Sunday, June 08, 2008

Flyin' High

The Phils are flyin' high, and I'm loving it. Every game seemingly has a new twist to it, which usually leads to a Phils victory lately. They're sitting pretty atop the NL East at 38-26, so that makes this a sweet Sunday. Pitching is pitching well, hitting is hitting well enough, and defense is defending.

To make this an even sweeter Sunday would be a sweep of the Braves lead by the resurrection of Adam Eaton. Eaton has quietly become the second best starter on the staff, and is finally settling into some form of consistency. If indeed the Braves are swept today, I would consider them owned by the Phils.



Jacobin said...

SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! Sorry Braves, that best home record in the National League didn't mean much this weekend. Phillies are hot right now! Let's keep it going!

GM-Carson said...

Phils baseball is awesome right now. I haven't felt this good about the team in a long damn time. They completely owned the Braves in Atlanta and that's quality right there. Eaton was decent today, bullpen was stellar, Ryan Howard even came up big. Sweeps are sweet!

Dan said...

Hey - great win by the Phils today. Eaton *looked* like crap, but he succeeded in the end, so let's give him some credit. And Howard hit some nice balls today for sure.

Quick question: what in God's name was Howard doing in the 9th inning when he got doubled off of 2nd? They didn't show the replay...possibly because it looked to be downright embarrassing...

GM-Carson said...

If Eaton can hold his era to where it's at now, somewhere around 4.60 I think, then he's doing a fine job in my opinion. I'd love for him to come in sub 4, but that's not going to happen.

Howard belting 3 doubles today raising the average to .214 was nice.

Overall it was the Shane Victorino series though. Dude was amazing.