Thursday, July 24, 2008

Holy Crap, It's Gavin Floyd

Watching Myers flounder through the early innings last night was painful, borderline excruciating. Pitch after pitch up and out of the strike zone. High precision, low accuracy and frustration through the roof.

He looked lost and completely out of control. It was obvious that whatever was wrong, he was not going to be able to fix. When Rich Dubee went to the mound in the first, and Comcast showed Myers' look on the mound, my only thought was, "Holy crap, it's Gavin Floyd."

Floyd was the original headcase who was never able to figure it out and crumbled under the pressure of consistent failure. (Until he moved on to Chicago...) Myers has been a headcase for a while, but had an external appearance of frustration and anger, not this "Oh shit what am I going to do now" look that he had last night.

Was the trip to the minors all a joke? Did he really figure anything out and change anything? I guess we won't be able to know anything for a few more starts, but last night's performance was not encouraging.

That being said, why the hell did Manuel pull Myers after the fifth inning. He faced four batters in the fourth and set the Mets down in order in the 5th. He had only thrown 95 pitches, was actually starting to thrown strikes, and was due up 3rd in the top of the 7th anyway, which would have been the perfect time to take him out. If Madson hadn't given up a three run bomb to Reyes I might no be questioning the move, but he did, so the question has to be asked.

Today's rubber match: Moyer v. Perez. First place is on the line in Queens...



GM-Carson said...

Robert MacLeod notes the presence of the Phillies' director of Major League scouting at A.J. Burnett's start tonight in Baltimore. Would the Phillies add another starter?
Jim Salisbury talked to Phils GM Pat Gillick about the rumored Matt Holliday blockbuster. Gillick rolled his eyes at the rumor.
In general, Gillick seems higher on catching prospect Lou Marson than pitching prospect Carlos Carrasco.
Gillick's top target is a left-handed reliever, with a bat on the radar as well. Some kind of acquisition is a "good possibility."

GM-Carson said...

Minor League Tid-Bits:
*2007 1st Round Pick and lefty pitcher Joe Savery DH'd for Clearwater yesterday going 1-4, with a run and rbi.
*Carlos Carrasco notched win #6 for Reading.
*Single A Lakewood BlueClaws got no-hit by the Asheville Tourists' Bruce Billings.

GM-Carson said...

Chase Utley (my 2nd favorite Phillie of all-time) by month in '08:
March- .667 AVG/2.167 OPS
April- .352/1.168
May- .259/.891
June- .266/.857
July- .257/.725

Notice a trend?

furiousBall said...

i totally got the trend in the comment above this one...

the months are listed in chronological order.

Chase Trillo said...

Did Manuel want to give up last night or what? While I didn't tune in until the 7th, I did see Condrey was used for 2 innings?! Plus, the slop that he allowed to bat against the Rat was unaccepatble (Bruntlett and Ruiz come to mind)!!

Chase Trillo said...

Yes, Chase needs to pick it up. He and Rollins are killing this offense and are now batting 1 and 2, meaning they have the most ABs in any given game. I don't think the 2 hole is the answer. I'm not sure what his numbers are, but I believe historically he has sucked even more in the 2 hole.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Not sure if the Phils would add Burnett, but if the price is too high, it's not worth it. Although the guy has been tearing it up as of late.

And Utley looks lost at the plate, especially on the down and in pitch. He always has absolutely killed that pitch. Now all the sudden, he just fouls them off. Fuck I hate the Mets.

GM-Carson said...

Because I love Chase Utley so much it really is painful watching him struggle to be productive. I like Howard overall, but I'm not fanatical about him like I am Chase.

Oh yeah, screw Ryan Madson!

GM-Carson said...

I was quoted over on BeerLeaguer, from the site-
"Wake up, Utley: Pioneering Beerleaguer GM-Carson gives us Chase Utley’s month-by-month AVG/OPS. It's not pretty:

April- .352/1.168
May- .259/.891
June- .266/.857
July- .257/.725"

Bob D said...

