Sunday, July 27, 2008

In a Pinch

Tip of the cap to Greg Dobbs for a pinch hit 3-run homerun yesterday. Dobbs now has 20 pinch hits on the season. Pinch hit totals: 20-46 (.435 avg), 5 r, 2 dbl, 1 trpl, 2 hr, 14 rbi, 1.112 OPS. That ties a record for pinch hits in a season by a Phillie dating back to 1913 by some elderly statesman known as Doc Miller. Dobbs was easily the hero of the day, capping off a 7-run 5th inning that bought the Phils a lead at 10-9, with that being the final score. Adam Eaton played the scavenger, picking up the win in his relief debut, while Chris Coste broke out a slump getting 3 base knocks. It's a win so I'm happy, but let's not get giddy, more baseball to be played today. "Big Splash" Blanton makes his second start in Phils pinstripes, this time at home with hopefully better results. Facing him going for the Braves is Jorge Campillo, a minor league Atlanta-style reclamation project that is succeeding as does seemingly every such case when it comes to the Braves. A series win would be nice, but don't count on it.

Even if the Phils lose (dammit, they better not!), I still will be entertained today, because I'm going to see The Dark Knight at an IMAX theatre.



GM-Carson said...

From Jayson Stark-
• Phil 'er up: With that Joe Blanton deal out of the way, the Phillies are all over the left-handed-reliever market. They're in on most of the usual suspects (Fuentes, Marte, George Sherrill, Jack Taschner). But we're hearing they could have expanded the Blanton trade to include Alan Embree if they'd have been willing to throw in Olympic-team shortstop Jason Donald, and turned that one down. Another option they've mulled is recalling J.A. Happ as a situational left-hander. Left-handed hitters went 1 for 12 off Happ in his two starts earlier this month.
• Phil 'er up again: Could the Phillies still deal for a bat? Not impossible. But it won't be Matt Holliday. Yes, they looked into it, but they were scared off by the price tag before they even made an offer. Ditto on Nady. An official of one club that spoke with the Phillies says they're more focused on a "Casey Blake-type" bat, but pitching remains their top priority.
*Blake is now off the market by the way, going to the Dodgers.

Chase Trillo said...

The Phils showed me a little something yesterday. The team is still flawed nonetheless. It will be interesting to see what the next few days yeild with regard to the deadline. Also, the inclusion of Donald for Embree was a bit steep in my opinion. That being said, I don't want to see Happ back as a reliever! He has earned the right to start.

BTW, the latest Batman flick was pretty damn good. It keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout!

Sean said...

Why are you going to the movies? You should be watching the Soul in the frickin' ArenaBowl!!!

GreggyD said...

I've seen the Dark Knight twice and am thinking about checking it out in IMAX tomorrow, so you need to tell me how amazing it is after you see it.

I agree with Chase that Happ needs to be back in the rotation. After his 7 inning, no hit, 12 K effort in AAA he should've been right back up to the big club.

You want rumors? How's this one for you? Ryan Lawrence of the Delco Times reported this today:

"'s Buster Olney, figuring that Boston won't deal Ramirez to an American League team, speculated that the Mets and Phillies could be suitors. Because of his hefty salary - he's still owed around $7 million this year - Ramirez might not cost more than Jayson Werth or Shane Victorino, plus prospects, according to Olney.
However, Ramirez was back in the lineup Saturday - and he actually played - so perhaps the bickering couple is making up again.
Before anyone becomes too enamored with the idea of Manny in red pinstripes, remember that the Phillies had a closed-door team meeting Friday afternoon during which work ethic and accountability were discussed.
Although Manuel and Ramirez have a history in Cleveland, it would be hard to believe Manny's laissez-faire attitude - or his shaky glove - would fly in Philadelphia. He would, however, potentially loosen everyone up and add a dimension to a punchless lineup."

If the Phillies can get Manny on the cheap it's not a bad move, but I still think Vic should be leading off for this team and while his numbers aren't off the charts, he's very valuable. I like Werth a lot, but I would trade him if the right deal came along. As always, it comes down to which prospects would be on their way out. I worry about Manny's attitude, but if he were to go to the Mets, that would kill us. Maybe the Phillies just need to make the move to keep them somewhat in the running instead of potentially falling even further behind the Mets. I think there's no way that Victorino stays. They will want some sort of major league talent. I see Carrasco, Golson, and Happ being shipped out as well. They might want Marson because Varitek is getting up there in years, but I still refuse to make a deal that involves him because I think that catcher is a glaring hole for this team and it's hard to find good talent at the position.

That lineup would be fantastic. I can imagine Manny being Manny and punching Chooch Ruiz in the face after a maybe this works out after all.

It seems like a lot of other people (almost every poster at the 700 Level) is against this though so I'm the minority.

Boogerking said...

Half an inning into the game and I already want to see Blanton get struck by lightning on live TV. This should be a fun afternoon.Thanks alot baseball jerks.I f-ing hate this team.Trade them all for a REAL franchise. F*ck you pitching staff. F*ck you J-roll,Utley and Howard. What a shitty team. Hurry up Arena Bowl, I don't want to see anymore of this garbage masquerading as a sports team.

Boogerking said...

