Thursday, June 12, 2008


Is it just me or do the Phillies seem to always find a way to come crashing down and erase any good vibes fans are feeling about the team? I know it's only a 2 game losing streak, but those 2 games have been to the Phils' biggest competitor- the Florida Marlins. Let's take a look at what good has been erased over the past two days.

Good- Cole Hamels striking out 13 Marlins over 8 innings while giving up only 2 runs via 3 hits and 1 walk to drop his era to 3.27.
Erased- Tom Gordon and his inability to get outs. The Phils tied the game in the top of the 9th to watch Gordon implode in the bottom of the 9th by catering the Marlins fans (all 3 of them) to a walk-off granny by stumpy Dan Uggla.

Good- Chase Utley supplying the offense for the Phils by knocking in both runs last night upping his season total to 58.
Erased- Carlos Ruiz grounding into two double plays last night to see his batting average fall to .221 and OPS to a minor league demotion worthy .601.

Good- Ryan Howard coming out of his season long slump to see his average "up" to .214 entering Tuesday's game.
Erased- Ryan Howard going 0-7 with 3 k's in the first two games of this series to dismiss any rumors of an emergence from the depths of ineptitude, shoving him right back down towards that dreaded .200 mark (.208).

Good- Evening the score at 2-2 in the 9th off of Marlins' closer Kevin Gregg because of his sloppiness and having the bases loaded with 2 outs with one of our most patient batters stepping to the plate in the form of Jayson Werth.
Erased- Jayson Werth attempting to bunt his way on. Seriously? The bases were loaded, Gregg walked 2 men and hit a batter in the inning and Werth bunts at the first pitch...that deserves a verbal thrashing.

Good- Sweeping the Braves in Atlanta reaching 13 games over .500 and owning a 4 game lead on the Marlins heading into Tuesday night's game.
Erased- Losing the first 2 games of the series and watching the NL East division lead dwindle to 2 games.

Grand Pappy Moyer please save this series for the Phils and continue your lifetime dominance over them (8 games started, 8 wins, 3.51 era, 1.09 whip).



bsg said...

i was too annoyed to watch post game live and watch charlie's post game news conference and i couldn't find any quotes this morning in the DN or the inquirer ,but was charlie asked why he stuck with gordon? did anyone hear or read anything?

Joe said...

The slam adds insult to injury, but Uggla was going to get that run in, whether with the inevitable walk or a fly ball over the head of the drawn in outfield.

You have to lean or Gordon there. With a tie, you need Lidge for the bottom of the 10th. By the time he's in deep trouble, it's too late to get Romero warm. (I'm not sure if he was up throwing already.)

Don't forget, Gordon had been a very reliable option this season. Although in the last 2 weeks: 5 IP, 5H, 5ER. Time for a rest.

Just a bad loss caused by the simple inability to throw strikes.

How about that rare mistake by Utley, over sliding second and getting tagged out. Too much hustle cost them. But you take one mistake like that every 60+ games for the great play the rest of the time.

GM-Carson said...

Utley was stealing 2nd base, and then was trying to break up the double play, he had no idea he was actually going to be safe, thus the over slide that went on to be an out.

Joe said...

Fair point re:Utley. I was just pointing out the rareness of the mistake. It would have been nice to have that out back in the inning. And I've spend the last three months cringing at little leaguers as they blow through bases.

I still want more Coste. More Dobbs. More cowbell.

Looking forward to the Sox rolling into town next week. As a Boston native I get the thrill of being happy no matter who wins.

furiousBall said...

Gordon sucks, but I'm not convinced that Ruiz is calling good games behind the dish especially when relievers come in the game. I could be wrong.

Jimmy O'D said...

Joe there is no such thing as having two favorite teams. You are either a Sox fan or a Phils fan please pick one.

Bob D said...

Gordon tends to get streaky, so a bad game now may soon turn into 3 more to follow. That does worry me some and Cholly usually sticks with someone in a key situation even if he is struggling.

Ruiz lack of production recently doesn't worry me, but Coste has been doing much more than we all expected. Good enough to be considered for the majority of starts. The entire bench and lineup has been excellent except for Taguchi. Time to recall Snelling.

