Tuesday, May 06, 2008

When I Was Seventeen...

When I was seventeen,
It was a very good year.
It was a very good year,
For small town girls,
And soft summer nights,
Wed hide from the lights,
On the village green,
When I was seventeen.

Sing it Ol' Blue Eyes!

Why did this post begin with a serenade from Frank Sinatra? Because the Phillies offense came alive last night and banged out 17 hits. Nearly the entire lineup had at least 2 hits (Victorino, Bruntlett, Utley, Jenkins, Feliz, Ruiz, and even Moyer). 17 hits, 11 runs, only 5 k's, and not one of those runs were scored via the longball; which has been difficult for the Phils to do lately. This was a sweet victory to kickoff a tough 7 game Left Coast trip. The win was Grand Pappy Moyer's 232nd of his career.


*Sunday's comeback victory over the Giants was Charlie Manuel's 500th win as a manager. I know I've said a lot of harsh things about him over the past 3 seasons, but congrats regardless.

*Good News- Jimmy Rollins went 4-4 in a rehab game yesterday during an extended spring training in Florida. Rumor has it he'll be with the club for the finale of the DBacks series this Thursday or on Friday against the Giants in San Fran.

*Kris Benson is still recovering from a strained groin he suffered on April 19th. I'm still hoping he can get healthy and contribute to the Phils sometime this season, but luckily the pitching staff is not in need of him now anyway.

*Pat Burrell's best friend, former Miami Hurricane and Philadelphia Phillie, Jason Michaels was designated for assignment by the Cleveland Indians yesterday. I'm sure he'll find a job somewhere, he's a decent 4th/5th outfielder.

*Happy Birthday Larry Andersen!



BloodStripes said...

We need Benson to recover ASAP. Gotta try and limit Eaton's season to as short as possible. Carlos Carrasco has looked good at Reading. He's 3-2 with a 3.25 ERA, 30 H and 39/14 K/BB in 36 IP this year. Maybe he will get a start or two later in the year.

Bob D said...

Kendrick may be the one needed to be replaced. He falls into the same catagory as Eaton - decent but not exceptional. Myers, Moyer, and Hamels have been decent to good.

As for relievers: Lidge 0.00, Romero 0.66, Durbin & Seanez 1.64, Gordon 5.11 (1st game of season bad), Madson 4.96 (3hrs allowed), Condrey 7.45. Condrey is likely to be replaced when the team has someone ready (another lefty). Madson should be better, but he doesn't turn it around soon then the team maybe looking for another righty setup guy.

Don't look for Mathieson anytime this year or next. His injury appears serious. Surprised the Phils would admit that. In the Minors Outman and Castro were switched to the bull pen so they can help this year. Francisco Rosario once he recovers from his injury he may appear also.

GM-Carson said...

Condrey will likely be replaced within the next month by a lefy from the system (Kline, Castro, or Outman). There's always tubby Ray King out there too.

Jimmy O'D said...

This comment from Rollins is a little disconcerting. Twinge???

"It was fine," Rollins said. "Running around the bases for the first time, it felt good. Second time, I felt a little twinge, but I was still able to kick it in coming around to score, and I was fine."

GM-Carson said...

Rollins did go on to say that he feels 90% right now and hopes within the next few days the ankle will be 100% healed. My guess, this will be a lingering injury all season long, but even so he's a better option than Eric Bruntlett.

Joe said...

90% of Jimmy is 100% better than the alternatives.
As long as he's healthy enough to keep this from being a long term, lingering thing.

It was great fun to watch Moyer last night. The ump helped with the calls on the outside corner to righties.

Howard looked a little better last night. He even took a few pitches as if he's trying to regain a sharper eye. He's never had great, grinding at bats where he fouled off pitch after pitch, but he's not flailing as wildly right now. Maybe the do-rag helps.

furiousBall said...

if i had a wife like anna, i'd strain my groin on a daily basis... nay, hourly.

GM-Carson said...

During the telecast last night Tom McCarthy started talking about Pedro Feliz having 4 straight seasons of 20 or more homeruns, and then remarked that he only has 4 on the year and said "You'd have to expect him to go on a tear soon then", and Chris Wheeler agreed with him. What tear? He's on a pace to hit exactly 20 homeruns. Sometimes announcers don't make any sense.

Bob D said...

"Twinge" is a bad scary word. If he needs to sit for 2-3 more weeks to get to 100% then so be it. I'd rather him be at 100% for 4 months rather than 90% for 5 months. This "twinge" would effect his range/fielding. Bruntlet is a good fielder and the team is winning. So keep going with what works.

Skeeter said...

Speaking of twinge, last night was one of the first nights that Howard didn't make me twinge with anguish during his at bats. Sure he only had one hit, but his outs weren't as horrendous as they were over the weekend.

Also, I'm hoping tonight the Phils won't play like they often do in the past. You know....score 10+ runs one game then get 3 hits the next. I don't see it though, Johnson seems to be past his age of effectiveness.

and...uhmm...F*ck the Mets. Just wanted to throw that out there

BloodStripes said...

Nice Skeeter. Keep throwing it around. Us Phils phans appreciate that sentence.

As for the Rollins twinge. If you have ever had a bad ankle sprain the odd feeling in your ligaments do tend to linger. He may be able to sprint full speed and do his stuff but now and then he will feel it when doing big turns on the basepaths and stuff. I would say a few days off here and there will be needed to manage it. But as Joe said a 90% J-Ro is a good J-Ro and our best option.

SirAlden said...

Muck the Fets.

Rosario - Outman - Castro - Bastardo
For the pen.

Happ - Carrasco for the rotation.

Los said...

I think it would be best if Jason Michaels stays away from Philly ... Pat's doing good right now, and the last thing he needs is to have Michaels as his drinking buddy again.

GreggyD said...

I have to mention that I sat here and laughed as Floyd lost his no hitter. That's the second time he missed it by so little. He's still having a great season so I give him his due props, but I could not help but laugh when I saw him lose it in the 9th.

GM-Carson said...

I must be an A-Hole because I was rooting against Gavin Floyd in the 9th.

Freakin' Eaton!