Friday, May 23, 2008

Willie Randolph Thinks You're Stupid...

And Other News From The NL East

New York
In an column that appeared Monday in the Record of Hackensack, Willie Randolph gave his theory on some of the criticism that has flown his way recently.

"Is it racial?" Randolph asked. "It smells a little bit." He then used the treatment of NY coaches Herm Edwards and Isiah Thomas as examples. "They beat up Isiah pretty good. There's something weird about it."

Yeah, so apparently blaming race for justified criticism doesn't go over to well these days. So Randolph clarified his statement.

"...I was just expressing how I felt at the time, but it wasn't anything to do with race. I wasn't trying to bring race into it."

Glad that was cleared up. I foolishly interpreted "racial" as having to do with race. I'm dumb.

And message to Willie: Isiah Thomas is quite possibly the worst GM/coach in the history of professional basketball. Not only do all of his teams suck, he lost his parent company almost $12 million in a sexual harrassment lawsuit. There is nothing "weird" about criticizing that. He should have been tarred and feathered fired a long time ago. The weird thing is he held on for this long.

I'm glad there is an open competition between Wagner and Randolph to see who's the biggest loudmouth jackass in Queens...

On Ebay you can bid on a 1997 World Series Championship Ring. As of now, no one has placed a bid for the ring, with the starting price a little over 6K. The auction says the ring belonged to a scout, but the item location is Brooklyn, NY, home of Marlins reserve outfielder John Cangelosi. I'm suspicious...

The Eh-Tee-El has followed New York's lead and has begun offing their fans.

Last month, a Mets fan tried to slide down an escalator handrail and fell to his death. Now, a Braves fan, attempting to slide down a handrail, fell 4 stories and was killed. [ESPN, the super-sleuth reporters that they are, have said that alcohol played a factor in the man's death. What a shocker.]

Memo to Phillies and Nationals fans, and the one guy who goes to Marlins games: do not slide down railings of any kind for the remainder of the year.
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BloodStripes said...

Clutch Burrell. Is it just perception or is he coming up big? Love his work.

Offense starting to put it together! Roll on Phils!!

Joe said...

When Charlie put in Burrell I thought it was the dumbest move:

1. Give Dobbs a chance to prove he can't hit lefties. He has 46 career ABs against lefties and has a higher career average than against righties.

2. Dobbs makes things happen. He's a very good player. You want him in the line up as this game continues.

3. Pull Dobbs and you tie your hands for expected 12 innings. Fewer possible moves.

4. Now, we're looking at Taguchi in the field. Yikes.

5. Pat's career PH average .222

Of course, Pat makes it all academic with his shot.

I still question the move.

BloodStripes said...

Gotta love it when it comes off. PtB has been good this year. Lets see if he can heat up with the other lads.

I agree Joe that Dobbs sparks it up. You can see it his eyes sometimes that its gonna be good. He is determined and deserves a big look in.

The bench has been chipping in this year. Good clubhouse chemistry goin' on. Rich Dubee and Fuqua have our boys loose and playing for each other. The fight for spots seems to be a good thing. Just need another starter. Benson.....or a rookie who can do it like Kendrick last year.

furiousBall said...

burrell is a stud.

GreggyD said...

Question of the day around the Philly sports world and I pose it to you my friends:

Will Howard's hot streak of late continue or will he slide back into a slump?

The reason I ask is because I am torn. Part of me thinks that this past week is a sign of things to come for the season. It takes Howard a bit to warm up, and he seems to have done so. However, it's hard for me to just shake free the feelings of disgust that I've had for him since this season started thanks to his always hefty K-rate. Of course I want this hitting to continue, but I'm not sure if it will or not. What do you guys think?

GM-Carson said...

I feel Howard will continue to "heat up" but it's hard not to heat up from the frigid temperatures he was at earlier this week (.180 range). I'm guessing he still drives in 100+ runs and knocks 40+ homers, but bats around .240-.250.

Jacobin said...

Willie Randolph might want to consider that he is being criticized for his team underachieving so far this year, and for the historic collapse down the stretch last season. Of course if someone is going to fire him, it would be Met's GM Omar Teodoro Antonio Minaya y Sanchez (born in the Dominican Republic) and obviously the racism is running rampant with such a WASP running the team. Oh wait, you mean someone with the name Omar Teodoro Antonio Minaya y Sanchez cannot trace his heritage back four-hundred years to a pew at the cathedral in Cantebury?

Willie Randolph should just shut the f^@k up.

GM-Carson said...

Willie Randolph is rightfully criticized, in fact should probably be criticized more. The Mets had a historical collapse last September and are now a game under .500 this year, despite lofty expections and a big-ass payroll. Not only does he do a crappy job managing his team on the field, he can't manage them in the clubhouse either, guys always running theirs mouths (Wagner, LoDuca)...he's just not a good manager.

Scotty said...

