Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jimmy Buffett Hates The Phillies

Of all people, I thought Jimmy Buffett would respect grass a little better than this...

It's a disgrace to have an outfield that looks the way it does currently at The Cit. They couldn't fine another place in the Delaware Valley to host a couple thousand Parrotheads?

Thanks for ruining our grass Jimmy Buffett. And by the way, your beer sucks.
Triple the Fun
Pat Burrell and Ryan Howard had triples last night. This has to be the first time that happened, and likely will be the last. I think I saw Manuel try to put Taguchi in as Burrell rounded second...
Garces Jr.
Is Bartolo Colon trying to turn himself into Rich Garces?

The only thing more pitiful than his 3 gopher balls and 4 chins were his 2 at-bats. Worst. Hitting. Pitcher. Ever.
Off Topic Quote
"The National League needs to join the 21st century. They need to grow up and join the 21st century. I've got my pitchers running the bases, and one of them gets hurt. He's going to be out. I don't like that, and it's about time they address it. That was a rule from the 1800s." - Hank Steinbrenner

Other rules Hanks wants both leagues to consider - a batting practice screen in front of the pitcher, 2 outs per half inning, moving the mound up to 45 feet, aluminum bats for players hitting under .250, allowing outfielders to use fishing nets, shortening the base paths to 60 feet, adding a fourth outfielder, growing grass in the infield dirt to be more "green," and adding a second DH.
"I believe we’re destined to play each other in the World Series," Hamels said. "We can compete with them any day of the week."

Well, let's see if they can compete on Tuesday's and Wednesday's before we reach October. Tonight, Moyer v. Lester, first pitch at 7:05, first annoying comment by Chris Wheeler at 7:15.



Corey said...

take a look at the Mendoza Watch, it might not be there tomorrow...

Maria said...

Willie Randolph officially fired by the Mets around midnight last night.


I don't know what to make of this.

C.M.R. said...

they fired their bench coach and pitching coach as well!

i looked on the mets fan forum and everyone there thinks they're finishing dead last now. that's pretty lol

goDuke said...

You have to keep the Mendoza Watch... clearly that is what is helping to turn Howard's season around... DO NOT remove it! You guys will end up doing more damage to the Fightins then David Bell ever did!

GM-Carson said...

Corey- I was thinking the same thing about the Mendoza Watch. I'll be happy to see it leave because that means Howard is finally doing what Howard should be doing which is absolutely killing the baseball.

I can't believe Howard and Burrell each tripled, that was better than homeruns in my opinion.

Colon hurt my WSBGM's Phantasy team last night, but it was worth it.

Cole Hamels is turning out to be a grea manufactorer of quotes. Kid is young and cocky, but if he backs it up I'm alright with that.

Now there's two Manuels managing in the NL East- Charlie and Jerry. Poor Willie Randolph, if it weren't for those racist bastards in NY he'd still have a job.

GoDuke- never ever compare us to David Fairy-Feet Bell again or posting privileges will be revoked.

Speaking of privileges being revoked, Hank Steinbrenner should never be allowed to speak again.

Joe said...

Nice win for the Phils. It has to be a huge boost in confidence for the players. Also, it's a nice barometer for us. We can see how they play against the best in the AL.

Hamels can talk like that as long as he pitches like that.

Good-bye, Willie.

GM-Carson said...

Moyer hasn't been good against BeanTown in the past (6-11) lifetime, with Manny taking him deep 10 times, but I'm hoping some seasons removed from regular exposure to Grand Pappy will be in our favor.

GM-Carson said...

Interesting Stats (ESPN)
Ryan Howard, last eight games:
Games with an RBI- Games 4, Avg. .579 (11-for-19), HR 4, RBI 17. Games without and RBI- Games 4, Avg. .063 (1-16), HR 0, RBI 0.

*That's textbook all-or-nothing right there.

furiousBall said...

Jimmy Buffet is the lowest common denominator of music. Hey write another song about flip flops and sailboats you piece of shit.

Dan said...

Yeah, I was at the game last night and wondering about the field...it looked like crap. But hell...I don't care what the field looks like if we play like that every night.

It was soooo satisfying to just stomp all over the Red Sox and shut up all of the Boston fans in attendance. I honestly think they are worse than Mets fans in terms of being obnoxious. Thoughts / opinions?

Also, I'd like to point out that the turning point of last night's game (in my opinion) was when BoSox reliever Mike Timlin walked Pedro Feliz on 4 pitches to start off an inning. The score was 4-2 at the time, and it was mildly uncomfortable. But walking Pedro Feliz? That's like a sign of the apocalypse. I honestly thought that the world might end. Predictably, this came back and bit him all over the ass. So delightful...

Go Phils!

Jimmy O'D said...

I'll have to admit the Buffet crowd did do quite the number on the turf at Citizens Bank. But as a member of that crowd it was well worth it. He put on a great show plus the turf will rebound once the Phils go on their road trip next week.

GM-Carson said...

Screw Mike Timlin. His distaste for Philly is now being thrown back in his washed-up face. He should retire.

GreggyD said...

