Thursday, July 17, 2008

Phils Acquire Joe Blanton

The Phils acquired Joe Blanton from the Oakland A's for minor league players Adrian Cardenas, Josh Outman, and Matthew Spencer.

More to follow...



SirAlden said...

The Phillies have reached an agreement with the Oakland Athletics to acquire right-handed pitcher Joe Blanton. Blanton is 5-12 this season after going 14-10 with a 3.95 ERA last season.

The Athletics get second baseman Adrian Cardenas, pitcher Josh Outman and outfielder Matthew Spencer, all minor leaguers.


SirAlden said...

Awful! Awful! Awful!

Lordy! Lordy! Lordy!

Bad! Bad! Bad!

These three for CC Sabatia, Harden maybe.

Blanton! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!

SirAlden said...

Blanton is 2-2 over his past four starts and in that stretch, he has been excellent in the first three innings, not allowing a run and giving up all of three hits in 39 at-bats (.077). From the fourth inning on in those four starts, he has an 11.25 ERA and the opponents are hitting .429.

At least that is better than the first 3 innings that Eaton and Myers give us.

We better have a follow up to take this taste out of our mouths.

Chase Trillo said...

I can't believe the Phils made this move! Give me Cain! Give me Bedard! I'd even take Washburn over this guy! While he is better than Eaton, he should have not commanded the ransom Oakland received. I can see Matt Spencer and either one of Adrian Cardenas or Josh Outman. Not both! Maybe you could have supplemented one of those two with Golson. In the end, the price was too high for this guy when there were other pitching options out there.

The Phils better not be done making moves! They still need a catcher and left handed reliever.

On the minor league front, Happ is pitching a gem tonight in AAA. He is currently pitching in the 9th inning trying for a 2 hit shutout.

Eaton should be axed from the roster tonight. Suck it up Gillick!

Chase Trillo said...

Happ wasn't going for a shutout. He ended up going 7 innings, allowing 0 hits, along with 12 Ks and 1 BB! I'm so glad we traded valuable chips to Oakland for Blanton.

We could have held onto those guys or used them to upgrade our catching ranks or used them to bring in another legit lefty for the pen.

Joe said...

Blanton's ERA is laughable, until you look at his home/road splits. Then his road ERA makes you throw up in your mouth. In cavernous Oakland he's 4+. On the road 5+. Ouch.

But I don't think the Phils gave up much, Baseball America aside. Middling players and second baseman with the face of the franchise in his way.

This move is hard to judge until we learn the fate of Eaton.

Jacobin said...

Hey, we traded three prospects with a win-loss record worse than Eaton's and an ERA a little better than Eaton's. Hey! We traded prospects for Adam Blanton!

I've heard that Blanton is an "innings eater," however that involves your manager letting a player stay in a game and eat innings. And is it really all that great to eat innings because your team is getting shelled anyway and someone needs to stay in and take the lumps?

phillyphan15 said...

siralden - there is no way we could have gotten Sabathia or Harden (or Bedard for that matter) with these three prospects. Being the top ranked prospects in the Phillies organization is alot like being the tallest midget. It's something to be proud about, but in the end, it's not all that much to be proud about...

I'm sure Dubee will work his magic like he did with Lohse. What's that you say? Lohse has turned into Cy Young himself with the Cardinals? Oh... Blanton should try to get traded to the Cardinals!

In the end, the only thing that matters is: Blanton > Eaton. Get rid of Eaton.

SirAlden said...

Did not say these Minor Leaguers
would get anything.

I said they were too much
for this guy.