Monday, June 16, 2008

Slide Bruntlett, Slide!

If you see this question on your SAT next year:

1.) Roberson : Defensive Replacement

the answer might be -- A) Bruntlett : Pinch Runner.

First, he runs back to second on a single to right. Okay, that's a mistake that could be overlooked. You don't want to get doubled up at second. But then he runs over Molina at home when all he had to do was slide safely into home. Don't get me wrong, I love it when players take out the catcher. It's a lot of fun. But you don't need to run over the catcher when he isn't blocking the plate!!! That was a mistake by Bruntlett that cost the Phils a run and probably the game.
The Phils have been on 5 road trips this year. Here's how they ended those trips:

Loss 3-4 NYM
Loss 1-5 PIT
Loss 3-4 SF
Win 15-6 HOU
Loss 6-7 StL

I'm not going to over analyze this trend because it's probably coincidental and with no deeper meaning. They are 1-4 at the end of road trips and that's it. However, it's a trend that is worth following...



BloodStripes said...

Eric the half a bee.

BloodStripes said...

Eric the half a Bruntlett.


GM-Carson said...

I'm glad Eric Bruntlett isn't No-Hit Nunez, but c'mon, do your damn job!

Losing those 2 1-run games sucked. Hightly disappointing end to the St. Louis series after going crazy for 20 runs on Friday night.

Joe said...

HOF pitcher Jim Palmer had an observation the other day:

This season, more than most in the past, the home team is showing a distinct advantage. Unlike NBA and NFL, the home team winning percentage was typically close to their record on the road. Palmer said it's because of the drug testing. He said in the past, teams were using amphetamines to get through road trips. Now, you've got Red Bull and naps.

GM-Carson said...

I'm happy to be in 1st place, but I'm disgusted by the defensive play of this team this season. They went from a well oiled machine to making retarded blunders, and many of those blunders have caused losses.

Molina got his clock cleaned by Bruntlett, but Yadier gets the last laugh by "tagging" him out.

Angels' 1st baseman Casey Kotchman has struckout 99 times over his career (1005 at bats), Ryan Howard has nearly that many k's this season...yuck!

C.M.R. said...

that was a disappointing road trip, and now we have to deal with those annoying red sox.

let's tear down red sox nation yeaaaaaaaaah

GM-Carson said...

The enternal pessimist that I am has a lot of worries about the BoSux and LA Anaheim Orange County California Angels coming to town.

furiousBall said...

vlad and manny are gonna love our ballpark

Joe said...

While the Red Sox are in town, maybe Ryan Howard can watch how to put together a good at bat. Few teams work pitchers better.

I know, I know 57 hits and 58 RBI. Howard is producing runs when he hits. But imagine if he did more like help boost pitch counts, make a pitcher work hard to get to 0-2, get on base better than below League average and score.

But he's also top 20 in runs scored. So when he's on, he scores, too.

I want to slam the guy. But it's hard.

I fear for the Phillies starters. When Youkilis and Pedroia work the count to 3-2 and foul off 3 pitches in each AB, the counts will climb.

Bob D said...

HR leaders: Utley 22, Myers 20, Burrell 18, Howard 17.

SO leaders: Volquez 105, CC Sabathia 97, Howard 95.

As bloodstripes pointed out in yesterday's post: Have Myers bat cleanup, Howard take Myers spot in the rotation.

Boogerking said...

I have run out of creative insults for Brett Myers and Trash Gordon. Get out of here jerks!At first I thought they should get to know Allentown better but then I thought the Iron pigs suck enough as it is.If we continue to phuck around the Fish will take back first place by the end of the week.Figure the Sox will hand us our asses and the LosAngelesCaliforniaUSASanAndreasFaultMudSlideinAnaheimAngelsofBeachBoysSurfsupdude!PlanetEarthBaseballClub will finish the job.

Maria said...

Is Eric Bruntlett really that much faster than Greg Dobbs.

I really hate pinch running for Greg Dobbs and Pat Burrell because if they don't score than you're left with So Taguchi and Pedro Feliz.

Los said...

Tom Gordon probably won't be winning any gold gloves this year with his performance yesterday.

Bill said...

Great post! I was thinking the same thing that had Bruntlett slid we would have won the game. Instead we got a fielding exhibition, NOT!

Brutal loss!

Jacobin said...

The big man is hitting tonight! Didn't the scouts tell the Red Sox pitchers to throw junk low and inside?

SirAlden said...

God I Hate Mike Timlin.

He came over to the Phillies
in the Scott Rolen Trade
having lost his closer status
with the Cardinals.

He did not like the city, and
signed right away in free-agency
with the Red Sox. I hate him.

Right up there with J.D. Drew.

Justice tonight :)

C.M.R. said...

this was a great win!

BloodStripes said...

Top win. Flogged 'em!!

Jacobin said...

What did Hamels have to say about playing the Red Sox?

"I believe we're destined to play each other in the World Series," Hamels said. "We can compete with them any day of the week."

I wouldn't mind seeing that!

Bob D said...

Mets get their Manuel, as Randolph and staff was fired by the Mets.

And Howard at 224 BA and tied with Utley for league lead in RBI at 62.