Friday, July 11, 2008

Saturday Poll

So what should WSBGM's do with that Mendoza Watch? It's obvious now that Howard's flirt with extreme futility is over. But I love the darn thing. Here are the options:

1) Leave it there until the season is over. Sure, it makes no sense now to compare a guy hitting almost .240 to Mario Mendoza, but it's been there so long, I just hate to get rid of it.

2) Scrap it now and replace it with a Howard strikeout watch, a running tally of K's throughout the year as he attempts to break the all-time K mark.

3) Keep it and add the strikeout watch anyway.

I'll leave it up for you guys to decide.

Mendoza Watch?
Keep It
Replace with K Watch
Keep and Add K Watch
Comment Of The Night
After Kyle Kendrick lined one off of Doug Davis' leg and it ricocheted toward the third base dugout, the greatest color commentator in the world, Chris Wheeler, said, "That ball hit Davis somewhere." Really? It didn't hit an invisible forcefield in front of the mound? Are you sure, Wheels?

Are Wheels and Sarge in a competition for the highest number of ridiculous comments?
Poll Number 2
Carson brought it up yesterday in the comments, so I guess I should address it. The issue: Richie Sexson to the Phils.

Argument For - If (big time if...) the Phils could get Sexson for a very small amount of money, he would provide righthanded pop from the bench that could be useful in late inning pinch hitting spots and possibly to spell Howard against tough lefties. Also, the current last man on the bench is So Taguchi, and he couldn't possibly be less productive than him.

Argument Against - You won't be able to get Sexson for a very small amount of money. He's going to want at least a few million, and you can go anywhere and find a guy to fill the last spot on the bench and that can hit .210. He just wouldn't be worth what they would have to pay him.

So, should the Phils go after Sexson?

Are You Joking?



BloodStripes said...

Seattle will still be paying Sexson about 5 million for his remaining terms of contract so I am sure he will sign somewhere for the minimum. Seattle suck big time. Miguel friggin Cairo has replaced Richie most of the time. Bloody hell! Does that say something about how crap Richie has been? Yes. he is not a major leaguer anymore. There is a slim chance Charlie and his hitting coach skills could help him but is it really worth it? I think not.

Even though Howard is hitting only .236 on the season he extended his hitting streak to a season-high 14 games on Friday. In July Howard is hitting .378 (17-for-45) with eight homers and 16 RBI. He leads the majors with 28 homers and is second in RBI with 84. If he needs a rest against a tough lefty play Coste at first maybe.

So Taguchi may only be a minor threat be he was the winning run last night. His lead off single started it so kudos to him.

This team needs pitching.

Joe said...

So Taguchi is a good hitter. He just hasn't hit yet. He has an upside for a patient team.

Richie Sexon has no upside unless you enjoy watching an MLB player who never lived up to his hype (or height) cling to a career.

Corey said...

everytime i go to write something negative about taguchi, he then did something good for the team...maybe i should right about him more.

take it easy on big sexy. he had 7 years with >30 homers and a lifetime .261 average isn't great, but the guy has been solid for many years. he's just washed up now...just like so taguchi.

Bob D said...

Are you joking? Go out and get an OF with speed and a little pop for the bench.

Howard is going to start getting that treatment of being walked often if he keeps this hitting up. Good to see him make much better contact again. He may still break the SO record but if he is hitting he should start cutting down on them.

Another fine start from Kendrick. I feel Hamels, Moyer, and Kendricks spots are safe and the team can trust them of giving a quality start nearly every time out. Happ also looks promising and hopefully will return after the break.

ripjgarcia said...

One hit does not excuse Taguchi for a miserable season. Maybe you should scrap the whole Howard watch and put a Taguchi for MVP watch up.

Seriously guys.

I got over bandwagon jumping when I was 8.

ripjgarcia said...

It is becoming more difficult to win every time Eaton steps onto the mound. If Randy Johnson is knocking in runs, you know its bad.

BloodStripes said...

Hey lets not argue about bench players. To be honest I couldn't give a flying fuck about Sexson or Taguchi but I'd rather Taguchi on the team than Eaton. Even Randy bloody Johnson smoked him for a 2 RBI double. Unbelievable. He worked a 9 pitch count or something and smoked it to the corner. Eaton shit!!!

Maria said...

Is it worse when Randy Johnson walks on 4 pitches with the bases loaded or when he works the count, smokes the ball for a double and gets two RBIs?

BloodStripes said...

It really is a swindle that RJ made it to the majors.

BloodStripes said...

Hard to believe but Randy has Eaton's measure both on the mound and when holding a bat. Incredible. On MLB.TV today we are getting the D-Back coverage of the game and even their announcers couldn't believe it.

furiousBall said...

I don't give a crap about the watch.... either way. watch my balls for all i care.

and sexon sucks. he brings nothing to the table.

Los said...

I think we might need to replace Howard with Ruiz on the Mendoza watch.

How about an Adam Eaton watch of some kind ... better hurry, he's imploding quicker than the Vet did.

Dan said...

I was at the game today. It very well may have been the last time that Eaton starts for the Phils for awhile. Seriously, the feeling I got when Randy hit that double...just embarrassment. Pure embarrassment at being a fan of the Phils and (by extension) of Eaton.

Anyway, I don't want to start ranting, so let me make a suggestion. Comments are welcome:

Here's how we set the rotation after the All-Star Break:


(Stash Eaton on the DL with a "shoulder strain" or some other bull.

Personally, I wish they'd bring up Carrasco asap (cf. article in today's Inquirer on the topic), but I think that the above suggestion is reasonable.

BloodStripes said...

Very reasonable Dan. I would add acquiring a good pitcher to that idea and have Happ or Myers as the sixth starter but definitely remove Eaton from a starting role. Use him as mop up man or as an Iron Pig.

SirAlden said...

No K watch no Mendoza watch.

No Sexton.

Bring up Carasco and Happ, Myers to the pen.

Use Swindle as a LEFTY OUT MAN, idiots!

ripjgarcia said...

Money spent well?

Brett Myers 8.5M
Adam Eaton 7.635M
Tom Gordon 5.5M
Geoff Jenkins 5M

Jim Thome 7M
Wes Helms 2.15M


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