss, the Phillies fell to 12-20 in day games."

Sports Picks said...

As Philadelphia sports fans we are use to panicking early, however, we are now past the All-Star break and the cream rises to the top. We showed glimpses of a all around solid team early but have been in a little rut lately since the bats have been silent. It is very tough for teams to go beginning to end with out having slumps. It is absolutely necessary to win the NL East this year since there will be teams with better records such as Milwaukee that will most likely take the Wild Card.

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Aaron said...

Utley leaves another freakin running on 3rd with less than 2 outs.
There's mistake number 1 tonight.

Aaron said...

Mistake mumber 2 Kendrick walks the 8 hole hitter enabling the Braves to turn their line up over for the next inning.

Aaron said...

mistake #3 kendrick gives up a 2 out rocket single to Jair Jurgens.
JAIR F(&*&^$%ing JURGENS!!!!!!!

Aaron said...

mistake #4.....I thought it was jurgens who got the hit but it was infante.

Aaron said...

Rollins 0-2 two pop ups
Utley 0-2
Howard 0-2
Burrell 0-2

Cy Jurgens is mowing em down.

Aaron said...

I think I'm gonna Fin vomit. Jair Jurgens sucks. Hit the ball!!!
Utely sucks!!!!!!!
Rollins sucks!!!
Howard sucks
Feliz sucks
ruiz sucks
coste sucks
myers sucks
taguchi sucks
myers sucks
charlie sucks
blanton sucks
eaton sucks
romero sucks
and Charlie should just have gay sex with Clay Condrey and get it over with.
This team is terrible

GreggyD said...

I don't know how the rest of you feel right now, but Brad Lidge really sucks lately. He is so damn shaky and is definitely not who he was in the first half of the season. Bases loaded and no outs? This is going to get even nastier, real quick.

GreggyD said...

I will echo my sentiments from earlier today...

I hate the Phillies...this team blows.

Tonight will be a nice trip to the bar to forget about this shit that management calls a decent lineup and tonight's game which is was just as ugly as the past two losses.

GreggyD said...

Oh and the bullpen is very much at fault tonight because of those 2 runs that got knocked in in the 9th. Could've been a win.

Not that the Phillies deserve it anyway.

Aaron said...

Well once again the team has responded how they always do after a team meeting. They lost.
Utley leaves 2 runners in scoring position but then comes up huge with 2 out single in the 9th down 8-0. Immediately followed by Howards clutch two run homer about 9 innings too late.
I've been watching this team for 28 years now. I watch every game. And if I can't watch it I will check the score as soon as I can. But I've had it. Tommorow for the first time since I was 5 years old I'm not going to watch the game, I'm not going to check to see what the score was .......i'm just done. They aren't going to bother to show up on time or run hard I'm not going to bother watching them.
F*&K the Phillies IM DONE!

pennlion79 said...

If Gillick were smart he'd trade away a couple of players and restock the farm system. This team isn't going to make the playoffs let alone win the World Series, plus trading away some of the problem children (Rollins, etc.) might send a good message to who's left in the clubhouse. This is why the Phils needed to resign Rowand, his clubhouse presence and hard-nosed on-field approach was a key last year and is what's lacking this year.

Chase Trillo said...

Sharpen the axe, boys. It's far past time we did something about our lame ass manager and hitting coach! And if management's idea of a Charlie replacement is Jimy Williams, we are coming after him too!

I am so sick of this team. They have no heart. They sure do have a shitload of excuses though.

Management needs to make an example out of the coaching staff. If that doesn't work, start selling off our primadonnas!

BloodStripes said...

.....nuff said

GM-Carson said...

That's why I love the WSBGM's brigade, you guys are in panic mode too. Not any of this "oh, everything will be fine, just a little funk, every team has peaks and valleys" bullshit. Phils looked fried.

Chase Trillo said...

How can you not be in panic mode when you have to rely on Charlie Manuel? Two months of futility is more than enough suffering! End this misery!

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