Monday, June 30, 2008

That's It, I'm Done

Eric Hurley? They can't hit Eric freakin' Hurley?!?!

That's it, I'm done talking about this team. No more about Brett Myers getting hit around. No more about Ryan "I want A-Rod money but hit like Dave Kingman" Howard and his battle with the Mendoza Line. No more DP Feliz, Gavin Eaton, or Uncle Cholly either. Like Muhammad Ali in a game of Jenga, I'm out, and off to blog about the WNBA. You can join my WNBA blog community here.

Farewell and good luck Phillies.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

First Place Phillies

As bad as things have been lately, the Phils still sit atop the NL East standings. Seriously, I have proof:

Kris Benson
Benson is making his first AAA start today against the Syracuse Chiefs. He earned the jump to AAA after two dominating performances in Clearwater, where he went 0-2 with a 8.10 ERA. No shame in that game though, the Vero Beach Devil Rays are deep...

Seriously, according to these game reports, Benson hasn't shown great command or decent velocity. And even when the guy is healthy and throwing well, he doesn't stay that way for long. Why does anyone think he will have success for the FeHams? And why does anyone think he's going to help the team this year? I would love to see Anna Benson in the Cit stands as much as anybody, but I just don't see it happening this year.
Rubber Match Breakdown
Moyer v Hurley - Texas starter Eric Hurley was a first round pick for the Rangers in 2004. The righty's career minor league ERA is a pedestrian 4.02. He's pitched three times so far in his major league career, posting a 4.24 ERA. He only has 9 K's in 18 innings pitched, which bodes well for the strikeout happy Phils.

Like I said a few days ago, the Phils should win this game and complete the series victory. If they don't...


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stop Making Excuses!

Winning doesn't come easy, at least not for this bunch of chuckleheads called the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies. 4-12 over the last 16 games is an accomplishment, an accomplishment that's worth a boot to the nards. Winner, winner, chicken suck! No more excuses blamed on the weather, bad luck, tough schedule, ingrown toenails, the Writers' Strike, or distractions caused by the New Kids On The Block reunion. It's time to balls up and earn your paychecks. Like a foul-mouthed Nike, Just F*@king Do it!


Please Bash Howard!:
This entire season has been an endless bitchfest about the New York firstbasemen (Jason Giambi and Carlos Delgado). Rumors of being released, they're washed-up, dropped in the lineup, being booed by fans, getting national media coverage of their accelerated downward spiral into a supposed plummet. When's the Ryan Howard bashing going to start? Giambi and Delgado are both accomplished veterans that have been around a long time and have had many productive seasons. However, each are on the wrong side of 35 (Giambi 37, Delgado 36), so naturally they're going to decline. What about Howard though? The man in search of an A-Rod like contract is only 28 and is having a horrible year. Sure he has a butt-load of homers and RBI but playing in Citizens Bank Park and batting 4th in the Phils lineup will have that sort of effect. With every passing day I find it harder and harder to root for Howard; frankly he disgusts me on many levels. I will never be able to get past a batting average that low and a strikeout total that high. Take a look at the numbers posted by each of these players: Howard- 304 ab, 49 r, 33 extra base hits, 65 rbi, 112 k, .214 avg, .763 OPS. Giambi- 220 ab, 29 r, 29 xbh, 45 rbi, 40 k, .268 avg., .958 OPS. Delgado- 287 ab, 38 r, 27 xbh, 44 rbi, 64 k, .233 avg, .734 OPS. I am not a fan of Delgado or Giambi, but a strong case could be made that if they were the Phils firstbaseman batting cleanup that their numbers would be jacked up too, and they're supposed to be old and nearly useless. It's time to bash Howard!!!


WNBA Preview:
I know nothing about the WNBA other than I don't really want to know anything about the WNBA. However, possibly as early as tomorrow WSBGM's may be converted to a WNBA blog as per Corey's statement of "The Phils should take at least two from the Rangers. And if they don't, I'm signing off on supporting the Phils and turning this into a WNBA blog...". I'm looking forward to tantalizing analysis of female pumpkin pushers.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Know Your Enemy - Texas Rangers

General History - The Texas Rangers started playing baseball in 1972 after the Senators left Washington and relocated to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They are the second team to be previously known as the Senators, since Washington moved to Minnesota in the 60's. If you add the 10 years the team played in Washington, the Rangers are the oldest franchise to never make it to the World Series. Moreover, they have never even won a playoff series. In fact they've only won a single playoff game in their history. It's not 10,000 loses, but that is a lot of losing.