Last night it looked as if Myers was starting to figure things out in the last 2 innings. Unfortunately his first few innings were not that good. Lets see how he responds next time out, hopefully he will greatly improve. And yes, I noticed a confused and sad look on Brett's face during the Phils batting prior to him throw a pitch. Got to wonder if its gotten to his head and makes him implode.

The Phils have been linked to possibly trading for or scouting AJ Burnett, George Sherrill, X-man Nady, and a few Pirate relievers. Gillick may just add another starter, reliever, and outfeilder. However, some of these trades may not happen until after the 'trade deadline' meaning they will have to pass thru waivers. It will be easier to pick up a player that is expensive and pass thru waivers after August 1.

Gillick is right about being higher on Marson than Carrasco, as a good catcher is hard to come by. I hope they do not trade him at all as he maybe the starting catcher for the Phils by next year. He will be at the olympics next month and then return for September, not sure if he will end up on the Phils roster just for Sept or not, but it is possible.

pennlion79 said...

Manuel pulled Myers so that he didn't lose the game. At least with a no decision he can maybe build some confidence.

The Phillies need an actual quality starting pitcher (not Joe Blanton) and they need a great hitter. Nobody in the lineup is hitting over .300 and with Utley hitting .240 with runners in scoring position and Howard striking out all the time the Phillies need some stability in the lineup.

There is no way they will make the playoffs without another consistent starter in the rotation and another consistent bat in the lineup.

Boogerking said...

Did you hear Mitch Williams insisting he was impressed with M*ers performance? He said the walks don't concern him. Really? It's perfectly fine to walk four guys and give up two runs without the other team recording a hit? In the first inning? If the Phillies are going to continue lying to us by claiming Mye*s is a baseball pitcher than I think they need to consider a revolutionary solution to his "fu*k the game up in the first" approach to pitching. Start him in the second.Let a reliever take the first inning for him. AJ Burnett sucks and he's expensive.We haven't been freed of the bonds of Adam Eaton yet.Why would we want another overrated P.O.S. making 8 mil a year? I've said it before, f*ck Madson.

Chase Trillo said...

Nice. Jimmy is scratched for Bruntlett and our idiot manager leaves Eric in the leadoff hole.

GM-Carson said...

1 run through 7 innings, this offense is as bad as I remember it since the turn of the century.

The Phils need a contact hitter, who knows how to situationally hit, and hits for a good average (.300+)...hey, we had that in Placido Polanco!

GreggyD said...

Oh what I'd give to have Placido Polanco back and have him playing 3rd base everyday.

Big AB here for the Phils. They need to get a run in because I don't know that they'll get the opportunity in the 9th.

Jacobin said...

They're scouting Burnett yet? Hmm... does that mean we might turn around and deal Butterbean Blanton to Baltimore? There's extra alliteration with his fat ass in Baltimore as opposed to Philadelphia.

GM-Carson said...

I think Gillick knows that this team still needs a starting pitcher. Blanton likely isn't the answer, and neither would Burnett be most likely. Just getting a slightly lesser evil Myers or Eaton in both of them, but still expensive.

I am so pissed at this offense. Joke!

Jacobin said...

Mucking Fets take the lead. I absolutely detest New York.

GM-Carson said...

Manuel intentionally walks Wright, Wright scores. This happens all the time, the man is retarded.

Moyer's effort wasted. 7 inning, 2 hits, 1!

GM-Carson said...

Fuck this team, they're complete shit.

GM-Carson said...

Since June 11th, a span of 35 games, the Phils have scored 3 runs or less 16 times. That's unacceptable.

Chase Trillo said...

Well Bruntlett showed me something in the leadoff spot today. He, Werth, and Moyer seemed to be the only ones who showed up.

Also, I'd sit Jimmy again after that AB in the 9th! Hell, lets play all reserves to deliver a message!

