Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cookie is Crumbling

Personally, I prefer a good cookie that is moist with a consistent amount of dough and sweet chocolaty goodness in every bite that doesn't break apart upon consumption. A dry crumbling cookie that has a few chocolate chips dispersed here and there is not satisfying my sweet tooth. Since sweeping the Braves in Atlanta the Phillies have played the Marlins, Cardinals, and Red Sox going 3-6 in that period losing each series. Consistency? Ha! Crumbling cookie? Yes!

On the horizon, the AL West leading Angels followed by the surprising and overachieving Athletics. In other words- things aren't getting any easier! The Phils have a rough schedule up until the All-Star break and if they can't find a way to play better against better competition they just might break by that point. This is a good test for them to see if they are truly as good as they think they are, guess we'll have to wait and see.

*Chase Utley is in a horrible slump, as he's been unable to get a hit in his last 20 at bats dropping his average below .300 (.294). Now's not the time to play limbo Chase and see how low you can go.

*Since Ryan Howard's breakout game that was supposed to erase all of our bad memories and set him on the path to greatness for the remainder of the season on Monday night he's 1-8 with 5 k's.

*Bold prediction- look for Tom Gordon to go on the DL soon and not be activated until following the All-Star break because he looks toasted.


*Greg Golson has been DL'd in Reading. This is upsetting because it finally seemed like Golson was turning the corner in his career to becoming a legit prospect warranted by stats rather than the tag of 1st round pick. .299, 22 extra base hits, .785 OPS, 17 sb.

*Lakewood Blue Claw teammates Michael Taylor and Drew Naylor have been promoted to Clearwater. Taylor is a huge (6'6" 250 lb) outfielder that has power and speed. He was making the Sally League his woman- .361, 40 r, 10 hr, 50 rbi, 10 sb, .995 OPS. BloodStripes' Aussie country mate Naylor is fanning over a batter an inning and has really propelled himself into the Phils prospect list- 5-3, 2 CG, 87.1 ip, 97 k, 2.99 era, 1.03 whip.

*Adrian Cardenas has been on fire since being un-DL'd, ripping apart Florida State League pitching with a .324 avg, .892 OPS, 31 r, 8 sb, and 18 extra base hits all in just 45 games.

*Catcher of the future Lou Marson is making me pine for his promotion with every passing game Carlos Ruiz struggles, as the 22 year old Lou is putting on a hitting clinic in Reading with a .348 avg, .907 OPS, and BB to K ratio of 43:39. Marson is looking like a leadoff batter with his .463 on base %, and he's thrown out roughly 30% of base stealers.



furiousBall said...

I like that Marson, name could be shortened to Mars and that reminds me of John Marzano (also a catcher)

Stephanie Grace said...

Utley's been in a slump since that NYTimes article.

I blame New York in general, those hexing bastards.

GM-Carson said...

Honestly, is there anything good about NY? I think it can be blamed for damn near everything wrong in the world. Ok, that's harsh, but I really hate the Mets and Yankees.

goDuke said...

I hate the Yanks, Mets and Giants... even though they are football hate them too.

GM-Carson said...

I really don't hate teams of sports other than baseball. I like to watch NFL on a Sunday while taking a nap (is that really watching?), but baseball is all that matters to me really.

GreggyD said...

Today's off day is very important for this team because this stretch run is really going to be a test for them. Plus, Chase needs the time to go into the team's video room and watch every single at-bat that he has failed to get a hit in during this 0-for.

They made a good point in the broadcast yesterday in saying that teams are actually starting to play Utley like they do with Howard and they put the over-shift on him because he is starting to be considered strictly a pull hitter. Chase has the ability to spray it around the field, but when I saw the breakdown of his outfield hits, the proportion between right field hits compared to the other two fields is outlandish. Chase just needs to wait on some pitches a little longer and stop pulling so much. Despite the fact that he's 0-for-20, I have a lot of faith that he'll break out of this slump, unlike Ryan Howard.

Burton said...

I think that if Steinbrenner, Doc Gooden, and Darrel Strawberry are the calibur of charater that comes out of New York Shitty, then I think you can safely blame them for "damn near everything."

GM-Carson said...

Burton- cut Gooden and Strawberry some slack, it's not their fault they snorted coke...oh wait, yes it was!

Utley will break out of this funk, he's too good not to.