Not A Ranger - Unfortunately, Walker Texas Ranger is not a Texas Ranger. But he is freakin' awesome and he will kick your ass.

You Know Your Organization Sucks When... - They start inducting mediocre players into their Hall of Fame. 2007's inductee - Rusty Greer. Ouch. If Rusty can make it into a Hall of Fame, maybe the Phils should stick Juan Samuel in, that would be silly...

Phillie Connection - Three former Phillies are on the Rangers roster: Marlon Byrd, Kevin Millwood, and Vicente Padilla. Byrd was a cool dude, but we have plenty of outfielders, so I don't miss him too much. Millwood never pitched as good for the Phils as he did with the Braves, and he sweated too much, so I don't miss him. Now, Padilla, that is a guy I miss. He had a cool fan group, he switch-hit (having a contact side and a power side), he threw side-arm curveballs at inappropriate times, he wasn't' afraid to incite a riot and beat some ass and he might have a drinking problem...boy do I miss this guy.

This Year - At 40-40, you would have to say the Rangers are having a pretty good season. Their best player is Josh Hamilton, who just left the game after the first inning against the Astros with what Yahoo! sports lists as an "UNDISCLOSED INJURY." Hopefully he's not injured severely, but just enough to not play against the Phils.

Matchup - The Phils get Gabbard, Padilla (against Hamels) and Hurley (not the guy from Lost...). The Phils should take at least two from the Rangers. And if they don't, I'm signing off on supporting the Phils and turning this into a WNBA blog...
WTF does "balky" mean?
Wasn't that the foreign guy from Perfect Strangers? Standing tall, on the wings of my dream...

Anyways, Ruben Amaro says that Tom Gordon's "balky" shoulder is nothing serious. Phew, that's good news. I was thinking since he hasn't pitched since June 15, it might be serious, but if Ruben says it's okay, it must be okay. I'm sure that a sore shoulder on a guy with a partially torn rotator cuff and a history of prolonged DL-time is nothing to worry about.
Yesterday's Game
C'mon, did you really think Eaton was going to beat Harden? No, of course not, and neither did anybody on the actual team. That game was over before it started.

I appreciated Charlie's lineup mixup on Wednesday, but after yesterday, I've changed my mind. I don't want to see Utley in the 2-spot again and I like moving Burrell up but at the expense of Victorino? And keeping Howard at 4? Now these changes are just looking random and desperate...


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

Chris Snelling - Sleeman Cream Ale

A week or so ago, my neighbor came over and gave me a 6-pack of cans of Sleeman Cream Ale. He said he got it at the local distributor for around 10 bucks a case and that it was surprisingly good. And boy was he right. For the price, I've never had a better can of beer. So, I went directly to my local supplier only to learn that they aren't distributing that beer in my area any longer and it was so cheap (usually around 14 bucks a case, still a bargain) because they had it on special to get rid of it. Such a disappointment...much like the disappointment that is Chris Snelling's career.

Snelling tore through the minors, hitting over .300 in each of his first 7 seasons. But as soon as he got to the majors, he tore up his ACL. He never really got healthy in Seattle and was traded twice before he ended up with the Phils. This year, he only has two hits, but both were clutch extra-base knocks. Unfortunately, he was sent down in favor of So Taguchi. And now that the anti-Taguchi train is picking up speed, Snelling is disabled in Lehigh Valley and awaiting results of an MRI on his knee and could possibly be out for an extended period of time. And we are stuck with Taguchi. Such a disappointment...
"I grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground." - Shawn Chacon