I like Cole Hamels' self confidence, and you are right in saying that he is becoming a quote machine. Case in point being that last night when Rich Dubee came to the mound for a little chat after Cole surrendered the homers to Pedroia and Drew, Hamels told him to "get off [his] mound." This really gave me a good laugh and Cole laughed about it as he gave the quote too. I love watching him take the mound every 5 days. He always makes a Brett Myers shitfest from the night before a little easier to swallow.

I noticed that you included a potential world series matchup quote in the post today, and while that's all well and good to speculate seeing as both teams are in first place, Ken Mandel over at phillies.com needs to be put in place. His entire synopsis of last night's game revolved around how the Phillies would be taking on the Sox in the Series. Honestly, Mandel made it sound like it was a definite thing and there's really nothing stopping it. I would LOVE to see that matchup just as much as the next guy, but this is the kind of talk that gets teams in trouble. The media and fans are always saying how teams need to stay focused on the here and now and not let winning get to their heads, but Mandel is practically force-feeding us World Series hype and it's not even July yet. The Phillies are one of the hottest teams in baseball, but we all know that it's very likely that they'll hit a slump at some point. It's too long of a season for constant winning to be the norm for any team. In general, what I'm saying is, if Mandel wants to dream of the Phillies being in the World Series against Boston, then fine, but don't force-feed it to people. He, like other members of the media, would probably be pretty quick to jump down the throats of the common fan/blogger for seemingly popping the cork on the champagne bottles in June. His speculation is far too pre-mature and unnecessary at this point in the season. I knew World Series talk would enter the picture, but not to that degree.

GreggyD said...

Oh and on another note, I'm glad that the inevitable firing of Willie Randolph finally happened. I was so tired of hearing people guess about when he would be fired. Hopefully the chatter stops after today, and the Mutts can just continue in their downward spiral.

SirAlden said...

Hamels hepled my WSBGM's Phantasy team last night, and it was worth it.

Bob D said...

off topic quote: answer= join a softball league, that describes it exactally. What did Jimmy Buffet do to the grass? roll it up and smoke it?????

Why do we need to pinch run for guys who can leg out triples? Or are we just removing thier bats from the lineup?

Greggy does downward spiral mean like flushing the bowl?

GM-Carson said...

John Lester may have threw a no-hitter earlier this season, but it was against KC. No-hitting the Royals is like pitching a rain-shortened no-hitter, not as satisfying. Anyway, I'm hoping the Phils blast him tonight.

GreggyD said...

Seeing as the Mutts are pretty much in the shitter at this point, yes, I'm going to have to agree with you on that one, Bob.

GM-Carson said...

K to BB ratio for starters:
J-Roll 17-17
Vic 24-22
Utley 42-33
Howard 97-39
Burrell 53-58
Feliz 24-19
Jenkins 40-13
Werth 38-18
Ruiz 20-14
Coste 16-7

As you can see, only Werth, Jenkins, and Howard really strikeout a ton more than walk. Not bad at all.

GreggyD said...

I really like the fact that Burrell has drawn more walks than his total number of strikeouts. It really shows how he has matured at the plate and learned to pick out pitches. Ryan Howard should take some notes.

ripjgarcia said...

I was patiently waiting for the Yankees to blame a rule from the "1800s" for the injury of Wang. Screw you "Junkees". The only thing the DH serves as is a career extender for washed up players. (iwth the exception of a few)

The other NY having promoted the "other Manuel" is a sign that they are starting to give up on this season.

Los said...

Colon is starting to look like Sid Fernandez when he was with the Phils.

Buffet should've played in Camden, dammit!

BloodStripes said...

muck the fets!

Burton said...

Why the fuck are the Phillies losing to Boston right now?

SirAlden said...

DP Cooch! Why is Coste not starting he rakes lefties!

GM-Carson said...

I know Coste went to be with his wife for the birth of their 2nd child, but now that he's back it's time to plug him in the lineup. Ruiz just isn't good offensively this year.

Grand Pappy is pitching well, unfortunately the offensive is sucking hind teat.

C.M.R. said...

the defense is solid today but this offense is making me want to throw up.

C.M.R. said...

guess the mendoza watch isn't going away anytime soon...

ripjgarcia said...

I am sorry to see the Phils lose tonight, but as a Red Auerbach fan, it was very nice to see his final work come to fruition... whether that be hiring this guy or that....whatever... this guy spent his entire life loving and hating people to the greatest reaches of his conscience. And I am so happy as shit to see Kobe lose. But then I got into a BET about who was the first african-american to win a title as head coach... and I say Russell and dude say KC Jones.. and I win.. right?

Bob D said...

Phils despite the loss did not lose any ground to Marlins, Braves, nor the Manuel led Mets. Mendoza watch still above 220.

GM-Carson said...

I care more about Doubles Tennis than I do the NBA, screw both the Lakers and Celtics!

Screw the Phils for not scoring. How many times have they been shutout this season now? At least 3 I recall.

BloodStripes said...

Yep. 3.

How about 10 runs next game Phils. Need a series a win.

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