Sunday, June 01, 2008

Phils Pimp Fish - Take Over First

Pat Burrell only had one hit, but his 2-out 2-run double was probably the game's biggest. Of course, Geoff Jenkins' game-tying pinch-hit homer in the 6th could also stake claim to that honor.

Either way, this was a very good win for the Phils. A comeback win versus anybody is good, but to do it against the division leader means that much more.

The Phils still have over a dozen more games against the Marlins, who showed today why they are going to have a tough time staying up near the top of the NL East. Sure they can hit the cover off of the ball, but they have a very young, unproven pitching staff and a suspect bullpen. Burke Badenhop and Dough Waechter will not win division championships...
Cincinnati Reds
The Reds, fresh off a 3 game sweep of the Braves, roll into town today for a 4 game set. It should be a very interesting series. Ken Griffey Jr. is sitting at 599 homers. Griffey has been a favorite player of mine for years, so I would love to see him get number 600 in Philly, hopefully in the midst of a Phillies win...

The other big story this week is Reds 21 year old rookie Jay Bruce. This guy is a freaking monster. He's 13-22 in his first 6 games and it's unlikely this is a fluke. He's a .308 career hitter in the minors and hit 26 homers last year across three levels.

Probable pitchers for the Reds in this series: Arroyo (versus Kendrick tonight), Harang, Volquez, and whoever replaces Josh Fogg, who was just put on the DL.



furiousBall said...

let's kill the reds. kill them dead

SirAlden said...

danger. danger will robinson!

pinball machine this series watch out!

let's put some rubber between us and our only competition in the division the braves while they stumble.

GM-Carson said...

I also hope Griffey goes deep for #600, but only in a Phils win.

Mets are getting hot, still a few games back though.

Kendrick needs to keep the ball down in the zone tonight against this sluggies Reds team.

Pat Burrell is a pimp!

Bob D said...

Back in first awesome! Now its time to put some distance ahead of the rest of the league.
Observing this team the bullpen is good with Madson OK and only Condrey as suspect. Durbin seems to be a perfect fit right where he is and should not be moved to the rotation. Lidge, Gordon, and Romero have been lights out.
The rotation is suspect as only Hamels has done well. Myers spot is safe but he has pitched more like a low rotation starter. Moyer, Kendrick, & Eaton are possibily a few more quality rehab games away from Benson taking over.
The rest of the roster is well built. Barring a trade there will be no need to bring in others.

GM-Carson said...

If Eaton, Moyer, Kendrick, and Myers continue doing what they have been, I believe their spots in the rotation are safe. None of them have been great, or even good for that matter, but they take the ball every 5th day and that really matters to Charlie Manuel. And to be honest, if they can all keep their era's on the lower side of 5, then they typically are giving this team a chance to win.

With that said, I'm obviously not pleased with the job Myers has done or Eaton for that matter. However, Moyer and Kendrick have done nearly exactly what is expected of them.

GreggyD said...

It has been very interesting to watch this Bruce kid just tear up the competition lately. Of course his hot streak will come to an end at some point, but I wish I had the money/the time to go down to the Park this week at some point to see him play. My friend is heading down on Wednesday and I informed her of the fact that Griffey's on the verge of 600, and Jay Bruce. She's also getting the J-Roll bobble head, which I might have to talk her into giving me. It actually looks pretty decent.

I, too, have been a huge Griffey fan for my entire life. In fact, about 7 or 8 years ago I won a contest with 9 other people throughout the US and Canada and got an autographed Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners jersey from Upper Deck. It is definitely my most prized possession. I can't wait to have that when he's inducted into the HOF on his first ballot.

GM-Carson said...

I hope Jay Bruce goes completely cold for the next 4 games.

phanatic74 said...

The Phils are on on roll or should I say J-Roll . . . . . With the flyin Hawaiian heating up and J-Dub progressing nicely on the D.L. this team is only primed to eat up teams and spit them out. Utley ? Well, what can I say? He is the Man! Sorry Pat, but Utley takes the crown so, you can just be the machine . . . . .

GM-Carson said...

Kris Benson has been scratched from his rehab start because discomfort in his right bicep.

Chris Snelling has been activated from the DL and TJ Bohn has been optioned back to Lehigh Valley.

Jacobin said...

That was a quick hook for Kendrick tonight. He was only at about 70 pitches... Now it's a one-run game. This Jay Bruce character looks like a headache for opposing teams. Thank god the unbalanced schedule means we won't be seeing him too often.

Jacobin said...

Utley is incredible!

SirAlden said...

93-69 Pace

Let's hope that Brett Myers gets all his shit in one sock, and Cole Hamels was restin' for two starts.

If so you can forget the Mutts.

Atlanta is the perfect storm waiting to happen. I predict we will bring up a lefty reliever, and we will have one new good starter by the All-Star Break.

If so the most wins in a generation.

SirAlden said...

I hope Jay Bruce stays completely hot for the next 4 games except against Tom Gordon and Cole Hamels, and the Phillies Still Sweep.

Oh and another thing!

I hope Chase Utley stops catching
ropes hit by Joey Votto as long
as no runs are scored by the Reds.

There were TWO! LAST NIGHT! :)

GM-Carson said...

Utley is awesome. So balls-to-the-wall that he scared me by bowling over the catcher when he ran through a stop sign at 3rd. I don't care that he was out, I just care that he's not hurt.

Manuel pulled Kyle at the right time. Nearly every ball was hit hard off of him, out or hit.

#14- hit streak for Vic, saves for Lidge.