Chacon channeled the angst of thousands of Phillies fans when he ended a confrontation with Ed Wade by hurling the scrotum-faced GM to the ground. To be honest, this isn't cool. A player can't go Latrell Sprewell on management. Chacon should probably be suspended for the rest of the season and his contract should be voided. Furthermore, I wouldn't mind it if Chacon never saw the field again. This kind of crap should not be tolerated. That being said, I'm ashamed to admit I chuckled a little when I read this. And I wondered, "Was Wade wearing his MedicAlert bracelet?"
The Oakland Series
Okay, WSBGM's needs a west coast correspondent because I'm too old to stay up that late. I only have one friend who lives in the pacific time zone, and he's a Giants fans, so I don't trust him to write about the Phillies... But anyways, I can't comment on the game because I've only seen the highlights and the boxscore. Apparently Utley got some hits and Kendrick didn't allow many. That's nice. Wins are good.

One thing I did see before I passed out was the lineup changes Manuel made. Rollins third, Victorino seventh, Utley second. Whatever. I think Manuel was just shaking things up to try to reverse fortunes. It's creative. It's not very Manuel-like. I like it. I don't think any of the changes are permanent, although I would like to see Pat Burrell sitting in the cleanup spot more often. This is at least the second time Burrell has occupied that spot against a LHP. But why isn't Burrell there against righties too? I realize Howard can't hit lefties at all (.180) but he isn't tearing up righties either (.240.) Until Howard is consistently hitting the ball, Burrell needs to sit in the 4-hole and Howard needs to move down in the order.

The rubber match of this series is set for 4:00 today. Adam Eaton squares off against Rich Harden, so the Phils don't have much of a chance. Be thankful you'll be at work and miss most of this one...


Things are Bad

2-8 in InterLeague play, 6 game losing streak, 1-8 over last 9 games, 3-10 over last 13, have tumbled from 13 games over .500 to now only 6...things are bad! Will things get better? Not tonight (Greg Smith 3.51 era/1.26 whip) and not tomorrow afternoon (Rich Harden 2.44/1.19). It's a long season (162 games/6 months), so naturally there will be peaks and valleys, but right now it feels like the Phils have a bad case of diarrhea and are dumping all over us.

Want to discuss how Ryan Howard is a joke, that Chase Utley has 1 hit in his last 29 at bats, how worthless Geoff Jenkins has been, how incredibly frustrating watching Pedro Feliz and Carlos Ruiz hack at horrible pitches is, how 3 of our starting pitchers (Eaton, Kendrick, and Myers) have been ineffective? Nope, me neither! Screw them, they suck!

Honestly, all I feel like doing right now is going off on a F-bomb laced tirade with many "douchebags" and "no-talent ass-clowns" scattered throughout, but we try to keep this a PG-13 blog, so I'll refrain and simply stay with "Screw them, they suck!".


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Win!

Message from the Phillie Phaithful to the Phils while on their awful Left Coast trip- Just Win! "Awful" Left Coast trip? Yes, because any time a game starts after my bedtime (10:05 pm) that's just not cool.

Moyer vs. Blanton tonight. I'll be watching with my eyes closed on my California King.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where's Phillies?

Carson asked yesterday to "Let my people go." Well, I think "our people" left a week ago, and I'd like to find them, because the slop that has taken the field lately doesn't resemble the Phillies of last month in any way.

I feel like going nuts in a crazed rant about the impotent offense, the lackluster pitching, the complete worthlessness of So Taguchi...but I'm not going to. What everyone (the Phillies, the bloggers, the fans) needs now is a holiday...a vacation from the grind and push of the old reset button.

Also, there's no need to panic yet. Sure, things are tough right now and the Phils have some weaknesses that need to be addressed, but let's all try for one day to act like St. Louis Cardinals fans and be happy about what we have. The Phils are eight games over .500 and are still in first. Those are good things. Of course, if you can't think like this, at least act like a Florida Marlins fan and be completely ambivalent for one day or be like a Tampa Rays fan and forget there is even a team in your city. Think of this as Mental Health Monday...

To help you distract yourself from the crapfest that is the Phillies right now, I've created a little "Where's Phillies" game. In the picture below you have to find Howard, Utley, Rollins, Burrell, Dobbs, Hamels, Jenkins, Myers, Victorino, Werth and Waldo. Enjoy.

