Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stop Making Excuses!

Winning doesn't come easy, at least not for this bunch of chuckleheads called the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies. 4-12 over the last 16 games is an accomplishment, an accomplishment that's worth a boot to the nards. Winner, winner, chicken suck! No more excuses blamed on the weather, bad luck, tough schedule, ingrown toenails, the Writers' Strike, or distractions caused by the New Kids On The Block reunion. It's time to balls up and earn your paychecks. Like a foul-mouthed Nike, Just F*@king Do it!


Please Bash Howard!:
This entire season has been an endless bitchfest about the New York firstbasemen (Jason Giambi and Carlos Delgado). Rumors of being released, they're washed-up, dropped in the lineup, being booed by fans, getting national media coverage of their accelerated downward spiral into a supposed plummet. When's the Ryan Howard bashing going to start? Giambi and Delgado are both accomplished veterans that have been around a long time and have had many productive seasons. However, each are on the wrong side of 35 (Giambi 37, Delgado 36), so naturally they're going to decline. What about Howard though? The man in search of an A-Rod like contract is only 28 and is having a horrible year. Sure he has a butt-load of homers and RBI but playing in Citizens Bank Park and batting 4th in the Phils lineup will have that sort of effect. With every passing day I find it harder and harder to root for Howard; frankly he disgusts me on many levels. I will never be able to get past a batting average that low and a strikeout total that high. Take a look at the numbers posted by each of these players: Howard- 304 ab, 49 r, 33 extra base hits, 65 rbi, 112 k, .214 avg, .763 OPS. Giambi- 220 ab, 29 r, 29 xbh, 45 rbi, 40 k, .268 avg., .958 OPS. Delgado- 287 ab, 38 r, 27 xbh, 44 rbi, 64 k, .233 avg, .734 OPS. I am not a fan of Delgado or Giambi, but a strong case could be made that if they were the Phils firstbaseman batting cleanup that their numbers would be jacked up too, and they're supposed to be old and nearly useless. It's time to bash Howard!!!


WNBA Preview:
I know nothing about the WNBA other than I don't really want to know anything about the WNBA. However, possibly as early as tomorrow WSBGM's may be converted to a WNBA blog as per Corey's statement of "The Phils should take at least two from the Rangers. And if they don't, I'm signing off on supporting the Phils and turning this into a WNBA blog...". I'm looking forward to tantalizing analysis of female pumpkin pushers.



GM-Carson said...

Prized prospect Carlos Carrasco (Reading Phillies) got shelled last night and now has an era over 4. He's shouldn't be as "untouchable" as the Phils front office makes him out to be. If the right trade came along, I'm cool with dealing him.

Jimmy Rollins 0-5 last night, now batting below .270. Curse of the MVP? Howard and J-Roll both struggling.

GM-Carson said...

Here's an email from a reader that we got:
"Love your site. Keep up the good work.
Now please I allow me to explode!!!!

This team is an absolute joke right now!!! I'm so f*ckin frustrated watching these Ass clowns try to hit a baseball. The entire f*ckin team is taking pitches down the middle and swinging at balls two feet outside, two feet over the heads and two feet up So Tuguchi's ass.

Ryan Howard is terrible. You would think after a life time of playing baseball he might have one F*cking clue as to what is a ball and what is a strike. How many f*ckin more times is he going to swing at a curve ball from a lefty that starts one foot outside and ends up 2 feet outside. I don't ever want to see him hit again!!!! Ever!!!! I don't care how many Hr's he hits, bench him, release him, trade him for Sixto Lezcano!! I don't care, just get him out of my sight before I throw my build your own Phanatic through my television........again.

Bret Myers must die!! Release that no talent wife beating Ass clown now!

I'm watching the last inning against the Rangers right now. The Phillies have 4 hits!!!! 4 f*cking hits!!!!! Against the Rangers!!!!! Who the f*ck ever pitches for the Rangers? Bruce Ruffin? Don Carmen?..............4 f*ckin hits....what a joke.

The only player on this team that doesn't suck right now is Brad Lidge and that's only because he hasn't played in a week and half.

Trade them. Trade them all. Every last one of them. Trade the whole f*ckin team to the Mets for Luis Aguayo and a six pack of Hams."

Wow, I think that dude is pissed.

furiousBall said...

i still can't believe they walked burrell to pitch to howard with the bases loaded.

and he struck out.


GM-Carson said...

Like I said in the post, Ryan Howard disgusts me. I'm glad when he hits homeruns, but I'm not really a fan of his.

GreggyD said...

So now I'm at a loss. Do I even want the Phillies to trade for Sabathia (who by the way went 8 innings last night giving up 4 hits and striking out 11)? Yes, Brett Myers may soon be relegated to ball girl, but would the offense even support CC? They can't do it for Cole.

Sabathia is pitching extremely well right now though. He had a 2.44 ERA in May and assuming he won't pitch again in June, he will finish the month with a 1.90 ERA with a strikeout-walk ratio of 44:7. I would love to see these kind of numbers in our rotation, but I just don't even know why management should bother since the offense can't even hit. We were all clamoring for the team to go all-in for another starter and shoot for a championship this year, but this team has no chance at a world series the way it's looking now anyway.

glackattak said...