GM-Carson said...

F' the BoSox, Phils winning is all that matters.

Ruiz does play good defense and call a good game. But he really needs to start hitting a bit more.

GM-Carson said...

For those of you who didn't already know, the Phils released veteran lefty reliever Steve Kline from the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.

Joe said...

When you use the word "favorite" I can't turn my back on my Boston birth and 20+ years of residency.

Red Sox are my favorites and I'll be one of the less vocal, less annoying Sox fans in my regular seats at CBP. I know there will be many annoying Sox fans and I won't make excuses for them. The two WS wins created many idiot fans.

I've been in Philly since starting at SJU in 86, so I can profess some loyalty to the Phils. But it has its limits.

Of course with Red Sox pitching cast offs : Gordon, Romero, Seanez, and Moyer, it's always like a Sox reunion.

GM-Carson said...

I just saw one of my quotes got top billing on BeerLeaguer today. Too bad it was a negative concerning Ruiz.

Maximis said...

(Note: If you are in fact 'Joe', please read all the way to the bottom for my apology...)


Why do you have to suck so much? No one cares about the stupid Red Sox. If you like them so much, go back to Boston...or at least stop professing your love for them on this PHILLIES blog. I'm sure you and your 345,865,493 fake Red Sox fans can all get together and talk about how awesome it is that the giant dome covering New England has killed everything fun about all professional sports.

...But that's beside the point. I am just so damn frustrated with the Phillies right now. I love your guys' blog, and being that i finally graduated from Pitt, I no longer have to watch horrible Pirates baseball and see the highlights of Phils games on ESPN.

Seriously, why go with Gordon in the ninth though? Again, I haven't seen too much of him yet this season, and given he looks marginally better than he did last season, how are you not going to go with Romero, Durbin (who was throwing in the eighth I believe), or ANYONE else? This, to me, represents another illogical coaching move which cost us a game I was really excited/praying we'd win (solely because in no way did Hamels deserve a loss for that performance). At least Jorge Cantu's face still looks like someone backed a tractor trailer over it about 87 times.

Oh but it gets better! Then, my friend finally had his money together so that we could buy our partial season tickets. Being so very excited, I logged onto to find out they stopped selling partial seasons 2 days ago. Son of a bitch. I called the ticket office, and they said there's no way to get them any more. Son of a bitch.

As usual, the city of brotherly love (or, as I prefer, the city that hates you back) is taking an Osi Umenyora-esque dump on my face.

...And Joe seriously, nothing personal. I'm just frustrated. And I will likely be at the Tuesday game with another real BoSox fan. Just know that if he gets out of line, I will not be afraid to punch him in the face. It's the Philly way.

GM-Carson said...

WSBGM's has and forever will be a blog that is okay with people venting frustrations on.

GreggyD said...

Good lord if I have to deal with hearing a Red Sox majority at CBP this coming series I might just jump off a building. It disgusts me that they can out-voice the Philly fans. We had better get a good showing at the park next week.

C.M.R. said...

I'm rather annoyed with the whole RED SOX NATION crap. Okay, you reversed your bloody curse, now could you please shut the fuck up?

I also like how ESPN and the like still jizz all over that curse of the bambino, but they don't give a shit if any of the Philly teams win anything. We don't even get the "cursed" status like the Sox and Cubs do, and that's just sad.

I hate the media.

GM-Carson said...

I agree that the media is overlooking the Phils the past few seasons.

I used to root for the BoSox because I felt bad for them. Now they're just Yankees Jr. with their obnixous fans and in-your-face television covrerage.

Jacobin said...

Well, I'm back from Harrisburg,and (no offense to Corey and Carson) I am very happy to be back! Four days in the state capitol area was about three and a half days more than I needed...

While I was gone, the Phillies dropped two games to the frigging Florida Marlins! The stats say Florida should come back to earth at some point, but when is that going to happen?! I've really grown to hate the Marlins over the last few years.