More Distraction
In honor of deceased comedian George Carlin, here is a link to Carlin's famous baseball/football routine. [If the link doesn't work, go here for the Youtube clip.]Enjoy.


Let My People Go!

The Oppressors: Jon Lester, Justin Masterson, Ervin Santana, and Joe Saunders. This fearsome foursome has caused to Phils to go into a 4 game losing streak tailspin in which they scored only 7 runs, collected 20 hits for a .160 batting average, and struck out 32 times.

Today's competitor comes in the form of California born and raised surfer boy Jered Weaver. Like Moses proclaimed, "Let my people go!".


Brett Myers is struggling this season, struggling to be anything that resembles a quality pitcher. In fact, he's the antonym of quality, he's inferior. He's fallen to 3-9 on the season with a 5.51 era and 1.51 whip while surrendering a MLB leading 23 homeruns. I could go the route of suggesting I could hit a homerun off of this no-talent ass-clown, but I'm 6'3" 245, so that's within the realm of possibility. To completely insult Myers, I will instead suggest even Rafael Belliard would take Myers deep twice in the same ball game.


The Night Time is the Right Time:
As Phils Phans we put all of our hopes squarely on the shoulders of Cole Hamels to pitch us out of this rut. We need to be careful in over-wishing though as Cole's day/night splits are spooky- 4.84 era/1.40 whip during the day, 3.08/1.04 at night. This reminds me of the hilarious Joining the Cult skit by Adam Sandler...the night time is the right time!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Drought Alert

Drought Alert- Chase Utley now without a hit in his last 23 at bats spanning 6 games. He's too good of a hitter for this to continue much longer, but it sucks nonetheless.

Hiatus- Following the great awakening Ryan Howard experienced (3-5, 1 triple, 2 homeruns, 4 rbi) against Boston on Monday he's fallen back asleep (1-11, 7 k's) in the 3 games since. I know Corey and I have been critical of him this season, but he truly deserves it. Dude is on a pace to strikeout 225 times, shattering his own horrific record of 199...but strikeouts don't matter according to the omnipotent statheads.

Drought Alert 2- Last Friday was a special night, 20 runs scored by the Phillies in one game has that sort of effect. However, since the 20-2 drubbing of the Cardinals, the Phils bats have been putrid posting a .214 batting average in the past 6 games and have scored only 21 runs (3.5 per game).

Power Outage- Geoff Jenkins was signed to compliment Jayson Werth as the left-handed part of the right field platoon. Jenkins has been an utter disappoint since coming to Philly posting a weak .697 OPS with only 17 extra base hits in 199 at bats. In fact, the RF platoon of Jenkins/Werth has combined for some of the worst offensive output in the NL for their position. I wonder if this lack of production has anything to do with both of them having ordinary names with retarded spellings...just a thought.

Drought Alert 3- Sweep of the Braves = awesome! Losing 2 out of 3 to the Marlins, Cardinals, and Red Sox = pathetic! Phils lost again last night to the Angels making them 3-7 over their last 10 games. Last nigth was extremely pathetic as they only had 2 hits, meaning that 3 Angels alone outhit them in the game (Garret Anderson and Vladimir Guerrero 3 hits apiece and Howie Kendrick with 4).

Missing You- Kyle Lohse making all of $4,250,000 is now 9-2 with a 3.63 era and 1.22 whip on the season. Hindsight indeed is 20-20, but he'd look damn good in our rotation in place of one of our scrubs (Eaton, Myers, or Kendrick).

Drought Alert 4- The thing about droughts is that everything becomes so dry that the slightest spark can catch the whole damn thing on fire. The Phils are waiting for that spark, and hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.

Fun with #'s- Angels slick fielding bat wielding firstbaseman Casey Kotchman has less strikeouts (99 in 1018 ab's) in his career than Ryan Howard does this season (104 in 279 ab's). Also, up until last night he committed less errors in his career (6, but now 8 because of 2 misplays last night) than Ryan Howard has this season (7, 38 in his career).


