Tuesday, July 08, 2008

That's What She Said

The Phils were down 8-0 and 10-1 during last night's game, but came storming back late to make it 10-9 in the bottom of the 9th. However, they came up short...that's what she said. The comeback attempt was entertaining, but in the end it's still a loss and therefore doesn't really matter then.

Adam Eaton was the main culprit for the loss, he couldn't even last 3 innings. In his worst outing of the season he blew up for 10 hits and 8 runs (6 earned) in 2.2 awful innings. Stats since joining the Phils- 38 games started, 13-17 record, 262 IP, 309 H, 171 ER, 43 HR, 111 BB, 149 K, and a 5.87 era. Congratulations again Pat Gillick on a mighty fine signing, you GMing genius you.

Since the start of the Marlins series on June 10th the Phils are an atrocious 9-16. Out of sheer dumb luck they're still clinging to 1st place in the NL East, but for how much longer? Pitching is slowly declining and the offense is now in a month long "slump" (I prefer to call it free fall). Patty G keeps talking about landing pitching, which we need, but this team needs some fire on offense too.



Bob D said...

They need more than the three run homer to score with also. At least Vic was able to hit someone in with out a homer last night.

Those who have done well this year: Utley, Werth, Dobbs, Coste, and Burrell
Those who have done OK: Victorino, Rollins, and Bruntlet
Questionable: Jenkins and Feliz
Not Good: Ruiz, Howard (despite 78RBIs), and everyones favorite pinch hitter Taguchi.
Hamels should also be listed under those who have done good offensively this year.

Time for the get rid of Eaton Campaign to start.

GM-Carson said...

Taguchi should just be cut. He has ZERO value to this team right now. There's plenty of guys out there in other organizations that can be had for next to nothing that can at least be a somewhat decent pinch-hitting option.

Taguchi isn't the problem though, the offense and recent poor pitching is. Scoring via the homerun is cool, but not when that's what is solely relied on.

goDuke said...

There's only one thing to do to make ourselves feel better... and thats get Pat to the All Star game!

GM-Carson said...

I'd love to see Pat represent the NL, but unfortunately I heard Cory Hart and David Wright and 1 & 2 right now...c'mon voters, vote Burrell!

Joe said...

The game last night was a little more that just entertaining. It did show that the team didn't roll over and take it after the big hole created by Eaton. They showed some fight unlike other nights when they get down early (June 20 vs LAA is the worst case of that).

And I think the "what the hell" attitude created by said hole helped the bats relax and heat up somewhat.

Taguchi needs to go in place of the best defensive first baseman in the organization. Time to lift Howard late in games and leave in Pat.

Eaton also has to go. Taking a look at any potential replacements in the system, one start at a time, can't be worse than Eaton.

Also time for Charlie to drop Howard against lefties. Utley, Burrell, Werth, Howard should be 3 thru 6.

This team still has its charms and I look forward to taking my seats for the BMS on Thursday.

GM-Carson said...

Joe glad you are upbeat about the game last night. I'm sorry I can't say the same. Any time a L is posted in the loss column, I'm an angry man.

Joe said...

First place.
Second in runs per game.
Fifth, yes fifth, in runs allowed per game.
Yes, loses are bad. But, lots of season left and after the marathon/rain on Sunday, the team gets a pass.

The NL West is all under .500.

Jeremy said...

When Utley, Burrell both homer and the Phils total score to that point is 2 runs it tells me the table setters aren't doing there job or these guys lead off every inning. We need ducks on the pond for the big hitters. I agree that Eaton and Taguchi have to go. Why isn't Coste our starting catcher? Last time I checked he was hitting about .300 or better. I would love to see the Phils go after AJ Burnett. Doesn't Patty G still have some connections in Toronto?

GM-Carson said...

My guess is either Randy Wolf or AJ Burnett are brought in to be the other starter. Each are sort of lame ducks though this season with pending free agency (AJ has an opt out clause).

furiousBall said...

we aren't going to the playoffs. no way. not with this pitching. the bullpen will break down sooner or later and expose the fact that we only have two starters

Bob D said...

The pen has been breaking down recently.

I also agree with dropping Howard down the lineup.

Joe, good point about leaving in Burrell and PR for Howard late in games. Dobbs should get a few starts at 1st base until Howard can start producing consistantly instead of striking out consistantly. I am sure if they stuck Burrell back on 1B he would not be carrying around that cinder block glove that WSBGMS posts.

TJ Bohn would be an improvement over Taguchi until Snelling is back (if he comes back from injury).

I'll root for Happ to continue to throw quality starts and for Gillick to bring in another starter and a lefty reliever.

GM-Carson said...

The Mets have owned the Phils this season. They've been playing better recently too. They worry me, I wouldn't be shocked to see them in 1st place come the end of July.

Chase Trillo said...

Anytime we want to fire Manuel I will be on board! Can anyone really tell me what he brings to this team? After all, he even gave up last night between Utley's nap time and Swindle 3 inning lovefest! It's time the old geezer was sent to the home! Let's get someone in here to light a fire under some asses!

GM-Carson said...

Manuel's buddy-buddy approach makes the players like him, but sometimes he needs to be a tough ass with them.

GreggyD said...

Carlos Ruiz needs to be punched in the nuts and kicked off of this team. Good lord he blows. I can't take this shit anymore.

Jeremy said...

Pedro F'n Feliz can't "clutch up."

Los said...

I get the feeling we're not going to see a good pitcher come to Philly ... and yes, the offense needs to do more too ... for most of the Mets' series, our bats were silent ... not acceptable.

GreggyD said...


Another fantastic start from Cole and they can't even plate one run. Did they have just one runner past 2nd tonight? Good lord.

Rollins - his free pass due to his MVP is up. He needs to learn how to be a leadoff man.

Victorino - for all I care, trade him. He's hitting a measly .260 something.

Howard - Congrats on a K free game? You deserve a trip to Disneyland after that heroic effort.

Burrell - thank you for being one good part of this lineup

Utley - you're excused.

Werth - you've had all the clutch opportunities lately. Please deliver a little more and don't leave 4 stranded.

Feliz - I still don't know why we signed you.


Hamels - I'm sorry that all of these slackers can't get anything done for you, EVER.

Someone kill me, please.

ripjgarcia said...

So hows it going in the WNBA?

Seriously.. ridiulous.

ripjgarcia said...

I was really praying Coste was alright after that hit at the plate. That and honesry do not want to see a move made where Ruiz is some allowed to remain,

SirAlden said...


BloodStripes said...

ah crap!

GM-Carson said...

We're screwed!