Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shea Hello To My New Friend

The Joe Blanton Philadelphia Phillies era begins tonight against Johan Santana and the Mets. What a lucky guy to draw Darth Santana and our biggest rival at Shea Stadium for his first Phils start. We're all hoping for the best but expecting the worst...let the force be with you Young Fattione.

The series shakes down like this: Joe Blanton (5-12, 4.96 era, 1.42 whip) vs. Johan Santana (8-7, 3.10, 1.22) tonight at 7:10. Then tomorrow night on ESPN, which means a loss because it's nationally televised, Brett Myers (3-9, 5.84, 1.56), which also means a loss because he sucks, takes on John Maine (8-7, 4.22, 1.35). The third game is set for noon time Thursday with Jamie Moyer (9-6, 3.90, 1.36) facing Oliver Perez (6-6, 4.36, 1.43). Of note: the 3 Mets starters have shut down the Phils offense in previous outings this season, Ollie- ZERO era and .169 batting average against over 18.1 innings with 15 k's, Johan- 3.00 era with .179 avg. against and 16 k's in 15 ip, and Maine- 3.09 era and a .158 avg. against in 11.2 ip. The Mets and Phils are currently tied for 1st place in the NL East, and obviously that will not be the case come series end. I have a bad feeling based on the pitching match-ups, Mets renewed offense threat, and the Phils offensive woes that this might be the end of the "1st Place Philadelphia Phillies".


Benson Update:
Until last night Kris Benson hadn't really done anything warranting an update, but he did go 6 inning for the Iron Pigs allowing 6 hits and 1 run while striking out 4 batters. His overall numbers still are ghastly (8.42 era), but it was an encouraging start nonetheless.



furiousBall said...

I can't believe Santana is only 8-7 with that ERA and WHIP.

Joe said...

Charlie and Burrell have both broken the MLB code of silence and have gone to the media to complain. This could get ugly.

It will be interesting to see how the Phils respond to the increased pressure (clinging to first, on the road), a more vocal manager, clubhouse flare-ups (Burrell), attitude issues (Rollins) and the weight of being a favored team in trouble.

It would be easy to say that this is a must win series for them and could set the tone for the rest of the year. It might not be true, but it's easy to say that. It should feel like the playoffs tonight. Looking forward to it.

GM-Carson said...

It's never truly a "must win" series until it is actually is a must win series (see 2007 last couple weeks in September), but I agree this series is HUGE!

There seems to be some strife in the Phils clubhouse and this is the first I really remember anything like this since Charlie Manuel displaced Larry Bowa.

GM-Carson said...

I did a piece on overhyped prospects over on More Hardball about Andy Marte and John Van Benschoten. Check it out @ http://morehardball.blogspot.com

Bob D said...

With 'change of senery' Blanton, '2nd chance' Myers, and 'old reliable' Moyer I could see these 3 pitchers step it up and handle the Mets.

I don't blame Burrell for this, he is actually right. How much of a liability is he in the field? He has one of the top OF arms in baseball. He is solid as a fielder, and he is not slow (not fast either). Howard is more of a liability in the field than Burrell is. I remember 2 times this year an error or misplay by Burrells replacement (Taguchi being one).

GM-Carson said...

Burrell is actually having a decent defensive season, no errors, some outfield assists, and average zone rating. Manuel is a complete dumbass for removing Burrell late in games, and next time he does it don't be shocked if Burrell says something in the papers again.

Bob D- I love your enthusiasm for this series, I wish I shared 1% of it with you, but unfortunately I do not.

Joe said...

That's what's great about Burrell's comments:

He's right. He should be out there.

Someone in the Phils org must have charts to see how many late game hits fall just outside PB's range. Compare that to every time his spot comes up to bat (and the weak bench s exposed) after the opponent ties the game in the bottom of the 8th.

Is it 7:00 yet? Love the pressure cooker baseball in July.

GM-Carson said...

Rumor has it according to ESPN's Buster Olney that Art Rhodes may be making a return to Philly. I hate rumors!!!

Bob D said...

Arthur Rhodes? Is he still around?

GM-Carson said...

Sir Arthur Rhodes was rehabbing all last year, but is pitching for Seattle this season. He's doing quite well actually, but I still don't want him back in Philly.

GreggyD said...

We could have potentially had Brian Fuentes and now they're looking at Arthur Rhodes. Sounds like another, "oh we can't get Sabathia? We'll definitely take Blanton" kind of deal. The Phils had better not make a deal just to say they did so. I have a feeling Myers might end up in the bullpen again anyway, so why even bother bringing someone in at this point?

GM-Carson said...

*Ken Rosenthal wonders whether the Phillies will entertain trades for Brett Myers in the offseason.
*The Phillies inquired on some interesting hitters: Matt Holliday, Xavier Nady, and Matt Kemp.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

I think the Phils should call up Anna Benson and send down Ruiz. I hear she's quite a catcher.