Friday, June 20, 2008

Phlashback Phriday: Lance Parrish

Sweet mustaches in the 80's were like bell bottom pants in the 70's, everyone was wearing them including your mom and preacher. Lance Parrish was no exception to this rule. Although I could not find pictures documenting his alleged bell bottom wearing days, I have found evidence supporting that stupendous 'stache. Lance, nicknamed Big Wheel, hails from Pennsylvania, but made himself famous while playing in Detroit. He debuted with the Tigers back in 1977 and played there until 1986, at which time he signed a 2 year 2 million dollar deal with the Phillies. 1 million for 1 season was a big deal back in the 80's, and for that reason Parrish was consider a bust during his time in Philly due to inconsistent defense behind the plate, a low batting average, and that fact that he never brought to fruition the slogan of "Lance us a Pennant". He was an All-Star in '88, but that was out of formality because the entire team sucked that season. Over his 2 seasons with the Phils he slugged 32 homeruns and knocked in 127 runs from the catcher position. Following his departure from the City of Brotherly Love he signed an even more lucrative contract with the California Angels (who have since been changed to Anaheim Angels, and currently the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim). He spent 3.5 seasons with the Angels and was traded up the West Coast to Seattle to finish the '92 campaign. Then he went back to Cali to the Dodgers, but lost his job in the spring to some no-talent rookie named Mike Piazza (wonder what ever became of that guy?). After being released from the Dodgers things got dicey, he played for the Indians a bit in '93, signed back with Detroit in '94 but never played for them instead was sold to Pittsburgh where he played the '94 season. After the Pirates he signed with the Royals, but once again did not play for them, rather was dealt to Toronto in part of a conditional deal; and he played his final game in '95 as a Blue Jay. He did try once last hurrah as a Bucco again in '96, but never made the team. For his career this Phucco put up very respectable stats for a catcher- 8 time All-Star, 3 time Gold Glove, 1988 g, 856 r, 1782 h, 305 dbl, 324 hr, 1070 rbi, .252 avg, and a .753 OPS. Since his playing days he's bounced around the majors and minors coaching, and he currently has a son (David) playing in the minors in the Rockies system.

On Deck:
Lance Parrish's old club the Angels come to town for a 3 game set. Pitching match-ups include Adam Eaton (2-4, 4.57) vs. Erwin Santana (8-3, 3.40) tonight, Brett Myers (3-8, 5.58) vs. Joe Saunders (10-3, 3.06) Saturday night, and Cole Hamels (7-4, 3.23) vs. Jered Weaver (6-7, 4.73) in the series finale Sunday afternoon. Also, Sarge Jr. (Gary Matthews Jr.) will be playing for the Halos this weekend, meaning we'll hear plenty of useless banter in the booth from Wheels and company.

*Grand Pappy Moyer announced at his charity event yesterday that this season will not be his last and that he loves playing baseball in Philly. That means the ball is now in Patty G's court to re-up the extreme veteran lefty.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cookie is Crumbling

Personally, I prefer a good cookie that is moist with a consistent amount of dough and sweet chocolaty goodness in every bite that doesn't break apart upon consumption. A dry crumbling cookie that has a few chocolate chips dispersed here and there is not satisfying my sweet tooth. Since sweeping the Braves in Atlanta the Phillies have played the Marlins, Cardinals, and Red Sox going 3-6 in that period losing each series. Consistency? Ha! Crumbling cookie? Yes!

On the horizon, the AL West leading Angels followed by the surprising and overachieving Athletics. In other words- things aren't getting any easier! The Phils have a rough schedule up until the All-Star break and if they can't find a way to play better against better competition they just might break by that point. This is a good test for them to see if they are truly as good as they think they are, guess we'll have to wait and see.

*Chase Utley is in a horrible slump, as he's been unable to get a hit in his last 20 at bats dropping his average below .300 (.294). Now's not the time to play limbo Chase and see how low you can go.

*Since Ryan Howard's breakout game that was supposed to erase all of our bad memories and set him on the path to greatness for the remainder of the season on Monday night he's 1-8 with 5 k's.

*Bold prediction- look for Tom Gordon to go on the DL soon and not be activated until following the All-Star break because he looks toasted.


