Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

Brad Lidge - Dale's Pale Ale

I've never drank this beer, but I do know that it costs a lot of money per case (>$30) and more comes only in a can! About time the can made a comeback. For many years, most beer was downed from a can. You needed a church key for a while, but then the pop-top came along and really increased the popularity of canned beer. However, the bottle slowly took over. Canned beer was left for dead, only to be consumed by rednecks, tailgaters, and college kids. The only way it could be sold was in 30-packs, marketing with the "quantity over quality" theory. Such a sad turn or events. Much like a certain relief pitcher who went from All-Star to bullpen scrub after a chance encounter with Albert Pujols. But Dale's Ale shows that there is quality in canned beer, and bottle beer better look out, because it's comeback time for aluminum! And it's comeback time for Lidge, who's poised for another 40 save season (and a big payday...)
Phils - D-Bags
I predicted 3 wins for Arizona...wrong again. Of course, I also predicted a decent year for Gavin Eaton.

As for the game, it was on waaaaay too late for me to see. And I left the house before Comcast Sportsrise, so I didn't even get highlights. What I do know: Howard continues to struggle (see upper right portion of blog), Pedro Feliz went yard, and Shane Victorino collided with Conor Jackson and didn't have to leave the game injured. That's just as impressive as the Phils winning another game where half of the starting lineup was hitting less than .250.

Second-place Phillies (by percentage points) look to win the series today, first pitch 3:40, Myers v. Webb.



GM-Carson said...

Brandon Webb on the mound, would love a victory, but expect defeat.

Nice Brad Lidge/canned beer reference, made perfect sense.

By the way, the Marlins are really starting to get annoying, they have no business winning, it is "early season" cuteness anymore, they're becoming a legit threat.

F' Ryan Howard!

John Boris said...

Long time reader, first post. The Mendoza watch ticker induced a nice hearty early morning laugh. I thought you guys needed to know this. Love the site, read it every day. Go Phils.

goDuke said...

Burrell's been a little on the cold side the last few days, so of course that means he goes yard today... Phils win... and take 3 outta 4 from the Snakes

GM-Carson said...

Welcome to the commenting community John Borris. I've noticed there's been some new people cropping up lately, the more the merrier. I do miss Benjah though.

John Boris said...

I'd also like to add that its nice to see that Shane comes out on the winning end of collisions (see Lo Duca) and can take a hit unlike Sidney Crosby (who will no doubt climb to the top of my shit list by the end of period one tomorrow).

furiousBall said...

I predict Ryan strikesout 200 times today alone.

GM-Carson said...

I want to root for Ryan Howard, I'm dying for him to explode and get hot, but with every passing day I worry more and more that this could be a season long slump, because right now he's setting all types of records for being absolutely crappy.

Jacobin said...

Considering how the collision at first looked last night, I was fearful that we'd get Jimmy back only to have Victorino go on the DL.

The Sidney Crosby reference makes me want to point out that that he has more in common with Greg Luganis than Mario Lemieux. I mean, Crosby and Luganis are both world class divers and suspect manhood. Go Flyers. F' Crosby. F' Eaton. F' Floyd. F'em all.

GM-Carson said...

I love how there's still angst here even though the Phils win, true Phillies Phans I tell ya.

GM-Carson said...

From Buster Olney's blog today-

1. RYAN HOWARD, PHILLIES: The Phillies' first baseman won the Most Valuable Player Award in 2006, and he just won the largest arbitration award in history for a player in the three-year class, at $10 million a year. Right now, he's hitting .163 with six homers, 22 walks and 50 strikeouts in his first 123 at-bats, and yet you can bet that Howard's salary will be in the $12 million-$15 million range next year, and higher than that in 2010.

Here is a discussion worth having, if you are in the Phillies' front office. Is Howard, who turns 29 this fall, going to be a player in whom you want to invest a long-term deal -- somewhere from $80 million to $120 million? And do you think Howard will be worth his projected salaries in 2009 and 2010?

If the answers to those questions posed in the Phillies' smoke-filled rooms are no, then the best time for the Phillies to trade Howard is this summer -- when the marketplace is absolutely starved for power hitters, and when another team desperate for offense might be willing to give up a couple of good prospects for someone capable of generating 40 to 50 homers. The Phillies could add depth to their thin stable of young pitchers, and they could plow ahead and compete in 2008 and in the future with the team built around Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley.

GM-Carson said...