Washington is the only team in the NL East that I don't have vehement, deep, gut-twisting loathing for at this point. I'm sure that will change at some point.

SirAlden said...

Great Great Well Written Post.

Time to go work as a SportsWriter.

GM-Carson said...

You flatter me SirAlden, but my style would be shunned by the journalistic world.

GM-Carson said...

Billy Wagner started the season lights out, pitching the equivalent of a no-hitter in relief pretty much. However, he's getting banged around hard recently as he blew yet another save today for the Mets. That's 3 straight appearances and 3 straight blown saves. Hahahah!

GreggyD said...

That comment about The Rat warms my soul

GM-Carson said...

Where the hell has our offense gone? I hate Scott Olsen, time to light this lil' bitch up!

Maximis said...

Nothing warms my heart quite like seeing ole' Grand Pappy Moyer hustle his ass to third and attempt to slide.

Didn't you forget Jamie? You got arthritis 22 years ago!

...Please God don't let us think its a good idea to bring in Tom Gordon again...

...And Mets fans can F themselves too. Why the hell can't Philadelphians call off work or whatever is necessary every time we play the Mets at home???

Maximis said...

But we already know the Mets (and fans) suck a Big Brown's thoroughbred weiner.

I was actually playing tennis today and felt inclined to punch a 7 year old child wearing a big papi shirt in the jaw. GUESS WHAT RED SOX! YA WON 2 WORLD SERIES IN THE PAST TWO YEARS! AND THE PATRIOTS HAVE WON EVERY SUPER BOWL EVER! AND THE CELTICS ARE IN THE FINALS!

You aren't cursed any more.

God I hate Red Sox nation.

...Ok, I'm done now. Until the series starts.

Dan said...

Wow, so much to respond to:

(1) The Red Sox are hardly even Yankees Jr at this point. More like Yankees Twins or Yankees Broskis or something like that. Neither is really worse than the other at this point.

(2) Tough first couple of games. Phils underperformed, but they also just ran into some tough luck.

(3) I actually liked Werth's bunting move last night. It was so against conventional baseball wisdom that it would have absolutely worked if he had laid down any kind of reasonably decent bunt. I mean, a bunt was literally one of the things I would have least expected at that point. And don't forget that Werth doesn't hit righties all that well anyway. So it didn't work, that sucked, they lost, that sucked, but I don't mind Werth's move.

(4) I wasn't too worried about the granny - whatever, they lost, it was basically bound to happen in some way or another. The real "screw you, dan" moment occurred when I checked my weekly fantasy baseball matchup and realized that this week's opponent has Dan Uggla...d'oh!

Here's to hoping they can pull this one out tonight!

GreggyD said...

Grand Pappy with an OUTSTANDING effort tonight. That was a thing of beauty. I love how Moyer has become such a solid option out of the three spot in this rotation. 8 IP, 2 H, 0 R is absolutely beautiful. He's such a strategic pitcher and that's why he doesn't need to throw 95 mph. The Phils needed this win in a big way and Moyer came up huge because he didn't get much support.

GreggyD said...

Oh and just for the record:

This offense was terrible and had better step it up if they want to compete with their opponents over the next couple of series. With St. Louis, Boston, Anaheim, Oakland, and Josh Hamilton coming up on the schedule. This is not a good time for the lineup to forget how to knock runs in and leave the bases loaded time and time again.

Moyer put a huge smile on my face tonight, but this offense made me vomit.

C.M.R. said...

grand pappy moyer has been a helluva pitcher all season and i hope he continues to pitch like this well into his 50's. i think he's got it in him.

Jacobin said...

Moyer pitched great tonight, no doubt. I think this calls for mentioning this guy might not be in the running for the Cy Young, but he's sure looking like the best of the Cy Old candidates.

GreggyD said...


BloodStripes said...

Haha. Moyer for Cy Old.

GM-Carson said...

Moyer wins Cy Old Award hands down. He was terrific last night, and he needed to be because the Phils bats are still not hitting. Bases loaded in the 7th, 8th, and 9th and they didn't do a damn thing. Ryan Howard was pitiful in that seriers, I believe 0-12...ouch!