As all of you know I am a Mets fan (see picture at right) and as difficult as it may be a Willie Randolph fan. However, I absolutely hate when a player, coach, manager uses race as an excuse for criticism.

Jacobin you are exactly correct, Randolph needs to shut his mouth. Its New York, everyone is criticized for poor results. Race never is an issue when you win. They dont say way to go Willie your winning and your African American, and its not an issue when you lose. Plain and simple if you dont want to be criticized you have two options. (1) get the team together and start putting some numbers up in the "W" column or (2) get out and let some one else do it. Dont play the race card, dont speak out about criticism, and do your job.

As far as Billy Wagner goes, he was completely correct for his latest comments. Why was he being interviewed when he hadnt even appeared in the game. Beltran and Delgado are both hitting at or below .250 with minimal output. I have no problem with Wagner stepping up and calling them out

GM-Carson said...

Scotty, I hope the Mets keep losing and Randolph gets sh*t-canned. Then when they fall out of contention they trade Johan at a discounted rate to us for Clay Condrey.

GM-Carson said...

I have mixed feelings about Billy Wagner. Last week when he called out Delgado and Beltran, that was all fine and dandy, but last year when he was calling out his manager and pitching coach that's a bit ridiculous and unprofessional. Also, he's talked trash about Phillies fans (who we all know are good-hearted loving people) and Pat Burrell so piss on him.

Jimmy O'D said...

Phuck the Mets

GM-Carson said...

Yo Jimmy O'D, how are ya after that car wreck? Saw the picture of your car, glad the Phils didn't lose a Phan there bro.

Corey said...

"Why was he being interviewed when he hadnt even appeared in the game." - because the media knows he will talk. maybe if he would shut his mouth every now and then, reporters wouldn't be at his locker all the time, but they know that if they need a quote, go to the rat, because he can't help himself.

NE Phillies Phan said...

The Mets have to do just well enough that Randolph doesn;t get canned. I'm terrified of a Jack McKeon-esque effect on the Mets if they get rid of him.

Reason why subbing Burrell was brilliant:

1. I started him this week and I needed that HR in my FBB.

2. Burrell is pure clutch this year.

3. Play to win on the road.

Bill said...

Yeah, and they treated Bobby Valentine any better? How about Tom Coughlin before this last season. New York fans do not care what color you are as long as you win. If you lose you are nothing. It does not matter what your ethnicity is.

Ask Joe Girardi in a month or so if the Yankees don't turn it around!

GM-Carson said...

Phils wasting scoring opportunities early tonight, hopefully it doesn't come back to haunt them. It probably will considering they'll need a lot of runs because Eaton is on the mound.

GM-Carson said...

Tie game, Eaton serves up a homerun...who would have thunk it?

Jacobin said...

I thought I was going to throw up watching Howard ground out to first all night long. Not that long ago teams were intentionally walking or pitching around Howard constantly, now he's so not fear-inspiring that teams give intentional walks to Utley so they can face Howard. It's pretty disgusting.

I don't think it's coincidental that Utley's numbers have dropped off from the beginning of the season. Who needs to throw him good fastballs when the guy coming up behind him is on pace to strike out 230+ times and isn't hitting his weight?

At least Burrell is looking sharp at the plate again.

ripjgarcia said...

Eric Bruntlett, I ask you this. How many outs in an inning? Seriously. How many. They give you the big duty of pinch running in a CLUTCH situation in the ninth inning of a game, and you go diving back to first on a line drive with 2, yes 2. I can't wait to see tomorrows blog post. With all the excitement at the end of the game, it should be interesting.

BloodStripes said...


GM-Carson said...

That's the second time this season Shane Victorino failed at the end of the game like that. He also k'd in the 7th inning with men on 2nd and 3rd with only 1 out.

Chase Utley getting intentionally walked so Brocail could face Howard, shows how shitty Howard has been, and shitty he was again last night. He gave us a 2 game reprieve and now it's back to him hacking haplessly.

Ryan Madson is a douchebag! Always gives up crucial runs.

GM-Carson said...

Jayson Werth is on the DL with a strained oblique muscle. That seems to be the in vogue injury the past couple season. Pornstar TJ Bohn was recalled from the Lil' Piggies.

SirAlden said...

Pre-Gillick Relievers


Post-Gillick Relievers


Please make 2 more moves Pat.

The game was lost by Madson and sadly, Howard's terrible fielding, I just do not understand why J-Roll is not helping him. He just needed to knock the ball down twice. Sad.

GM-Carson said...

Howard misplayed 3 balls last night, he's a joke defensively (always has been) and is a joke offensively now too.

Old buddy Brian Sanches picked up the win for Washington last night.

Bob D said...

The 2 out 9th inning base running error was very costly, with 2 outs you should score from 1st on that double and the OF's momentum is carrying him away from making a strong throw.

At least Howard is hitting and not striking out so much.