From Jayson Stark:

(Phillies get Brad Lidge and IF Eric Bruntlett from the Astros for OF Michael Bourn, RHP Geoff Geary and 3B Mike Costanzo).

There were lots of people who had their doubts about Lidge -- and his fit for a judgmental town like Philadelphia. Well, never mind. The Phillies, shockingly, have the second-best bullpen ERA in the National League. And it all starts with the closer.

Lidge has spun off 16 straight scoreless appearances. And since he found his arm slot for his slider two weeks ago, he has been ridiculous. He has faced 31 hitters in that span. Only three have reached base. Meanwhile, the pivotal figure from Houston's end -- Bourn -- is hitting .195 with a .272 OBP.

Scout's View: "Lidge looks like the Lidge of old. Bourn plays great defense. And when he gets on base, it's a double [because he's 13 for 13 in steals]. But is he going to get on base enough? Is he going to hit good pitching? The jury is out on that."

Bob D said...

Thanks for posting the clip of the collision, I missed it only to hear it on the radio. But wow, that was nasty. Usually see that in a football game by someone wearing shoulder pads, helmet, chest protector and a cup. I say Victorino should return punts for the Eagles this offseason.

GM-Carson said...

In a minor trade, the Astros have sent 34-year-old lefty Stephen Randolph to the Phillies for a player to be named later. Randolph was 0-1 with a 1.23 ERA in AAA this year.

*He's a lefty, but not a good one. Doubtful he helps the Phils in any way this season.

Bob D- no cups worn in football, only jock straps.

Corey said...

cups should be worn daily, regardless of activity, and taken off only when you need to use your junk, like when you have to flash a stranger.

howard down to .161 with that strikeout...

GM-Carson said...

Dubious league leaders: Ryan Howard with 51 k's and Brett Myers with 12 homeruns allowed.

*Carlos Ruiz finally starts to hit and now Chris Coste can't buy a base knock.

GM-Carson said...

Also from Jayson Stark:
• Lean to the left: The Phillies have just about given up on finding a left-handed reliever elsewhere, so they're zeroing in on the left-handers in their system. They'll give Steve Kline more time to get straightened out, despite his 8.00 ERA in Triple-A. They'll take another look at the usual suspects: Fabio Castro, J.A. Happ and Brian Mazzone. They just moved their most advanced left-handed pitching prospect, Josh Outman, to the bullpen in Double-A. But a guy to keep an eye on is J.R. Swindle, signed out of an independent league last year and currently relieving in Double-A. Left-handed hitters versus Swindle the last two years are just 6 for 67 (.090).

• An open door for the closer? While the Phillies have yet to explore what it might take to re-sign Pat Burrell, there are rumblings that they've told another impending free agent, Brad Lidge, that "at some point" in the near future, they'd like to get a feel for Lidge's interest in staying.

Phillies assistant GM Ruben Amaro Jr. told Rumblings the club considers Lidge's future to be "much like Burrell's situation." But when asked whether the team planned to wait until the end of the year to discuss an extension with Lidge, Amaro replied: "Not necessarily. But those are discussions we prefer to keep internally."

Those negotiations could well turn on the length of contract Lidge has in mind. If he models his requests after the four-year deals that Billy Wagner and Francisco Cordero got, the conversation might end in a hurry.

You may recall the Phillies offered Wagner only two years. And the closest they've come in the last two decades to giving any pitcher a four-year contract was the three-year deal, with a vesting option, that Curt Schilling signed in 1997. On the other hand, Lidge has told his buddies he likes everything about Philadelphia -- so far. Of course, one of them says, "he hasn't been booed yet."

*It's "RJ" not "JR" Swindle.

GM-Carson said...

Myers is a waste. He really pisses me off sometimes. Shave that god awful shit off your face, it doesn't make you tough or look intimidating. Learn to pitch with the natural talent you've been giving you overgrown child!

Los said...

Cans are indeed making a comeback ... quite a few micro breweries are using them ... hey, if it tastes, good, what does it matter, right?

SirAlden said...


SirAlden said...

"Ebony and Ivory, Howard and Myers both suck ass Majorley.

Side by side on my Phightins' Payroll, 10 Mil, why Lord please!?"

Sing it everyone!

GM-Carson said...

Just imagine if Ryan Howard was hitting better and Brett Myers was pitching better, maybe then we wouldn't be playing second fiddle the f'n Marlins...they're annoying!