Wednesday, July 30, 2008

gNats Splat

A 2-1 victory over the Washington Nationals is nothing to brag about. They're the worst team in Major League Baseball with 30 more losses than wins (38-68), their RBI leader (Jesus Flores with 42 rbi) is a catcher that wasn't even supposed to see significant playing time this season, and their team OPS is a No-Hit Nunez-like .670. With that said, a win is a win and made even sweeter by the fact that Brett Myers went 7 very strong innings getting some of his "swagger" back and having "fun" again. The win was almost nullified by Chase Utley's ugly fielding on a sure-fire double play, but remember he was also the reason the Phils had 2 runs to begin with thanks to homerun #26 and rbi 72 & 73.

Fast Facts:
*Brad Lidge is the only closer in the National League to be a perfect 100% in save opportunities this season (25 saves), joining the elite closer of all-time Mariano Rivera (26 saves) as the only closers in baseball to do so in 2008.

*Greg Dobbs is awesome as a pinch-hitter, going 20-47 (.426 average) with 2 doubles, 1 triple, 2 homeruns, and 14 rbi. As a starter he kind of sucks, going 21-87 (.241 average) with 4 doubles, 1 homerun, and only 7 rbi.

*The Phils have scored 530 runs and have allowed 460, for a run differential of 70+. That usually means the team's record is better than only 8 games above .500, but as Phans we know of the offensive inconsistencies that lead to those inflated run totals and heart breaking low scoring losses.

*Adam Eaton demoted to minors, will try working his way back as a starter. JA Happ takes his place, with the plan for him to be the 2nd lefty out of the bullpen. Pedro Feliz placed on 15-day DL with back problems. Minor league journeyman Mike Cervenak takes his place for bench depth, while Bruntlett and Dobbs will be handling 3rd during Feliz's mending time.

*Grand Pappy Moyer goes for win #10 tonight, but has the difficult task of facing Phillie slayer Cy Redding. It's time to make Redding and the gNats go splat!



Boogerking said...

One good start does not erase a season of garbage.I still hate Myers.I still want him off this team.He still sucks.And wtf is offense doing against the Nats?Two f-ing runs?!?!

GM-Carson said...

BoogerKing- I share your negativity, but if Brett Myers can turn it around for the remainder of this season by rededicating himself to being a starting pitcher then I'm all for him staying put because he's a decent #2 when pitching to his capability.

Joe said...

I think Myers got the message.
It took a trip to the minors and JA Happ waiting in the wings, but I think he got it.
I also think the Nationals are horrrrible.

Now, let's hope Myers the magpie isn't distracted by the bullpen.

Did anyone else notice that Utley opened his stance just slightly last night? Not a lot, but enough to be noticeable.

Chase Trillo said...

Does this start increase Myers' trade value at all? Seriously.

While it was impressive, let me see him do that against a good team. Seriously.

Does Washington have any good hitters outside of Zimmerman who just came off the DL? What a putrid team. I will be disappointed if the Phillies don't sweep them!

GM-Carson said...

Christian Guzman, their normal shortstop, is good, but he's nursing a sore finger and has been out of the lineup recently.

Myers won't be traded this season, maybe offseason, but not now, his value is far too low.

furiousBall said...

can dobbs play right instead of jenkins?

GM-Carson said...

Jenkins is awful. He back legs everything to get that horrible uppercut. What a waste!

ripjgarcia said...

My buddy says the Mark Texiera trade should void our annual 50$ wager on the Braves/Phillies finishing better....

I took 5 years of the bad end of the stick..

Pay up now I say!

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Let's not get too excited about Myers until he pitches good against, you know, a real team.

the Ascetic Sensualist said...

Is this the first start by Myers since he changed his facial hair? That could have done the trick.

Tim Redding should be referred to as "Cannonball Tim Redding" in honor of the Negro Leagues star pitcher.

GM-Carson said...

Jayson Werth may be traded?

Mike Tingle of ESPN 840 in Charlottesville spoke to Rays scout Mike Cubbage yesterday. Cubbage said that he plans to scout Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth, and that Werth may be available in the right deal. Werth, 29, is hitting .272/.358/.485 in 268 plate appearances (most of the damage done against lefties).

*Who would they send us?

dr. steve said...

Jason is one of the few tradeable players on this team. He's not consistent or a part of our long-term plans, but at the same time he's a solid fielder who can hit. We should be able to get someone of value... maybe someone who can push Happ to the Starting Rotation where he belongs.

Blanton in the Starting Rotation = 1 loss every 5 games. Why was this guy even traded for? Does Gillick look at any information on the names he trades for, or does he look for the last names of girls he's dated? Seriously, you don't give Freddy Garcia a physical before trading for him, but you refuse Browoski because you didn't want to pay him 750,000 dollars?!?!??

I hate the that man so much.

SirAlden said...

Joe Borowoski

is and was worthless, he had Raffy Left and Raffy Right both on career years setting him up for easy low
hanging saves. Both Raffy left and
Raffy right destroyed their arms setting up JB last year, the poop.

JB is now out of Baseball thank you very much.

The Phillies need two not one steady Kendrick or better Pitcher
to make it to the playoffs.

Before last night you could not depend on Myers, you still can't.
Before last night Happ was not a sure thing, he still is not.

Blanton was the correct thing to do when you were down two starters.

Aaron said...

It must be near because the Phils just scored 7 runs on Cy Jesus Christ Redding!!!

Brian H said...

Cy Jesus Christ Redding???

I must be using the wrong stats site...

BloodStripes said...

I'm still not trusting Myers. It was only Washington. But hey. Phils are winning. Nice to see Utley hitting homers again.

dr. steve said...

Dude, Borowoski had a great season last year. Sure he did not have a good one this year (He is still in baseball by the way) but look at the relievers we had last year. And look at the money we spent.

He was a better move than Garcia, it's not even debatable. Look at who we gave up for Garcia. Now everyone pray they do not make a similar move as we all sleep.

BloodStripes said...

Perhaps the Phils will be pitching to Manny the Marlin soon. Its on the cards.

BloodStripes said...

Is Gillick gonna bloody do anything to make the Phils better? Not long left Pat. Lets go! Not even a fricken rumor.

GM-Carson said...

If the Marlins get Manny that bothers me. You have to think the Mets are going to do something today as well (outfielder and/or starting pitcher). My guess is Gillick does nothing.

GM-Carson said...

From Yahoo Sports-
Jul 30 Gordon (elbow) continues to work back to full health and has been throwing off a mound at Philadelphia's practice facility in Clearwater, Fla., the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.
Recommendation: The Phillies would like to get Gordon back in about a month and have set a Sept. 1 timetable for his return. While he could help Philadelphia's depth in the bullpen down the stretch before the playoffs, Gordon's days of fantasy relevance have passed.

BloodStripes said...

Maybe you guys have seen this already but the Phils should sign this young OF for late inning defense. You gotta see it. Awesome.