Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

So Taguchi - Mike's Hard Lemonade

Who the hell buys this stuff? I guess people who have too much money and not enough brains. Instead of 30 bucks for a case, you can drop a 10 spot on a gallon of Minute Maid lemonade and a handle of Bankers Club vodka. Mix those two together and you've got a cheap, tasty, less-girly version of the drink that will leave you completely hammered and 20 dollars richer. Mike's Hard Lemonade is expensive and useless...just like Phillies 6th outfielder So Taguchi.

Saturday night, Eric Bruntlett and not Taguchi was used as a defensive replacement for Pat Burrell. Considering Taguchi has only gotten 6 at-bats in the last 4 weeks, it's obvious he has no role on this team at all. One more failed pinch-hit appearance and he'll drop below the Mendoza line. It's time for the Phils to cut ties with Taguchi and bring in someone who can help this team win.
Game/Series Notes
- Two nights in a row Brad Lidge was used in non-save situations. In both instances, the Phils tacked on insurance runs in the top half of the ninth turning save situations into non-save ones, so I'm not going to be too hard on Charlie Manuel. However, the Phils had a 4 run lead when he hit Taguchi for Madson. He could have easily left Madson in the game and possibly spared Lidge 28 pitches and likely an unavailability for tonight's game.

- Time to give some props to Gavin Eaton. In seven of his last eight games, he's gone at least five innings and given up no more than three runs. And he's gone at least six innings in six of those starts. These aren't great numbers, but if the Phils could slot Eaton fifth in the rotation, those are completely acceptable.

- If Teixeira's blast off of Lidge would have stayed fair, I might have jumped on a plane to Atlanta just to personally slap Ryan Howard in the face. I know it's a subject that has been addressed at nauseam, but his defense is offensive. Jason Giambi thinks Ryan Howard is a stiff at first base...

- In the series finale, Cole Hamels will face righty Jair Jurrjens and his 8-3 record and 2.94 ERA. Jurrjens hasn't allowed an earned run in over 21 innings so it won't be easy to get the sweep. First pitch is 7:10.
Brett Myers
Here is the Comcast SportsNet report on Myers' start last night.

And here is Mitch Williams' response on Phillies Post Game Live to some of the comments made by Myers.



GM-Carson said...

Corey- great minds think alike, as I told my wife if Howard's 2 errors cost the Phils this game I'm heading to Atlanta to punch him squarely in his big dumbass face. His defense is sickening.

Brett Myers is not just a tool or a tool box, he's the whole damn tool shed.

GM-Carson said...

*To the people who suggest that Ryan Howard's defense is under-rated- get a f'n clue! The man is horrible defensively at 1st, he's a liability in the field.

*Victorino is lucky the Phils won, because those 5 at bats he had last night were the worst 5 consecutive at bats of his career.

*Brad Lidge used Tuesday night = okay. Brad Lidge used last night = unnecessary.

*I love Mitch Williams' criticism of Brett Myers. In fact I wish Mitchypoo were in the TV booth rather than company kiss-ass Chris Wheeler.

GM-Carson said...

Check out this propaganda bullshit put up on Phillies.com-
The nine errors at first base are hard to ignore. So is the .219 batting average that is the worst among Phillies starters.
But for all Ryan Howard has lacked in defensive prowess and average during this trying first half of the season, he has also hit 21 homers and driven in 71 runs, stats which rank among the best in the National League.

*21 hr and 71 rbi are fine and dandy, but not when you're on a pace to have a strikeout total higher than your batting average.

Bob D said...

Could you imagine if Howard had a 250 average, he'd probably be near 90RBIs. I read that rumor that Gillick may join the Mariners as part of the ownership group.

Burrell should make the All-star team.

Manuel's miss use of the pen happened with bringing in Lidge in a not-so-tight game. You have to wonder if he will be available for a close game tonight or tommorow.

Tommorow the Mutts and Sanatana.

Taguchi is not much better than Burrell as a defensive replacement. I question the use of defensive replacements used when you take a bat as Pats out of the game when he is an average defender with an above average arm and replace him with Taguchi an average defender with good speed and a below average arm and lack the offense. I have also seen him make some misplays as a defensive replacement.

Joe said...

I'm done investing any more brain power on Myers because he's not using any to do his job.

I love the "rock star" comment and Mitch's comment.

C'mon Phils, let's build from here.

furiousBall said...

those two errors were horrible. i coach 12 7 year olds that would have made those plays

Jacobin said...

While reading an article on Brett Meyers' demotion, I ran across this choice quote from Rube Amaro Jr.

"You have to give the guy kudos for recognizing his problem," Amaro said. "You can have a .300 hitter who's hitting .220 and he doesn't recognize he needs to make adjustments. Brett's addressing his problems and trying to get better. You have to respect that."

Who could he be taking a backhanded shot at there? Anyone on the Phillies hitting about .220 who put up a much better average in the past? I'm sure he wasn't talking about our slick-fielding athlete at first!