I have to agree with the "reader." This team is supposed to be built around their line-up, and their line-up is as bad as any in MLB over the past 16 games. It's horrible to watch. Every night I waste 3 hours of my life waiting for them to break out of it. It just isn't happening. Ryan Howard wins 10million dollars in arbitration money...I can tell you one thing...if he has another arbitration hearing next year, he definitely isn't gonna win it. The phillies would be out of their minds to sign this guy long term. He is an embarrassment to the name on the back of his jersey, to his family,to the city of philadelphia, and to his entire team and organization. He does not look like a guy capable of winning an MVP award that he won just two years ago. Did anyone see the 3 pitch strikeout last night? First pitch at his eyeballs...swing and a miss. Second pitch right down the middle...he takes it...strike pitch at his eyeballs again...swing and miss strike three. He has 9 K's in the last 3 games. Its so so so frustrating to watch. My 6 year old knows the strike zone better than this guy. And does anyone else get the impression that he really just doesnt give a shit? He strikes out 3 times a game, and when hes done he just tosses his bat aside and says oh darn 6 more runners left on base with my strikeouts...i mean when teams are pitching around Burrell to get to Howard...u know the guy is just absolutely terrible. Rollins...where you at? How many times in a week can u possibly ground out to 1st and 2nd base? Its all you do. Jenkins...0 for your last 26? AWESOME. Thats what we need from a former all-star caliber player. Brett Myers? The guy has all the talent in the world but has the mental toughness of an abused 3 year old girl. Wow, punching stuff and storming out of the clubhouse after the game is really gonna change things for ya Brett. We're 1-12 in the last 13 games he's started. And to think this guy was our opening day starter. The only guys on the team that can look themselves in the mirror and know theyre doin their job right now are Cole Hamels, Kyle Kendrick, Jamie Moyer, Brad Lidge, JC Romero, and Chris Coste. Thats right...the only guy thats not a pitcher, is the backup catcher. PATHETIC. Just like every other year, they have a promising team and choke it all away. OH MY GOD THE PRESSURE OF BEING IN FIRST PLACE....OH MY GOD WE CANT TAKE IT. So they didnt suck it up in april and may this year. What difference does it make if you then DO suck it up in June and July? I'm sorry to all the fans that pay 40 or 50 bucks for good seats at the Bank to watch this mess. Games are being sold out at an alarming rate. Im sure many of these fans wish they could get a refund on those tickets for the upcoming homestand. All im sayin is they better get their shit together before then, cuz the mets are comin to town and the boo birds are gonna be in full force. DID I MENTION HOW HORRIBLE RYAN HOWARD IS?? GOD hes horrible. I hope he has his college degree cuz he's gonna be out of baseball in the next 5 years. I mean the guy has a better chance of getting on base if he just takes every pitch and never swings.

Bob D said...


GM-Carson said...

The more Ryan Howard bashing the better. I want him to feel our disgust.

GM-Carson said...

I have a funny feeling our old buddy Vicente Padilla is going to dominate our bitch asses tonight.

GM-Carson said...

Even Cole Hamels is sucking scrotum now, 2 run bomb to Young in the top of the 1st...this team is an insult to me and all other Phans.

ripjgarcia said...

I freaking hate the WNBA... we should just stop playing the 1st inning and spot each team 2 runs so we don't have to suffer through it.

GM-Carson said...

Garcia- good idea, it would lower our pitchers pitch counts at least.

Aaron said...

Does J-Roll have a hit yet this month? WTF dude get a freakin hit.

Aaron said...

God bless Vincente Padilla and his retarted Flotilla.

ripjgarcia said...

They sure tried hard to lose this one. Thank goodness the best player on the team got a chance to play at the end.

ripjgarcia said...

I'd hate to play outfield in that stadium.. In two games I've seen enough funky bounces off that wall to make me dizzy.

SirAlden said...

2009 Salaries:

Myers - 12 million
Eaton - 9 million (8.5 with a .5 2009 buyout)

Hmmm... That would buy a pretty good starter in Free-Agency.

The Phillies are 1-11 in Myers Last 12 Starts. He has a tum-tum, he has an his ego that refuses to work with his pitching coach, and his arm does not have the bullets to be a starter at this time.

I say it is time to demote him and give A. J. Happ a shot.

SirAlden said...

Or better yet. Trade him to Japan.

Gonzo said...

Well, we got it done tonight.Romero scared the shit outta me. Why didn't Chollie pitch Lidge in the 8th with the bases loaded and a 3 run game? That's where we need him.

GM-Carson said...

WNBA held off for 1 more day.

GM-Carson said...

Geoff Jenkins understands why his name wasn't in Saturday's lineup, despite a right-hander pitching for the Rangers.
The Phillies outfielder could simply point to a dismal 2-for-41 (.049) stretch since June 6. Jenkins hasn't gotten a hit since a second-inning single against the Cardinals on June 15, and is 0-for-25 since.

*How can you possibly suck that much?

GM-Carson said...

A beautiful observation this morning, every single level of the Phillies system won yesterday. Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Reading, Clearwater, Williamsport, and Gulf Coast. Lakewood was rained out.

BloodStripes said...

Good shit.

Just watched the game. It was a tight one but as long as the Phils win we are smiling because winners are grinners.

Still on top too. If we can get through this June swoon on top of the division things should get better over the second half.

Fire up Phils!!!

GM-Carson said...

Things "should get better", but will they?

BloodStripes said...

I bloody hope so GM