GreggyD said...

I say yes to all three of those names. But I don't see it happening.

Chase Trillo said...

The Phils should entertain trades for Myers now. Maybe we could ship him, Ruiz, and Vic (the key piece for Pitt) to the Bucs for Marte, Nady, and Doumit. Then we could bring Happ back up and play Werth in center. We could also have a lefty/righty catcher combo in Doumit and Coste (maybe even Jaramillo). We would have our second lefty bullpen guy. We would also have a nice RF in Nady, meaning less of Jenkins (who is OK, but not an everyday man anymore). Throw in a prospect if needed.

CF Werth
SS Rollins
2B Utley
LF Burrell
1B Howard
RF Nady
3B Feliz
C Doumit

GM-Carson said...

Chase Trillo- I like your creative thinking, but it's wishful thinking. That trade will not take place. I'd say the Pirates would be getting the better deal too because Nady is going to be a free agent next year I believe and Marte has a crazy option for something like 6 million.

Los said...

Things have gotta change ... here's to hopin' Blanton still has the Mets' number!

ripjgarcia said...

What "Happ"enned..? This guy actually pitched decently here, then went to AAA and pitched 7 no hit innings with 12ks in a resumed game.

We move Eaton to the bullpen (just release him).

We bring Myers back up to start again.

Why don't we just give Myers what he wants and make him a setup guy?

I give up on the thinking in the organization.

And Arthur Rhodes, are you F*%!ing kidding me?

GM-Carson said...

Blanton failing so far, looking just like Eaton or Myers.

F' the Mets. F' that celebrating every turd laid Jose Reyes. F' never-did-a-damn-thing-for-us Endy Chavez. F' Carlos Delgado...F' them all!

GM-Carson said...

Blanton 6 ip, 5 r, 8 h, 3 bb, 2 hr...Eaton-esque and Myers-esque.

Phils offense sucking ass yet again. I'm tired of this shit.

GM-Carson said...

Looks like Phils will go from tied for 1st to tied for 2nd in the matter of a game, as the Marlins are winning tonight. The Phils could easily be in 3rd place at the conclusion of this series. No time to panic though, we have Joe Blanton now and a prolific offense...bullshit!

GM-Carson said...

Johan awesome, Mets bullpen not-so-much. So Taguchi got a pinch-hit to tie the game, and then Jimmy hits a double to take the lead. This game went from horribly heart breaking to fricken awesome.

Jacobin said...

Wooo! Love that Mets bullpen! 5-2 Mets going into the top of the ninth? No problem, sitting pretty nice at 8-5 Phils with two outs... keep this up and it won't be a save situation for Lidge.

GM-Carson said...

If Lidge locks down this win it becomes easily one of the best games of the season.

I'm still in shock So-Tag got a clutch hit.

Jacobin said...

That's one win against the queens from Queens. Now how about putting some distance between us and them with by taking a few more?

GreggyD said...


God what a freaking game. I feel so emotionally drained but WOW!

We'll keep that lead for another day, thank you!

GM-Carson said...

Once again, I'm still in shock SoTag came up big in the 9th. Wow, what a win!

GreggyD said...

I've posted this on Beerleaguer and the 700 level but it needs to be shared here too.

Some of my favs from Metsblog:

This team just doesn’t freakin go away. What other NL team brings constant worry until the 27th out?

wow i seriously want to jump off a bridge. maybe ill just crash my car into a cab!

This one’s gonna hurt

This is insanity.
I can’t believe this is happening.
This is insanity.

Bahahaha I love aching Mets fans.

Maria said...

That was incredible. But they have to at least take 1 of the next 2 and win the series. It was great though.

BloodStripes said...

Insane Phightin's. Awesome way to win it. Mets bullpen continues to suck against the Phils. Good.

SirAlden said...

Meet the Mets!
Greet the Mets!!
Step Right Up and BEAT the Mets!!!!

Really nice to see Cooch stinging the ball, Victorino contributing,
and hard luck Taguchi who was so loved and performed in ST. L, getting a big hit and being allowed to play the field afterwards.

Wonderful win. Blanton could be
Kendrick II.

SirAlden said...

Take a look at the remaining schedule.

Aside from 4 games with the CUBs and 4 games with the BREWERs, and a bunch of West Coasters, the Phillies really have an easy schedule, mostly facing the NL East.

So destiny is in their hands, if they can beat their rivals in the NL East post season awaits.

Just as it should be.

ripjgarcia said...


You got that covered?

GM-Carson said...

RIPJGarcia- WNBA bra or brawl?

GM-Carson said...

I don't know what's going on with Google's blogger, but I can't seem to be able to post a new piece for today. I'll keep trying...