GM-Carson said...

Holy crap, I didn't know people lived to be 127 years old, let alone still be active enough to play baseball. You should get that story on ESPN FuriousBall.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies have scouted both Sabathia and Erik Bedard in recent weeks. The Mariners attempted to observe Phils prospect Carlos Carrasco last night, but he was scratched with shoulder stiffness. With Brett Myers in the minors, GM Pat Gillick is trying not to look desperate.

*It also notes the Phils being possibly interested in Randy Wolf as a "fallback" plan.

GreggyD said...

I guess Wolf would be good as an addition to the back of the rotation and would give us another lefty, but then again so are Sabathia and Bedard and they are top of the rotation guys. I just know that the Phillies really have no choice but to get something done. It's crucial that they bring in a quality starter for the team.

On top of all of that, Taguchi needs to go. There has to be someone serviceable that is available through a trade. Either that or wait for one of either Golson or Snelling to get back from injury, but who knows how long that will be.

SirAlden said...

I will say it for the 14th time.

If we had signed Schilling 4 years ago he would have changed Myers life.

Myers refuses to listen to anyone, pitching coaches, McNamera and Dubey
say he is "uncoachable, or stubborn".

For me that is a failure of leadership on the highest levels right up to the GM. They needed to say, if you do not learn to be a
pitcher not a thrower as Schilling did, you will never ever achieve your potential.

Myers lazyness - not learning batters is the worst ADHD, MTV quick cut, video game nation imaginable.

I pray the Phillies sign Schill, and tell him he has the job of honing this kid. Tell Myers if he does not listen to Schill he is fucked out of the 100 million that should be his future. If he does not listen to Schill and Schill says he is not going on the mound that evening that that is the Law.

From refusing to long toss, to getting McNamara canned, to pulling his head off to the first base home dugout which allows the batter to see the ball better and longer, Meyers if he cannot do it with his "stuff" he loses.

What a waste. He does not have 94-95 MPH heat now. So the "stuff" is not there they way it was.

He can come out of it with a 12 step program, but he has to hit bottom. I am sorry I do not think the bottom is hit yet. He has not realized that for years he has been the problem.

On the same note - Howards comments on his fielding show the same cluelessness. "it was a smash... things happen....etc..."

MVP ROLLINS step up and save your brother and make him field 90 minutes a day with you. Or Howard is not getting the 100 million + dollar payroll either.

SirAlden said...

'I am trying to get cocky again,' says Myers after Triple A start

COCKY? is what got you into this mess. More cocky with a 89 MPH Fastball is like 38 yo dude trying
to be hip with the ladies at the club. Dumb and ugly.

I hope they can ship Myers off in the trade for the yet to be determined starter, and pay 2/3s of his salary.

Myers, you need to learn the things you never learned. It has now come back to bite you in the ass.

Dan said...

I'm trying to think of who is a worse 1B than Howard in the big leagues. Certainly no one in the NL East (unless you count Dmitri Young, but I don't think that's fair since he's really a sub for Nick Johnson, and it's also not clear to me that Howard is much better than Dmitri). The Central has good 1B (D-Lee, Berkman) with the exception of Prince Fielder. And the NL West is pretty decent too. I won't bother going through anyone, but can we generally agree that, of the 30 starting 1B in the majors, Howard ranks in the bottom 5 defensively?

Stephanie Grace said...

I was blown away by Myers' comments after the game. His heart wasn't in being a starter again? Clearly Brett, but you owed it to your team to do the job you had to do...instead, you didn't do the work and it showed.

If he decided to quit preparing in the off-season the day they signed Lidge, then he made his bed.

Rock star my ass. He's going to talk his way out of a job.

Just when I thought he was going to take the assignment, get his head right and shut his mouth....

GM-Carson said...

Brett Myers is turning out to be a bigger asshole than anyone expected. What a waste!

So Taguchi is almost unbelievably worthless, as he doesn't have 1 pinch hit this entire season. How can you be that awful?

SirAlden said...


BloodStripes said...

Super coach Mitch. Tell it like it is.

Phils back on track with the sweep. Especially after a blown save and 9th inning lose by Florida. Sweet. Keep it up Phillies and muck those fets!

ripjgarcia said...

Taguchi.... I remember a little prank played on Kendrick.. How about a little reality for this guy... Do you think Japan would even take him back.

I'm glad the Phillies were actually able to bounce back and sweep the Braves in HotLanta...
This Mets series is crucial.. In fact the whole schedule through July is overwhelming in importance for National League rights.

GM-Carson said...

From complete shit to complete bliss, funny how losing and winning has that effect.

GM-Carson said...

Jayson Stark mentions the Phils as a possible suitor for Royals lefty reliever Ron Mahay. Also, Stark talked to one club official who hasn't heard any indications that the Phillies are willing to trade Shane Victorino. Also possibly off-limits: Double A catcher Lou Marson.