Thursday, July 10, 2008

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks

With the Dbacks coming into town I started thinking about the link between the Phils and the snakes, which lead me to the Curt Schilling trade. Back in 2000 Schilling pretty much talked his way out of Philly, so Ed Wade shipped him to Arizona for Omar Daal, Nelson Figueroa, Travis Lee, and Vicente Padilla. Schilling formed a terrific 1-2 punch with Randy Johnson in 'zona and went to the post season twice with them, winning the World Series in 2001; while the package that came to Philly for him sputtered. Schill really isn't the focus of this plashback, although I do want to point out that he's 1 of only 9 MLB players to be born in Alaska and he has the uppity middle name of Montague. The spotlight of the phlashback is the 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks' roster, which included 11 former Phils on it. The previously mentioned Daal (2000-01), recently resurfaced Figueroa (01, also a Phucco, with Bucs 03-04), Travesty Lee (00-02), and Switch-hittin' Padilla (00-05) all arrived in Philly via the Schilling deal. Others- another Phucco Turner Ward (01, with Bucs 97-99), Kelly Stinnett (brief stint in 03), Rod Barajas (07), David Dellucci (06), Russ Springer (95-96), and lefty specialist Dan Plesac, also a Phucco (02-03, with Bucs 95-96).

The series sets up with the Friday showdown of cancer survivor Doug Davis (3-4, 3.74 era, 1.48 whip) vs. Mr. Win, Kyle Kendrick (8-3, 4.39, 1.36). Saturday will see the ancient but still fierce Randy Johnson (5-7, 5.18, 1.43) take on the fighting for his rotation spot Adam Eaton (3-7, 5.20, 1.56). Sunday series finales will be a beauty with Dbacks' ace Bradon Webb (13-4, 3.27, 1.17) set to face Phils' ace Cole Hamels (9-6, 3.18, 0.99).


Happ Not Happy?
JA Happ helps the Phils to wins in both of his starts this season and gets demoted to Triple A Lehigh Valley. This move does not make Happ happy, but it does make sense. The Phils won't be needing his services until after the All-Star break, so they sent him down to the minors to make a start until he's needed. My guess is that he and Brett Myers will be recalled after the All-Star break, with Myers taking back his spot in the rotation and Happ taking Eaton's (unless Eaton pulls out a masterpiece Saturday afternoon). Minor league journey man and Independent League refugee Mike Cervenak gets the call-up from the Lil' Piggies. Here's to hoping he gets a few pinch-hits and displaces So Taguchi on the 25 man roster.


Game Notes:
*Has there ever been a league leader in both homeruns and rbi left off the All-Star team? It's about to happen this season, because Ryan Howard leads the NL in both categories (27 hr, 83 rbi). I'm not advocating Howard for '08 NL All-Star, but it's hard to ignore those numbers, and lord knows I have tried. In all fairness, Ryan does have a 13 game hitting streak and has upped his average to .234.

*We all know about the struggles of Carlos Ruiz collecting only 4 hits over his last 40 at bats for a .100 average. However, our other catcher is currently struggling too; Chris Coste has no hits in his last 17 at bats. That's a buttload of bad baseball right there.

*Grand Pappy Moyer went 7 innings to pick up his 8th win of the season, 238th of his career, and dropped his era below 4 (3.95). Not bad for someone old enough to be around when JFK was still President.

*JC Romero picked up the save, which was a departure from the norm. Since Tom Gordon has been placed on the DL, Charlie Manuel has tried various pitchers in various situations and I must say I like the change. I got tired of seeing the scheme of Romero in the 7th, Gordon in the 8th, and Lidge in the 9th played out every time the Phils had a lead late in the game. Now the ball may go to Clay Condrey, Ryan Madson, or Chad Durbin. This Gordon DL stint may just end up being a blessing in disguise.



Joe said...

When faced with a challenge like Eaton has: to save one's skin, show what kind of heart one has, to sack up and prove everyone wrong—many men rise to the occasion.

