Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Hate All Star Games

I know I'm a bit of a curmudgeon (I hate Christmas, etc.) but I really do dislike the All Star game. It was fun when I was a kid and got to see all the great players that you normally didn't see much during the year. But now, with ESPN baseball and Baseball Tonight and Fox baseball and the MLB package, you see these guys everyday. That novelty is over. The game doesn't count for anything...except that it does. Why give home field advantage to the league winner when the game isn't played like any other real baseball game (pitcher throw two innings, every starter gets substituted, etc.)???? Now I have another reason to hate this thing: Clint Hurdle tried to ruin our closer's arm.

I didn't stay up and watch the game after the Hall of Famers were introduced (okay, that was pretty cool) so I didn't see it with my own eyes, but ESPN is reporting this morning that Brad Lidge warmed up multiple times in multiple innings and threw close 100 pitches before he entered the game. 110 pitches!!!

This garbage wouldn't happen if the managers wouldn't treat this "important" game like Little League baseball. Starters go 2-3 innings when they are working on normal rest, relief starters are going a single inning, the majority of the staff is used by the 8th inning so everybody gets in the game, relievers are getting overworked in the bullpen or going 2.1 innings (George Sherrill), and others are pitching on one day rest (Kazmir). Absolute garbage. This could affect the regular season and that is unacceptable because it is for reasons that could be controlled.

This game is an exhibition. It shouldn't count. It should be limited to 12 innings. Brad Lidge shouldn't throw 100 pitches in the bullpen. Clint Hurdle should be smacked in the face. That would solve some of these issues...and/or make me happier.



Kevin McGuire said...

with you in that I hate the "importance" of the all star game determining home field advantage in the World Series. It is a non sense resolution to a nonsense decision by Bud Selig back in Brewtown. Anti all star sentiment aside, don't blame Clint Hurdle for Lidge's extreme warming up. Blame Billy Wagner, who gave up the tying run in the 8th inning. If Wagner could get two stinking outs without giving up a run then Lidge would have entered in the nineth inning in a save situation, and we know how successful he is in that situation, right?

Ah, forget it. blame whoever you want! I struggled to watch 11 innings (I think I fell asleep halfway through the 11th).

Maria said...

Blame Wagner and Uggla. He had a runner on 3rd with one out twice. The first time he grounded into a DP and the second time, he struck out. Not to mention the 3 errors.

Dan said...

I was just emailinging a buddy with the same sentiments when I read this. The A.S. game infuriates me anymore. I used to love watching the All Star game when I was younger. Now? It stinks.
Does it really take from 8 to 8:45 to announce all the players, every player in the HoF, groundscrew, wives and children? If the game is supposed to have importance now, why are the managers emptying their benches by the 8th? I think some of the guys can use the reality check by sitting on the bench for a few innings in an all star game and risk not getting an AB. There are guys that make a living on sitting on the bench day in and day out. Why do the managers need to put themselves in a position to risk putting pitchers out there coming off 100 plus pitch games within 2 days?
On top of that, if they know that they are going to replace their lineup to ensure everyone plays - why don't they save their best non-starters til the end of the game when it will ultimately count and when there are no add'l players to put in!

Maria said...

I agree with the introductions. It took until 8:45 for the actual first pitch.

Bob D said...

Are the Phils close to trading for Burnett? I heard Golson was the centerpiece, then I hear Burnett would not waive his no trade clause.

Joe said...

Im glad my kid doesn't have a Dan Uggla poster on his wall.

I like the ASG and I like that it determines the WS home field. It beats the alternating year method of before. Unless they are using best record in the regular season to determine the home field, you might as well play a game of pick-up-sticks to determine it.

Like most things, pandering to the general public has hurt the ASG.

My thoughts:

The game needs to start before 9. Do the pomp, circumstance and Fox/Yankees mutual masturbation at 7 or 7:30.

Ties should be allowed with a predetermined tie-breaker based on some set of stats from that year's ASG. This is an exhibition.

Establish an end, an innings cap. 12 innings, say. Then managers can work smarter. Just like Lost got better once ABC gave them a date for the final episode, the ASG will be better if managers know that they have to manage to a set point in the event of a tie. The game will get better, be managed better.

There should be fewer players. Starters should play longer. I'm sorry if Corey Hart doesn't get his AB. I want to see Pujols and A-Rod and the like. If a player wants an AB in the ASG, he should earn it. Hey, Christian Guzman, practice this: "It's an honor to be selected. I wish I got into the game, but I understand."

I'd have more to say, but I stayed up until the 13th inning. Even as an ASG geek, I have my limits.

Maria said...

I watched the entire thing to my disappointment. And even worse, Wagner came into the game and only had to get one out [there was no one on). Jayson Starks said that Lidge warmed up 6 times.

Someone should've tripped Dan Uggla though and gotten Chase back into the game. He would've gotten the job done. I really don't care anymore. I just want the Phillies to start playing again.

C.M.R. said...

the goddamn pregame ceremonies that didn't seem to fucking end is just one of the many reasons why i hate the yankees.

goDuke said...

Look at you guys on the Fan Blogroll on sports... nice...

ripjgarcia said...

Warming up Lidge like that does deserve a smack in the face.. Everytime I looked up, there was a picture of him tossing in the pen.
Maybe he should have thought more about screwing his own division opponents and putting Webb back out there in the 15th.

LynnieMac said...

Clint Hurdle deserved the smack in the face when he elected not to chose Burrell to fill Soriano's spot. For the abuse of Lidge, he deserves a hard kick in the nuts.

Jacobin said...

Hurdle is a douche bag from the way he had Lidge worn out before coming into the game to his putting a shitty Cub's reliever on the roster over at least a dozen worthier candidates. I used to love the All Star game, but now it just sucks. Everything takes too long, the game starts to late, and it's lost all the luster of seeing players who don't play each other normally to interleague play and insane free agent moves.

If the game goes extra innings, there should be a tie-breaker where each team gets five chances to hit Bug Selig with a bat. The one who breaks the most ribs, wins.

Bob D said...

Lou Marson and Jason Donald were named to the Olympic Team. Both would've likely had a callup to AAA and Marson possibly to the Phils if a catcher went down and they decided to skip over Jaramillo. So for the month of August the Phils will have the catching of Coste/Ruiz with Jaramillo as thier backup in the minors.

Joe said...

Just read this from Bob Ryan in the Boston Globe:

"Let's cut the nonsense and just give home field in the World Series to the interleague play victor. Geez, it's not that hard, Bud."

I'm sure he's not the first to connect the dots. But this works for the whole home field thing and, and gives inter league play a reason to continue.

Then you make the ASG a true exhibition with a tie acceptable and no more than 11 innings. Done.

GreggyD said...

I had no interest in watching the ASG the other night until I turned it on in bed and saw they were in the 13th, but I still ended up falling asleep before it was over. I'm just ready for the phils to start up again. Tonight I will be out getting trashed on my 21st bday so I suppose its good they got that extra day off. Won't miss any action that way especially since this Marlins series is going to be huge.

Maria said...

It's my brother's birthday too.

SirAlden said...

Waiting for Godot... Waiting for a trade.

Even if we release Eaton for Happ,

That will be Change You Can Believe In.