Thursday, June 26, 2008

Know Your Enemy - Texas Rangers

General History - The Texas Rangers started playing baseball in 1972 after the Senators left Washington and relocated to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They are the second team to be previously known as the Senators, since Washington moved to Minnesota in the 60's. If you add the 10 years the team played in Washington, the Rangers are the oldest franchise to never make it to the World Series. Moreover, they have never even won a playoff series. In fact they've only won a single playoff game in their history. It's not 10,000 loses, but that is a lot of losing.

Not A Ranger - Unfortunately, Walker Texas Ranger is not a Texas Ranger. But he is freakin' awesome and he will kick your ass.

You Know Your Organization Sucks When... - They start inducting mediocre players into their Hall of Fame. 2007's inductee - Rusty Greer. Ouch. If Rusty can make it into a Hall of Fame, maybe the Phils should stick Juan Samuel in, that would be silly...

Phillie Connection - Three former Phillies are on the Rangers roster: Marlon Byrd, Kevin Millwood, and Vicente Padilla. Byrd was a cool dude, but we have plenty of outfielders, so I don't miss him too much. Millwood never pitched as good for the Phils as he did with the Braves, and he sweated too much, so I don't miss him. Now, Padilla, that is a guy I miss. He had a cool fan group, he switch-hit (having a contact side and a power side), he threw side-arm curveballs at inappropriate times, he wasn't' afraid to incite a riot and beat some ass and he might have a drinking problem...boy do I miss this guy.

This Year - At 40-40, you would have to say the Rangers are having a pretty good season. Their best player is Josh Hamilton, who just left the game after the first inning against the Astros with what Yahoo! sports lists as an "UNDISCLOSED INJURY." Hopefully he's not injured severely, but just enough to not play against the Phils.

Matchup - The Phils get Gabbard, Padilla (against Hamels) and Hurley (not the guy from Lost...). The Phils should take at least two from the Rangers. And if they don't, I'm signing off on supporting the Phils and turning this into a WNBA blog...
WTF does "balky" mean?
Wasn't that the foreign guy from Perfect Strangers? Standing tall, on the wings of my dream...

Anyways, Ruben Amaro says that Tom Gordon's "balky" shoulder is nothing serious. Phew, that's good news. I was thinking since he hasn't pitched since June 15, it might be serious, but if Ruben says it's okay, it must be okay. I'm sure that a sore shoulder on a guy with a partially torn rotator cuff and a history of prolonged DL-time is nothing to worry about.
Yesterday's Game
C'mon, did you really think Eaton was going to beat Harden? No, of course not, and neither did anybody on the actual team. That game was over before it started.

I appreciated Charlie's lineup mixup on Wednesday, but after yesterday, I've changed my mind. I don't want to see Utley in the 2-spot again and I like moving Burrell up but at the expense of Victorino? And keeping Howard at 4? Now these changes are just looking random and desperate...



GreggyD said...

I've lost all faith in this team at this point. I had better get used to reading about the WNBA because I don't even see the Phillies winning this series. That may seem pretty low of me, but they haven't shown us anything lately to make us believe that they know how to hit a baseball.

SirAlden said...

Punk Move?!

Great Move! Wade was in his face.

He got exactly what he deserved.

Hope we sign him and he impregnates Anna Benson.

GM-Carson said...

Sir Alden- although the Chacon/Wade incident was funny, it's was a clear situation of an athlete crossing the line and I hope he's suspended without pay for the remainder of the season without the option of any team that has MLB affliation (including minors) to sign him.

I too miss Vicente Padilla as I've pretty much held on to that feeling since the day he left.

I'm holding Corey to his word about the 2 losses/WNBA blog. I don't want to see it happen, but dammit if it does there will be some WNBA shit up WSBGM's on Monday.

GM-Carson said...

Rumors- Phils are looking at Eric Bedard hardcore, trying to piece together a package.

Phils could also make a small move by bringing in reliever Vinnie Chulk who was recently designated for assignment by San Fran. He's ok, and is an upgrade over Condrey most likely, but nothing spectacular.

GM-Carson said...

Courtesy of
Perhaps hot temperatures and friendly dimensions will provide the spark they need to getting going. A litany of struggling hitters could benefit. Since June 8, before the Phillies dropped 11 of 15 games, here's what some Phillies are doing. Keep in mind that this includes a 20-run outburst vs. St. Louis on June 13.

Jimmy Rollins -- .246 (15-for-61) with two homers and six RBIs.

Shane Victorino -- .224 (13-for-58) with one RBI.

Chase Utley -- .189 (10-for-53) with one homer and seven RBIs.

Ryan Howard -- .213 (13-for-61) with four homers and 16 RBIs.

Geoff Jenkins -- .053 (2-for-38) with three RBIs.

Carlos Ruiz -- .188 (6-for-32) with four RBIs since June 8.

Corey said...

i agree with siralden, chacon probably should go to wade's house and choke his whole family. and he should kick his dog, key his car, throw eggs at his house, and phone his house and ask if his refrigerator is running...

big win by the new york liberty last night. i'm so excited to start writing about the wnba...

GreggyD said...

"Perhaps hot temperatures and friendly dimensions will provide the spark they need to getting going."

Do these people at realize that it's only been getting hotter and hotter since June 8th? Clearly it doesn't matter how warm it is or where they are playing. The team just sucks.

I'm a big fan of the LA Sparks' Candace Parker. She's dunked in two games now. She should probably be featured on Monday. I wonder if I can still jump and even touch rim...

Bob D said...