Eaton will fold like a cheap suit wrapped in a house of cards.

Go ahead, Adam, prove me wrong.

GM-Carson said...

"Sack up" is a great phrase. Not as cool as "shuttlecock", but cool nonetheless.

GM-Carson said...

Just read a rumor about the recently released Richie "Big Sexy" Sexton coming to the Phils. I'd be okay with this because he'd be dirt cheap, start against lefties in place of Howard, and be a far cry better pinch-hitter than So Taguchi.

Joe said...

Two things:

Sexon is a bad pick up. His LHP/RHP splits for his career are identical so I'd expect him to revert to norm if given enough ABs. He was never good. Now he's on the rapid decline. Being released by Seattle should be a clear warning to stay away.

The solution against LHP is to drop Howard to #6 with Burrell and Werth 4 and 5. That way Howard is there to hit any possible mistakes and his ego stays somewhat protected (versus being benched). Also, if the starting pitcher gets knocked out, you have Howard in there for later. It also breaks up the Utley/Howard combo that makes it easy for managers to bring in a LOOGY late in the game.

I was at CBP yesterday and each time a vendor shouted "Bud Light" or anything else, all I could think of was Peter selling butt scratchers on Family Guy.

furiousBall said...

picking up Sexton is a horrible idea.... no!!!!

Reverend Paul Revere said...

It can be argued Howard should be an All Star. Imagine if that man stopped striking out every other at bat.

GM-Carson said...

If Howard's batting average were .250+ there's no question he'd have to be on the All-Star team, but alas it's only .234 (and that's after a recent surge).

I think Sexson is worth the risk of league minimum for the remainder of the season and the axing of Taguchi.

GM-Carson said...

Last player to not make the All-Star team that was leading the league in homeruns and rbi at the break was the Reds Hank Sauer back in 1948.

C.M.R. said...

sexon has a funny name but he's not a very good player. i wouldn't do it.

GreggyD said...

Did Sauer lead the universe in strikeouts too?

I don't know how I feel about Sexson. Yeah, he'd be a much better bat than Taguchi and he can obviously play first base, but he's done nothing since he left Milwaukee. If they do it, it would just be one of those "eh whatever" kind of moves. Unless of course he could find his power again, but I don't see that happening.

Tonight at 2:00 am I will be leaving for Wildwood and avoiding all of the mad traffic that will be entering the armpit state tomorrow. I will probably be checking in throughout my vacation. Have fun on your trip as well Carson.

GM-Carson said...

A bid farewell for a week too, as I leave for Fenwick Island Delaware tonight. Don't worry, Corey has WSBGM's covered.

GM-Carson said...

Clint Hurdle is an asshole. He chose that nut-sacking-sucking Met David Wright to replace Alfonso Soriano on the All-Star squad instead of our boy Burrell. F.U. Clint!

BloodStripes said...

NO to Richie Sexson he is totally crap.

Phils need to sign A.J Burnett. Blue Jay scouts are checking the Phils minor leaguers out to see if its worth it. A couple of other teams are in it for Burnett as well but hopefully the Phils win out.

phillyphan15 said...

Did Charlie Manuel really bring in R.J. Swindle into a tie game in teh 7th inning with a runner on 3B?

Why was Kendrick in that game anyway? SO FRUSTRATING!

BloodStripes said...

Hooray Phils!

SirAlden said...

AJ or Eric pick your poison.

Barry Bonds at League Minimum would be nice.

Jacobin said...

Phils win! Very nice... my band went on at 10 tonight, so I saw the top of the ninth before I had to sling the guitar on and get to work. Then we finish the first set and I find out the game is still going on! Just have to keep on winning...

Damn Mets won again. That needs to stop.

BloodStripes said...

Yep. Stop winning muts. Its not good.

The Phillies poison ought to be AJ. Eric isn't tough enough to be a Phightin'.

GM-Carson said...

Phils winning is always nice, especially on a road trip.