Chase Trillo said...

GM Carson, can we fire Manuel and most of his staff yet?

Toronto wants a SS. Lets swap Rollins for Halladay!

GM-Carson said...

Firing the manager worked for the Mets, time for the Phils to try some of those magic beans.

Rollins being scratched is a bit of a mystery. A lot of speculation it was due to another non-hustle/being late type thing. He needs an attitude adjustment.

Chase Trillo said...

Expanding on the Rollins to Toronto idea. How bout Rollins, Victorino, and Carrasco to Toronto for Halladay and Rios. It gives our offense and pitching staff a boost.

Aaron said...

I'm done. They have lost every series to the Mets this year. Every single one. It's ok because the phillies are a "2nd half team". Oh wait it is the 2nd half and they just lost 2 straight series to the two teams we need to beat the most.
1 run. 1 F'in run. Again!!! Pathetic!!! Why do we keep starting Ryan Howard against Oliver Perez?? He throws him a slider two feet outside every god damn time and he swings at it every god damn time.
If they have Billy Wagner in game 1 we just got swept. That would be 3 runs, 3 runs and 1 run.
Every bodies gonna get on Charlie for benching Rollins again but I agree with him!!! Since Rollins was benched the first time he actually looks like he has been hustling less!!!
When is the last time Utley did anything but ground out to 2nd base?
When exactly did Jimmy Rollins decide running hard isnt important any more?
How many more times does Ryan Howard have to strike out on breaking balls that are two feet outside before he thinks.....hmmm maybe I SHOUDN'T swing at those!!!
Brett Myers is a joke. he throws 20 straight high fastballs without making an adjustment of any kind. Well heh at least he "Established his fastball".
How do you go from throwing 95mph to 89 in one off season???
F getting more help before the deadline.......sell!!! This team doesn't need any pitching. We aren't losing because of our pitching. Were losing because we have one 300 hitter who sits on the bench every day. They don't move runners, they don't hit sac flys all this team does is swing for the fences in every situation and strike out.
I'm so freakin tired of hearing "the hitting will come around"...."were a 2nd half team"
He's a real "innings eater"
Screw this I'm done with this team ...Done.

Chase Trillo said...

On the bright side, we still have Adam Eaton taking up a roster spot.

GM-Carson said...

I hate nearly every damn thing about this team right now. (Burrell, Moyer, Lidge, and Hamels are about the only exceptions).

SirAlden said...

Don't Worry.

Be Happy.

GM-Carson said...

More like-
Don't worry.

Life's crappy.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies are focused on a left-handed reliever, with Fuentes, Damaso Marte, George Sherrill, and Jack Taschner in the mix.
The Phillies were scared off by the asking prices on Holliday and Xavier Nady, and never even made an offer. They still could acquire a lesser hitter.

*A lesser hitter...does that mean Marlon Byrd?

Los said...

Ugh - another loss ... what the hell is Jimmy Rollins doing??? I think he has become a diva, right?

GreggyD said...

I'm so disgusted with this whole "we [Charlie and Jimmy] won't agree with this one [him being benched because he was late]." Why won't they agree? It doesn't seem hard to me to understand the fact that you have to hustle and can't be late. Normal people have to check traffic reports before they leave for work so maybe Jimmy should do the same. OR he could ride the team bus like everyone else and he avoids the problem altogether. He really seemed to not care in the clubhouse afterwards and pretty much didn't give an effort at the plate. I wouldn't care if Bruntlett started over him tomorrow, at least he can produce at the plate rather than grounding out after 3 pitches. J-Roll's being a little bitch.

Chase Trillo said...

I hear you greggyd. I'd bench him again tomorrow. That one pitch, half-assed grounder off of Wagner was unacceptable! At least make The Rat work a little!

BloodStripes said...

Second place sucks.

GM-Carson said...

2nd place sucks yes, but our teams sucks worse.