If Corey bolts to the WNBA bloodstripes will start a blog on the Phils. states Kris Benson is going to AAA now to start. Probably putting pressure on Eaton/Myers to start throwing better. They still need another starter (Bedard) to get them thru the playoff series. That would put Myers in the pen replcing Gordon as a setup man.

Flotilla Padilla!

Joe said...

The sad thing is that the Phils could have beaten Harden yesterday. Eaton did his job. Gordon did his best to join Mike Timlin on the retirement express populated with former, reliable set-up guys. But you're right, there was no life in the Phillies. You'd think there'd be some spark after the win.

As for the line-up: pick one and stick with it for a while. Here is my suggestion:


Make Coste prove he can't play every day. Dobbs is hitting 330. Let's see if that's realistic or he's the 270 hitter people think he is. Let's see if he can hit lefties. I see Dobbs make things happen when he gets to play. He needs to be out there.

Ruiz and Feliz kill the bottom of the line-up. They don't move runners up, they GIDP. With Dobbs, Werth and Coste you have three guys who work hard and will ground the ball to the right side when needed.

Stop lifting Burrell in late innings. Let his glove cost two games before you do it again. The replacement options are worth losing the bat.

Lock these players in a line-up. Remind them how good they are. Let confidence grow.

The team is still second in many team batting stats, near the top in pitching, yes pitching stats and in first place in the NL East.

We don't need panic. We need a comfort zone for the players to relax and heat up again.

Boogerking said...

Imagine how awful Howard will look if he doesn't get those clean up spot RBI. We wont win two games in Texas.And WTF is the deal with all this talk about the ambient temperature?IT'S FUCKING SUMMERTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!If this team is so pathetic as to still require the it's cold-out-we-can't-play-in-50 degree weather then the season is OVER!!!Oh well, WNBA here we come!!!!! Screw the NY Liberty.They are the Mets of the women's b-ball world.I shall root don't think I know any other teams.Is there one in Trenton??????

ColinK said...

I don't know if this is what you meant by Padilla being a switch hitter, but I think I remember a time when he switch hit in the same at-bat!
Over/Under for Anna Benson's first conversation with Chris Wheeler which will include awkward pauses, gestures and laughter by Chris at the wrong time...30 days.

ripjgarcia said...

On Tom Gordon:

What do you mean you were THINKING since he hadn't pitched since June 15 it might be serious. That should be HOPING.

He's another one on my "ship'm out of here" list.

GM-Carson said...

If Tom Gordon is shelved and never pitches for the Phils again I will not miss him. He's old and washed-up, I stated that early in the season and I never changed my stance. He had his time in the sun, but the sun burnt him out and he's old and crusty now.

GM-Carson said...

For all the talk about how horrible the New York firstbasemen have been I haven't heard nearly enough bad-mouthing of our crappy firstbaseman. Jason Giambi and Carlos Delgado have begun to change their seasons around, yet Howard is backtracking yet again.

furiousBall said...

wow they just walked intentionally someone to pitch to ryan howard with the bases loaded... times have changed...

and he went down flailing away at a down and awa breaking ball

thank god feliz hit the granny after that

SirAlden said...

Poor Howard automatic strikeout these days.

Gordon was overused by Cholly for
all the holds early in the season.

Don't forget what Tom did last September. Wish him well.

SirAlden said...

I never figured you as a company man GM-Carson.

If the story is true, (it may not be) Chacon asked Wade to get out of
his face 3 times, and Wade kept
yelling in a non-professional way.

Wade should be chastised for talking
to anyone that way.

Would you have done that with an employee who refused to come into the office? No you would have called his agent and fired him the next day. Then Chacon would be liable for the losing his salary.

Anna can't wait.

SirAlden said...

Nice lineup Joe.

SirAlden said...

OH LORD! One run in. Bases loaded by Myers with NOBODY OUT!


GM-Carson said...

I volunteer to "accidentall" hit Brett Myers with my car. Not kill him, I ain't no murderer...just enough to cause damage so his punk ass is DL'd.

Offense coming to life (expect MVP's Rollins and Howard), but pitching sucks. Like I've been saying, this team is a joke.

Bob D said...

How's Kris Benson doing in AAA?

Can we trade for Chacon? He is good at beating guys who parachute into trees and get stuck there. Isn't he also the one who traded for Tejada the day before he was named on the Mitchel Report?

ripjgarcia said...

Anybody who was fooled by the 5 runs we put up early forgot to look at the box score to see the Feliz's salami was the only hit.

The Rangers starter sucked, almost as much as Myers.. Something must happen soon... This is also not good for young Cole because he gets a lot of pressure following up on Myers bad starts.

GM-Carson said...

What's that? The Phils lost again. No shit.

GreggyD said...

First off, SURPRISE!, another sucktastic start by Myers. Stat of the day: "The Phillies are 1-11 in the last 12 games started by Myers, who is 1-8 in that stretch." Get this bum out of the rotation. He's a piece of trash and is dragging down the entire team.

Secondly, I absolutely hate when this team lives and dies by the home run. 7 runs scored last night, 6 coming off of homers. It just doesn't work. I get giddy like a little school girl getting a Care Bears lunchbox when they actually score runs without knocking one over the fence. I wish this team knew how to play small ball better, but then again, you have to get hits to do that.

Which leads me to my next point, Ryan Howard blows. His average is back down to .214 and his strikeouts are at 112. THIS TEAM IS ONLY HALFWAY THROUGH THE SEASON! He's going to have more than the 224 he's on pace for at this point. Let's see if he can get to 250 so that we can watch how fast the arbitrator laughs in his face when he wants even the same salary next year. What a clown.

NL East lead down to one game...

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