Saturday, July 05, 2008

Stuff for Saturday

Any Phillies win is good, but a Phils win against the rival Mets with Johan Santana on the mound is extra sweet. Putting the sprinkles on top of the chocolate dipped ice cream cone was the snazzy Stars & Stripes caps for the 4th of July "Welcome Back Veterans" theme. I believe I'll get the credit card ready for an online purchase of that item following this post.


Benson Update:
Here's some breaking news, Kris Benson got lit up yet again in a minor league rehab assignment. He's now started 4 games lasting all of 15.2 innings while allowing minor leaguers to bat .358 off of him that has resulted in 3 losses and a 9.19 era. I think it's safe to assume Benson is not the answer to the Myers Dilemma. Brett Myers himself probably isn't the answer to the Myers Dilemma either. JA Happ, who pitched okay last night, may be the answer, but I don't foresee Charlie and Gillick being too patient with him. But who knows, maybe everything will all of a sudden "click" for Benson, and we'll finally get the long awaited arrival...of Anna that is.


Swindle Swindled:
Independent League refugee RJ Swindle spent a couple days in the Majors, but never got the opportunity to pitch in a game (he was optioned back to Lehigh Valley in favor of Happ). Upon his return to the Lil' Piggies, Swindle was awarded the loss in the game last night that Kris Benson started. The Great Rock and Roll Swindle's tour in Philly never even got to the main stage, having to settle for playing for change on the street corner unplugged for the time being instead.


Burrell for All-Star:
Pat Burrell has never been an All-Star, but he definitely deserves it this season. 16 out of 32 ESPN baseball analysts think so too. In what may be The Bat's last year in Philly, I truly hope he gets the Mid Summer Classic nod.



GM-Carson said...

Grand Pappy Moyer faces John Maine today. Moyer needs to get back to his winning ways while the Phils need to finally figure out Maine. 4 game winning streak is nice, let's get lucky and make it 5.

Maria said...

lucky? let's get greedy. Last night was such a great win. Nothing better than a walk-off against the Mets.

furiousBall said...

stars n' stripes hats are jizzereific

ripjgarcia said...

I noticed something amusing last night with that on-field celebration. So Taguchi was wandering around like he was lost, so forgettable he may be invisible.

SirAlden said...

Go Pat The Bat!

ripjgarcia said...

F U Tom Gordon.

goDuke said...

The hats look great in the close up, but terrible on TV. I'm pulling for the Bat as well. Seanz sucks and I would have liked to see anyone other then Ruiz pinch hit... like Hamels would have made me happier then seeing Ruiz up there. He is just terrible. He may be the worst Phillie since David Bell.

GreggyD said...

Buster Olney has reported twice on BBTN that the Phillies are turning out to be one of two teams showing major interest in CC Sabathia along with the Brewers. It is reported that the Brewers have one top-tier player that they are offering along with some other pieces. However, Cleveland may find a Phillies deal enticing as well because while the Phils don't have that major league ready talent right now, some of their prospects have very bright futures. Olney also said that Sabathia would love to pitch in the NL, is good friends with Jimmy Rollins, and "would fit perfectly into the rotation."

I still say that the only way I do the deal is if they know they can sign him to a contract extension right away. Hamels and Sabathia would arguably be the best lefty-lefty starter combo in baseball.

GM-Carson said...

GoDuke- Your comments about Ruiz pinch-hitting are dead-on with the ones I made last night, it's scary. I said, "Ruiz pinch-hitting, I'd rather have Hamels or Eaton". Then I followed that with, "He sucks like David Bell, ground out to 2nd or a weak pop-up".

I hate Tom Gordon!