*Greg Golson has been DL'd in Reading. This is upsetting because it finally seemed like Golson was turning the corner in his career to becoming a legit prospect warranted by stats rather than the tag of 1st round pick. .299, 22 extra base hits, .785 OPS, 17 sb.

*Lakewood Blue Claw teammates Michael Taylor and Drew Naylor have been promoted to Clearwater. Taylor is a huge (6'6" 250 lb) outfielder that has power and speed. He was making the Sally League his woman- .361, 40 r, 10 hr, 50 rbi, 10 sb, .995 OPS. BloodStripes' Aussie country mate Naylor is fanning over a batter an inning and has really propelled himself into the Phils prospect list- 5-3, 2 CG, 87.1 ip, 97 k, 2.99 era, 1.03 whip.

*Adrian Cardenas has been on fire since being un-DL'd, ripping apart Florida State League pitching with a .324 avg, .892 OPS, 31 r, 8 sb, and 18 extra base hits all in just 45 games.

*Catcher of the future Lou Marson is making me pine for his promotion with every passing game Carlos Ruiz struggles, as the 22 year old Lou is putting on a hitting clinic in Reading with a .348 avg, .907 OPS, and BB to K ratio of 43:39. Marson is looking like a leadoff batter with his .463 on base %, and he's thrown out roughly 30% of base stealers.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

At Least We Aren't Mets Fans

I don't write at Hell, I don't even read So I might not be the right person to comment on the state of the Mets. But the Phils got shutout, I need something to make me feel better this morning, and there is nothing like basking in the glow of some New York failure to accomplish that. So, about the Mets...

The way Omar Minaya leading the Mets is making Ed Wade look good. First, how did Willie Randolph last this long? After the collapse last season, he should have been fired this spring. Like Willie Mays Hayes, he should have woke up one morning in a cot outside the fence while the rest of the Mets were inside running sprints. They had plenty of reason to fire him this season, too. The team stinks, Willie's is blasting the TV station for being racist, etc. But instead, Minaya waited, and waited, and waited...

Then, at like 3:00 AM on Tuesday, hours after the Mets beat the Angels and just a day after Randolph flew across the country to start a road trip, Minaya pulls the trigger. About the timing? In a Daily News article, "Minaya suggested that had he waited until a normal hour Tuesday to fire Randolph, word would have leaked to the press and Randolph would have found out elsewhere." A leak at 3 AM? Who conducts business at 3:00 AM besides hookers and Pacman Jones?

Minaya also said, "The reason it was handled quickly was out of respect for Willie." Quickly? The same Daily News article notes that, "On May 23, Minaya arrived in Colorado to "support" Randolph. The manager joked then that Minaya had arrived with a machete." So Willie knew three weeks ago he was going to get canned, but Minaya let him take a 6 hour plane ride to California, coach a single game, fire him in the early hours of the morning, then comment on the "quickness" and "respect" of the firing. Classy, Omar. Classy. Good luck Jerry Manuel.

I shouldn't be too hard on Omar Minaya though. He built this mess so he's the next to go. David Wright, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran (underperforming and owed $18.5 mil per year throught 2001...) are great players, but Luis Castillo is a few infield singles from being Abe Nunez and Carlos Delgado can only hit Jamie Moyer. And when you have to start Inning-Endy Chavez, Marlon Anderson, and Fernando Tatis in the same game, your team has issues. Johan Santana has been good, but not $137 million good. Maine and Pelfrey have been respectable, but Ollie Perez is back to being Ollie Perez after a one year hiatus. And are they really counting on Pedro Martinez? Oh yeah, and the bullpen sucks. Bottom line, unless Jerry Manuel works some 2000 Manager of the Year magic, Minaya could be getting a 3:00 AM phone call from Fred Wilpon...

So, how did the first day of the Jerry Manuel Era go?



Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jimmy Buffett Hates The Phillies

Of all people, I thought Jimmy Buffett would respect grass a little better than this...

It's a disgrace to have an outfield that looks the way it does currently at The Cit. They couldn't fine another place in the Delaware Valley to host a couple thousand Parrotheads?

