Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pat Burrell - Phillies All Star

With his 8th inning homer, Pat Burrell sent the Phils into the All Star break still clinging to their lead in the NL East. .275-23-57 may not be good enough for Clint Hurdle, but we'll sure take it.

Burrell's homer was the biggest play of the game yesterday, but coming in a close second was the D-backs baserunning blunder in the 7th. Up 2-1, O-Dog hit one over the head of Jenkins. JD Drew's brother was on second and had to pause to make sure Jenkins didn't catch, but even so, should have scored. Instead, he held up at third, causing the logjam of runners at second. Howard tug out O-dog and Hamels got Mark Reynolds to strike out to end the inning. Instead of a 3-1 lead with runners at first and second and only one out and a chance to put the game away, the D-backs went out without a run.
Here's how some Phillies prospects fared in the Futures Game yesterday:

Carlos Carrasco - He pitched the first inning, striking out two and walking one without giving up a hit. Control seemed to be an issue as he threw only eight strikes out of 19 pitchers. Luckily, the opposing batters chased some out of the zone and helped his cause. His fastball topped out at 93 with most ranging between 89-91.

Jason Donald - Started at short and made the first error of the game, throwing one away trying to turn a 4-6-3 double play. He went 1-2 with a single in the hole to left.

Lou Marson - Started the game behind the plate. When the pitches were thrown, he caught them, which is a nice skill for that position. He also grounded out to second in his only AB.

Greg Golson - Golson came in as a substitute and K'd twice. Balls, didn't matter, he swung through them all.
Celebrity Softball
Following the Futures Game was a softball match between celebrities and ex-players. The "National League" won the game but the big news was the collision between actress Marlee Matlin and comedian George Lopez that left Matlin hospitalized with a concussion.

"I kept yelling, 'I got it, I got it,'" Lopez said of the play. "All of the sudden we ran into each other. It's a shame too, because she wasn't even supposed to play. She was originally scheduled just to be the third base coach."

"That was the worst celebrity softball injury since Helen Keller broke her collarbone in the 1908," said reporter Peter Gammons, who also covered that game. "She ran through a stop sign at third and crashed hard into the third base dugout. Real nasty sight."
HR Derby
Tonight Chase tries to continue the trend of excellence in the Derby set in place by the recent performances of Bobby Abreu and Ryan Howard. If you are planning on putting some money down on the event, cash in your retirement plan and drop some green on Utley, because I have inside info that Utley is bringing Brett Myers to NYC to throw to him. If it is true, Utley is a stone cold lock.



SirAlden said...

Unless a Homerun is hit, we do not score runs.

It was best not to sign Rowand, but his batting average, and putting the
ball in play in the 5-6 hole is sorely missed.

We are in trouble, here is hoping
that significant moves are made during the All-Star Break.

Jacobin said...

You're my boy Burrell! (I had to be the first to say that today.) Pat really has done a fantastic job in the first half and it would be interesting to see where his numbers would be if he were not lifted in the 7th inning of seemingly every game (or at least 9 out of 10).

There's no doubt Burrell deserves to be on the All-Star team this year, too bad that douche bag manager decided to take David Wright instead. I'm guessing Hurdle is attracted to the possibility that Wright will be willing to get on his knees and service the manager in exchange for being thrown a bone.

Bob D said...

I have to say I am impressed with a few performances during the 1st half. Utley, Burrell, Lidge, and Hamels being the top 4. However Dobbs, Coste (despite recent slump) and Werth have come off the bench and played well.

Beyond Lidge - Romero 4-2 2.17 1Sv, and Durbin 2-2 1.89 have been stellar, and now despite our pleas to replace them Madson 2-0 2.77 and Condrey 2-1 3.66 1Sv have greatly improved. They have become quite dependable. Seanez maybe just a fluke and I wonder if he has much left but he is 4-3 2.40. Right there is some good relief pitching. Gordon had a good streak there for a while but just fell apart. And now Joe Bisenius is back with the team. I feel they need another bullpen arm preferably a lefty.

Maria said...

Great picture for the K watch.

I'm excited for the homerun derby tonight. hopefully he wins.

furiousBall said...

you know, i was thinking... ryan howard is a lefty. if we could somehow position him on the mound so that he thinks he's throwing into left field, i bet he'd be a great reliever. because he loves throwing the ball into left field. it's like he's going to win a prize if he does it more

Jacobin said...

Clint Hurdle strikes again! Kerry Wood will miss the All-Star Game with a blister, so he names reliever Carlos Marmol to the open slot. Marmol has the awe-inspiring stats of being 2-3 with a 4.13 ERA (with his ERA being 7.36 in June and 13.50 in July). But Marmol is a Cub and he's replacing a Cub on the roster, so that makes sense... doesn't it?

No, not in the least. By naming Marmol to the All-Star team it means the Cubs have tied an NL record by having EIGHT players named to an All-Star team. Bullshit. Now, I'm not saying that J.C. Romero should have been named if they were looking for a set-up man for the roster (though Romero's 4-2 record with a 2.17 ERA is vastly superior to Marmol's stats), but he or someone else deserving should have been given that roster spot.

Clint Hurdle is the Rockies manager, right? Is he expecting to get fired this season? Is he trying to set himself up for a bench coaching job with the Cubs?

Bob D said...

Good point Jacobin, Before Marmol gets the spot I could name a handful that should be considered prior to him:
Hamels, Moyer, Romero, Durbin, Madson, Saenez, heck even Condrey has been better.

And there are probably 2 or 3 dozen more that deserve that spot over Marmol.

Corey said...

seriously, chad durbin could have been named to the AS squad if they were looking for a reliever. his era is like 1.9 after 50 inings. problem is, no one outside of philly and detroit knows that chad durbin and jd durbin are different people. and, you have to have something cool or sexy or play in NY/Chi/LA/Bos to make an AS team. marmol is young, throws really hard and plays for chicago. he's what kyle farnsworth was 5 years ago. who cares about a 4.5 era, he throws it really fast. cool, i want him on my team.

Bob D said...

How come Howard's K watch is still the same? Oh wait, today is an off day.

das411 said...

Doesn't Dusty Baker have some sort of ridiculous man-crush on Patterson though?

And I am pretty sure Repko damn near flattened himself on the RF wall at Dodger Stadium a couple of years ago going after some sort of fly ball...maybe he is like the anti-Abreu in that he tries to run through walls but never gets on base ever?

btw did anybody else see the other night, somewhere in the stands behind Ryan Howard towards the end of one of the night games, a dude wearing a black t-shirt and white letters that said ESKIN SUCKS?

das411 said...

Woah wait commented on the wrong post, those are both "OFers who are better than So [not talented] Taguchi"

phillyphan15 said...

The comment that George Lopez was yelling "I got it, I got it" probably would have helped... if the girl he collided with wasn't deaf! Unreal.

phillyphan15 said...

As for the problems with the all star game - couple of quick solutions.

1. Move the game to Wednesday with all teams having off on Thursday. This way, pitchers that threw on Sunday could throw an inning or two on their normal side-session day.

2. Make it what it is - an exhibition. The home field advantage going to the winner of the All Star game is like choosing a national champion by voting (see: Football, NCAA). Team with better record gets home field advantage. How has every other sport figured this out?

3. NEVER AGAIN INVITE DAN UGLY UGGLA. That was rediculous last night/this morning.

i love MM said...

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