Sweet!Arena Bowl will have started by the time the Phillies game comes back on so any further baseball misery need not be experienced today.Hey,how much do you love Steve Smith? If love meant shoving a bat up his a** and punching him in the stomach 'til he pukes then I guess I love him thhhiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssss much!! GO SOUL!!!!!!!!

GM-Carson said...

Joe Blanton is Eaton-eque. Make all the excuses you want, but the numbers don't lie.

GM-Carson said...

"In a Pinch" was the name of the headline on the Patriot News this morning here in Central PA. Didn't know that until after posting my piece.

GM-Carson said...

I hate Adam Eaton! Gives up back to back jacks in the 4th, and almost 3 in a row when he gave up a double that nearly went out to pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes who was 0-19 on the season prior to that. Yesterday was a mirage, make no mistake this team sucks!

Chase Trillo said...

Eaton is complete crap! There is no reason he should be on this team! None! DFA him immediately!

Boogerking said...

Don't let the win fool you.Two days in a row we had to use seven pitchers.SEVEN PITCHERS?! Anytime Madson pitches it's like we're playing against two teams simultaneously.This was the Braves, folks.We wont win series against competent teams this way.

dr. steve said...

Didn't Blanton leave the game because of the rain delay? I agree the Phillies suck, and that Blanton sucks, but we didn't use 7 pitchers on purpose.

Aaron said...

Those two wins were Bull crap. They should have lost both games.
What the hell is Steve Smith doing sending chase on that play.
Blanton just like the rest of our starters for some reason feels he needs to spot the oposition 2 runs in the 1st every god damn game.
Manuel in another brilliant decision brings in Adam Eaton who does what Adam Eaton does. RELEASE ADAM EATON!!! NOW!!! I don't care how much money we owe him.....RELEASE HIM....He's garbage!!!! The only time he should ever pitch is when we are losing 10-0 in the 8th inning.
And for all you lovers of Ryan attention to today....RYAN MADSEN SUCKS!!!!!
Today was classic Madsen. He comes in with the bases loaded and lets all 3 runners score then gets out of the inning. So everybody looks at his era and says Madsens been great this year....But it's bull crap because none of those inherited runners scoring effect his era.
Here's a prediction. We are about to get swept by the Nationals. We are going to score 4 runs in 3 games.
F&%k this team. How do you almost blow a 12-5 lead in the 8th inning.
Rediculus!!! I've never been so unhappy after two wins.

Skeeter said...

"Do you wanna know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can't savor all the...little..emotions. their last moments...people show you who they really are. So, in a way, I know your friends better than you ever did. Would you like to know which one of them were cowards?"

-Ledger deserves an f-ing oscar for his performance

...and the "pencil disappearing" scene was brilliant

GreggyD said...

Agree with you completely Skeeter.

::puts aside mancrush on the Dark Knight movie::

I'm sure everyone's heard that JA Happ was pulled from his AAA start today after 2.2 innings and not due to injury or anything. It was first reported that the club was just trying to watch his IP because he had been throwing a lot, but now more speculation is that he will be recalled to the big club. This settles my brain because I thought they might have traded him.

More interestingly, Nick Fierro on reported this tonight:

"...after today's 12-10 win over Atlanta, Phillies reliever Adam Eaton was called into manager Charlie Manuel's office for a chat. The Phillies now are expected to reassign or cut either Eaton or Rudy Seanez to make room for Happ."

I'd rather have them just flat out cut Eaton, but getting rid of either would be good for now. Lots of interesting developments today.

One last thing. I am in complete agreement with everyone on this blog in that the Phillies have not convinced me of anything. Yes 2 wins and a series victory is soothing and gives me some confidence, but not enough to think that they won't lose the series to the Gnats and make them look like an all start squad. Collin Balester (?), Tim Redding (who always seems to baffle the Phillies for some ungodly reason), and John Lannan (infamously known for plunking Chase Utley last year and forcing him to miss a month of what would have been an MVP season) are the scheduled starters. With the way the Phils let pitchers off, they should prepare to be renamed Cy, Nolan, and Roger (pre-steroids/Brett Favre syndrome).

GM-Carson said...

The Dark Knight in IMAX- freakin' awesome!!!

The Phils win, cool, but almost blowing it with the bullpen, concerning.

Chase Trillo said...

Eaton has got to be the one who goes! He sucks it up everytime out there. At least Seanez has been fairly decent most of the year. I'd rather gamble that Seanez turns things around, rather than letting Eaton stick around in a role that he isn't all that familiar with (plus his results are just as disastrous). It shouldn't even be up for discussion, DFA Eaton now!

Also, I really think it is a mistake to consider Happ for the bullpen. You don't do that to a guy who has never done that before, especially in the heat of a pennant race! Hopefully we can pawn Myers off to another team and replace him in the rotation with Happ. Do it for a pint of piss for all I care! It can only help having Eaton and Myers no longer associated with this team!

GM-Carson said...

Since being benched for getting to Shea Stadium late on Thursday, Rollins has made a point of showing up just in time to beat the manager's arrival deadline, and he affects a body language that indicates he doesn't much care what anyone thinks of it. If his teammates aren't tired of the act, you can be sure the front office is. It doesn't take much to mess up the mechanism of a baseball team. Rollins could do it all by himself.

furiousBall said...

is it just me or does the name George Sherrill sound like the name of one of your fraternity's founding father that died during the civil war?