C.M.R. said...

bah, those damn yankees are starting to win now too. 6 in a row. yep, looks like the al is gonna end up as a YANKS/SAWX rivalry again and the media is not gonna shut up about it.

hopefully the rays can still make some noise. i think they deserve a turn.

Burton said...

You're right of course, gm. I think it is the pressure of the game that drove them to it. Much like Matt Lawton of the Yankees, Felix Heredia of the Mets, and the reprehensible, lamentable Clemens for steroid use.

The Phillies cookie may be crumbling, for now, but at least their all running on their own juices, and not those found in a syringe.

GM-Carson said...

The Rays are the best thing in baseball right now in my opinion. I watched them last night against the Cubs and they've got a good ball club. I'd love to see the Rays make the playoffs with one of the Yanks of BoSux sitting in October for a change.

GM-Carson said...

Some rumors surrounding the Phils floating around according to MLBTR-
*Phils looking for another lefty reliever and could target one of Alan Embree, George Sherrill, Brian Fuentes, Eddie Guardado, Damaso Marte, John Grabow, Ron Mahay, or Jeremy Affeldt.

*Phils have recently scouted Roy Oswalt, although he's said to be "unavailable".

*Cheeseburge Sabathia is on the Phils radar, but it's believed they don't have enough in the farm system to land the hefty-lefty.

GreggyD said...

I don't know how I would feel about bringing in Sabathia. First of all, we would only be renting him for the rest of the season, because I think another team will throw huge money at him in the offseason, and that team will not be the Phillies.

I guarantee that that Indians will command a lot of high talent prospects and I'm not about to trade the top members of our farm system for 3 months of CC Sabathia.

Also, Sabathia is only 5-8 and has a 4.26 ERA which isn't all that great in my mind. Yeah, he would be our 2nd best starter in a heartbeat, but the Tribe just will demand too much.

GM-Carson said...

If Sabathia is only a rental then I do not want to give away a bunch of prospects for him. However, if the Phils traded for him and then signed him to an extension within a 72 hour window, then it's definetely worth the look.

GM-Carson said...

More rumors from MLBTR-
*The Phillies have already inquired on Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Bronson Arroyo, and Jarrod Washburn. Stark sees Bedard joining that group, but believes it'd require Carlos Carrasco and Antonio Bastardo.

*Ryan Freel is drawing strong interest; Stark names the Phillies, Braves, Mets, and Marlins as suitors.

Here's what Jayson Stark had to say:
• Phretting in Philly: With the help of a number of clubs that have spoken with the Phillies, we've assembled this shopping list of starting pitchers it appears they've at least kicked tires on: Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Bronson Arroyo and (surprisingly) Jarrod Washburn. Bedard just hit the market, so you can add his name any minute now.

But those same clubs say the Phillies might have the hardest decisions to make of just about any team with win-the-World Series upside. If they go for it now -- and decimate their still-thin system to deal for a big-name rent-a-pitcher like Sabathia or Burnett -- this might be the only year they'd be capable of contending.

To make a trade like that, they'd probably have to give up both of their two most advanced starting-pitching prospects, Carlos Carrasco and Antonio Bastardo. So if they lose Brad Lidge and their rent-a-starter to free agency, and Jamie Moyer retires, Brett Myers doesn't rebound and Adam Eaton's first half turns out to be a mirage, the Phillies' pitching staff next year would essentially consist of Cole Hamels, Kyle Kendrick, J.C. Romero, Ryan Madson, an uncertain Myers and seven question marks.

"So that's a tough call," said one NL executive. "Do you say, 'Go for it, and the hell with next year'? Or do you think big picture, but maybe not have enough [pitching] to win this year? It's a scary choice to have to make."

***Personally I'd like to not trade away all of our prospects because we don't have many, especially not at the price of a Washburn or Arroyo. Bedard or Sabathia would be worth a real long look, but they'd likely only be rent-a-players, same with AJ Burnett who continues to underwhelm.

C.M.R. said...

i take it benson isn't joining the big boys this year then?

BloodStripes said...

Phils v Angels. Scioscia going home.

GM-Carson said...

Benson got rocked in a rehab start yesterday. Looks like Gillick chose the wrong reclamation project.

BloodStripes said...

Should have chased Ponson before the Yanks signed him.

GreggyD said...

At least he didn't chase Prior who is out for the season AGAIN.