Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eaton Needs A Beatin'

For me, yesterday was the most disgusting display of pitching I have seen in a game this season. It made me sick to my stomach to see Randy Johnson slam that 3-2 creampuff fastball offered up by Ipecac Eaton into the leftfield corner.

Ipecac got the first two outs of the fourth with ease, but then just completely lost it. A single, a four pitch walk to the 8-hole hitter, the aforementioned double to the Unit, another walk, another double, an intentional walk, an that was all she wrote for the most craptacular pitcher the Phils ever wasted $24 million on.
Experiment Failed
So how long is this RJ Swindle garbage going to continue? He looks nothing like the stuff we read about him. He has had very poor control of his pitches and just has not looked like he can get hitters out consistently. His pitching has looked far from major league caliber. I won't write the guy off forever because he has shown glimpses that he may be useful against lefties, but for now he needs to get the hell out of Philadelphia.
Comment of the Day
After Reynolds' blast off of Swindle, Fox announcer Thom Brennamen screamed, "And the bloodletting continues." Bloodletting? Nice reference of 19th century medicine, tool. Why don't we hook this guy up with Sarge and Wheels and make the most dynamically ridiculous announcing team ever.
Rubber Match
Two of the best pitchers in the NL square off today as Hamels and Webb toe the rubber for their respective clubs. With a win, the Phils can enter the All Star break in first in the NL East. With a loss, they could enter the break in third. That would not be good.
Futures Game
Don't' forget to check out the Futures Game, 12:30 on ESPN2, which features Phillies prospects catcher Lou Marson (U.S.), infielder Jason Donald (U.S.), outfielder Greg Golson (U.S.) and right-hander Carlos Carrasco (World).



furiousBall said...

if entering the break in third is what it takes to get Eaton out of the rotation and make a move for starting pitching, i'm fine with that

Bob D said...

Wow, we now have the K watch. Lets expand it to the wall of futility. Then we could have Eaton's ERA, Ruiz's BA, Taguchi's 0 for??? as pinch hitter, and of course Howard's Ks.

We may lose some prospects, but Gillick may just trade for that top line pitcher (Burnett?). Rumors have it that Gillick came in 2nd on thier offer for CC Sabathia.

Corey said...

apparently ken rosenthal doesn't think burnett to the phils will happen...

SirAlden said...

Time to release Eaton, and give Carasco and Happ a shot.

Burnett and Bedard are trouble, Bedard a slightly better bet.

SirAlden said...

Swindle should be a lefty out man brought in to face one or two guys tops.

If you do that, they batters flail and look sick.

If you do what cholly did to Swindle, is they bench and
rightys get a real good look.

They misused him.

ripjgarcia said...

Money spent well?

Brett Myers 8.5M
Adam Eaton 7.635M
Tom Gordon 5.5M
Geoff Jenkins 5M

Jim Thome 7M
Wes Helms 2.15M


Corey said...

right now, lefties are hitting .333 and righties are hitting .462. no one is flailing or looking sick against swindle.

Bob D said...

Burrell with a bomb and another fine pitching performance. Leaves the Phils in 1st place

Los said...

At this point, we should see if we can trot Hamels out there every third day. Eaton is absolutely awful, and the worst part is it doesn't seem to bother him one bit.