Thanks for ruining our grass Jimmy Buffett. And by the way, your beer sucks.
Triple the Fun
Pat Burrell and Ryan Howard had triples last night. This has to be the first time that happened, and likely will be the last. I think I saw Manuel try to put Taguchi in as Burrell rounded second...
Garces Jr.
Is Bartolo Colon trying to turn himself into Rich Garces?

The only thing more pitiful than his 3 gopher balls and 4 chins were his 2 at-bats. Worst. Hitting. Pitcher. Ever.
Off Topic Quote
"The National League needs to join the 21st century. They need to grow up and join the 21st century. I've got my pitchers running the bases, and one of them gets hurt. He's going to be out. I don't like that, and it's about time they address it. That was a rule from the 1800s." - Hank Steinbrenner

Other rules Hanks wants both leagues to consider - a batting practice screen in front of the pitcher, 2 outs per half inning, moving the mound up to 45 feet, aluminum bats for players hitting under .250, allowing outfielders to use fishing nets, shortening the base paths to 60 feet, adding a fourth outfielder, growing grass in the infield dirt to be more "green," and adding a second DH.
"I believe we’re destined to play each other in the World Series," Hamels said. "We can compete with them any day of the week."

Well, let's see if they can compete on Tuesday's and Wednesday's before we reach October. Tonight, Moyer v. Lester, first pitch at 7:05, first annoying comment by Chris Wheeler at 7:15.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Slide Bruntlett, Slide!

If you see this question on your SAT next year:

1.) Roberson : Defensive Replacement

the answer might be -- A) Bruntlett : Pinch Runner.

First, he runs back to second on a single to right. Okay, that's a mistake that could be overlooked. You don't want to get doubled up at second. But then he runs over Molina at home when all he had to do was slide safely into home. Don't get me wrong, I love it when players take out the catcher. It's a lot of fun. But you don't need to run over the catcher when he isn't blocking the plate!!! That was a mistake by Bruntlett that cost the Phils a run and probably the game.
The Phils have been on 5 road trips this year. Here's how they ended those trips:

Loss 3-4 NYM
Loss 1-5 PIT
Loss 3-4 SF
Win 15-6 HOU
Loss 6-7 StL

I'm not going to over analyze this trend because it's probably coincidental and with no deeper meaning. They are 1-4 at the end of road trips and that's it. However, it's a trend that is worth following...


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Rundown

Is there a better day in the year than today? The tv schedule is full of sports and us men have a perfect excuse to do nothing but sit on our butts and watch. Sure, the wife can try to make you do work around the house, but once you drop the Father's Day trump card, the discussion is over and you're back on the recliner. So, to help out all the dad's set their itinerary, here's what is on tap...

2:00 - CWS - Fresno St. v. Rice (ESPN) - PING!

2:10 - Phils v. Cards - The Phils send their opening day starter to the hill versus a rookie (Mitchell Boggs) making only his second major league start. Two months ago this would have looked like a Phils cakewalk. Now, I think the Cardinals should be the favorite. Yesterday I set the over/under on when you would wish for some "leftover" runs from the previous game. Today I set the over/under on when you say, "Brett Myers, you [insert favorite insult here]." The O/U - 4th inning.

2:45 - Euro 2008 - Turkey v. Czech Republic (ESPN2) - The winner advances from Group A into the the quarterfinals.

2:45 - Euro 2008 - Switzerland v. Portugal (ESPN Classic) - This game has no implications whatsoever and probably should not be watched by anyone who is not Swiss or Portuguese.

3:00 - U.S. Open (NBC) - The tournament airs at 3, but don't bother tuning in until 4:30 because that's when Tiger tees off. If you missed that round yesterday, shame on you. Don't make the same mistake today.

7:00 - CWS - LSU v. North Carolina (ESPN2) - PING! PING!

8:00 - Braves v. Angels (ESPN) - Don't miss a chance to watch the Braves lose.

9:00 - Celtics v Lakers (ABC) - The Celtics try to clinch the NBA Championship. Personally, I hate both of these organizations. However, I do like KG and Kobe Bryant is my least favorite athlete in sports now that Barry Bonds has been blackballed retired. Go Celtics.